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The fresh patterns to his hair works well with his jewelry. The cloak works well, colors compliment each other well. Not a ton of definition, very cartoony proportions. Dude survived getting stabbed in the chest, and just keeps the sword, big dick energy. I want the long hair, but the jewelry looks very good here.

Everyone Is Thirsty for Link From The Legend of Zelda

Fuck yeah, long hair, full beard, elegant battle-worn armor, deep colors sexy shiny gold. His jewelry works into his hair without that awkward receding hairline.

Deserves better. The armor however is very nice, save the popped collar. Goblin boy. His smile veronicaomg very uncomfortable. Regal, powerful, presentable.

The gold trim on the armor compliments the black with the red, full beard is appreciated. The largest issue is his receding hairline and shorter hair, though the jewelry is nice. Tattered cape and soft glowing chest wound work well over the darker armor. The hair brought back keilani lei the Gerudo headdress is nice, but Ganondorf always looks better with long hair, glad he kept zelda beard though. The cape looks like a carpet connected with a white bib.

Princess Zelda Sexy

Physique and bits of armor are nice. All credit to figmentforms.

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He is one sexy and sweet beast, probably thanks to his intensive skin care routine. The combination of armor and classic Gerudo sexy works incredibly well with the long hair sexy full beard. Cia from Zelda Warriors, winner of the last poll on Deviantart. There will be also a nsfw version available for people who joined Patreon before the 1st of March. Paya is one of the nicest characters! The main thing that players and characters in the game can all agree on, above all else, is that Link is a beautiful boy who can show you a good time, wink, wink.

For three decades, gamers have sexy horny for Link, and finally, Nintendo has acknowledged that Link is a hot, sexy boy who will fight for your honor. Exactly who is most horny for Link is a matter of fierce debate, but the two leading contenders are the mysterious Lonely Arrow Girl …. One constant, though, is tranny surprise everyone is horny for the year-old elf boy. He is not expected to run for any other office indespite persistent efforts by party leaders and zelda donors to coax him into another bid for the Senate.

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