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Clip 2 - 10 mins 44 secs.

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Clip 3 - xtasy mins 14 secs. Clip 4 - 13 mins 9 secs. Clip 5 - 10 mins 43 secs. Clip 6 - 6 mins 26 secs. Clip 7 - 7 mins 49 secs. Clip 8 - 11 mins 16 secs. Clip 9 airlines 23 mins 29 secs. Xtasy Airlines Alyson Ray. Comments on Xtasy Airlines Editor's Review Airplane movies are hot, and not just because I'd like to stormy gale videos some of these guy's cockpits: I mean, what else is there to do on an airplane?

This movie is actually a foreign film that has been dubbed over into English, but that xtasy actually more endearing than annoying. The second sex scene is the classic blow job in the airplane lavatory, and I have to say, I need to make a change in the airlines I fly, because while I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe, even I would enjoy sex in a bathroom this clean, and spacious.

I also really enjoyed how much enjoyment the flight attendant seemed to get from listening to the love birds in the lavatory. Later on, I started to wish I xtasy a flight attendant, because of all the exciting and exotic destinations they get to visit and airlines course, get to fuck at. Seriously, who doesn't dream about a good 69 on a pool table, or a blow job on the back of a motorcycle hey, at leas they're riding on the shoulder!

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