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Lynch sends everyone to sensitivity training on a Saturday. Paula secretly enters one of Brendon's movies in a contest. Tensions soon arise between the fair and the sci-fi convention next door. Can Brendon bring peace to the warring factions? Also, can Coach McGuirk stay in character as a medieval blacksmith? Brendon has trouble convincing Jason and Melissa to make their latest film backwards, a la "Memento.

Coach McGuirk gives Brendon www.adult valuable golf advice: Melissa private gold 46 riviera 3 a new French-accented boyfriend, and Brendon and Jason get jealous when her love life starts to interfere with their busy production schedule--and the casting of their Susan B. Anthony biopic. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk transforms movies to a social planner. The kids ignore the fact that they have no musical experience or talent and decide to start a band, recording their first single, "Freaky Outie.

Coach McGuirk tries to convince Paula to pose as his fiance while his sister visits. Meanwhile, Paula needs to get her novel to her agent before he goes on vacation. On the filmmaking front, the kids try to decide whether they want to make a mockumentary about making a movie or a mock, making-of-a-mockumentary movie or just a movie. Brendon, Jason and Melissa get in BIG trouble at school and have to go to a "scared straight" program at the local prison.

Meanwhile, Paula stumbles across a huge pile of the kids' old movies and incredibly, she watches them. What's more, she discovers an odd motif that runs through www.adult film. In movies suspicious coincidence, Melissa and Jason each break their arms.

This may affect the current film in production, but Brendon is also worried that he is dumb, or at the very least, that Melissa is smarter than he is.

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Meanwhile, McGuirk wants desperately to become a lifeguard. The kids decide to run away to Europe and become ex-patriot artists, but find their plan is a little movies at sea. Back home, McGuirk's car breaks down and he has no money to fix it. He asks Tom Wilsonberg, author www.adult "Starting Early: The New World of Corporate Kids,"for financial advice.

Tom's answer?

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Brendon begins writing reviews for a movie website called movie-winner-or-weiner. Jason and Melissa are excited because Brendon gets passes for all of them to see the premiere of "All That Violence". Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk wreaks havoc movies he's finally got a friend "on the inside". Brendon is trying to finish his undersea epic about the Mighty Septopus, but Fenton Mewly's prima donna fits keep getting in the way.

Tanline boobs, Paula is trying desperately to break up with her new boyfriend. Also, Coach McGuirk joins a gym and works only on one machine: The kids run out of funds to complete their most ambitious film yet, a medieval rock opera. While Brendon is dying to get out of what he sees as the worst film he's ever made, Jason and Melissa www.adult door-to-door for finishing funds.

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