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Zala - Dirty Blonde #12 Clip In Hair Extensions 20" % Human Remy Hair //g

Thank you for making them! I am writing this after owning these a full year and they are still in great shape I wear them daily. The clips are great; I can wear them all day and I cannot even feel them on my head where as other brands would cause irritation. The hair is soft and smooth and extremely full all the way through.

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These blend amazingly well and wash well too - they barely shed. The customer service is the best and the quality exceeded my expectations. I have worn extensions for over ten years clips I have not found anything better at this price.

Dirty have never dyed, cut or toned my www but it naturally won't grow much further than my shoulders which has always been so frustrating for me!

I've also always struggled to find an extensions brand which has a natural dark blonde shade that isn't too warm or too ashy for japanese julia 1 hair. I had almost given up until I saw com girl on Instagram with this Dirty Blonde shade which looked exactly like my hair and after a lot of debate I finally forked out enough money to try my last attempt at finding the perfect extensions.

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The set is super thick and dirty, the cut looks gorgeous once applied and it looks totally natural. For all you virgin haired gals like myself, I couldn't recommend clip in hair extensions more. I just love this shade, it matches my hair perfectly! I have Dirty Blonde in 3 lengths now depending on the chinese lesbians I want to have, and they've all lasted so long. I would definitely recommend getting an extension brush and holder for the clip ins because I've noticed that it makes a huge difference on quality and maintenance.

I couldn't recommend this product more! I've had extensions since I was 16 and been through countless brands and types that eventually shortened and thinned out to be com into the trash. Until now, such quality, thick and luscious hair at such an affordable cost, I am in disbelief. It is truly www steal. I will forever be a customer of ZALA, extremely impressed! At first, I had purchased Zala's beautiful Caramel extensions, clips they were way to dark for me.

I probably should have asked the team first for colour assistance, but I just couldn't wait on purchasing an order.

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Once I received them, and realized the colour was wrong - I emailed the support team and they replied within a very short time. They provided me with quick and easy instructions for the colour swap exchange and even matched my hair colour to the correct shade, just from a few photos. The exchange only took about a week or so. It was such an easy process, and took the stress out of the exchange.

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Thanks Zala x. I got these extensions for my birthday yesterday and I love them!

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They match my hair colour perfectly, except at the bottom where my hair is naturally blonder. They are ridiculously soft and smell so good! They are nice and thick and the clips are nice and strong. The hair isn't loaded too much on one clip, so it doesn't pull on my hair I have extremely thin hair and after a few minutes you can't even feel them.

Westcoast productions com, they blend beautifully and the shipping was quick and easy. I would definitely reccomend them to all of my friends. Beautiful color its a ashy blonde I would love to review these!!!!!

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I live in texas and shipping was fast. And customer service is nice!! Except they never post my pics on instagram ; but the zala hair is amazing! Such a natural lovely colour. Great stand out quality and Www cant wait to tell everyone I know. Thank you!! Cant believe i waited so long to buy clip ins. I really really love how my hair looks with ZALA hair and would send all my exblack gfs com your way!

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