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And I was enjoying the lull before the storm. Since we came back, the last five days had been amazing. Chapter 6 I had promised Christine that she would like our friends. I forgot that there's wifelovere a jerk in every crowd. We made our way down to the real workout sophie dee basement entertainment room.

There was wifelovere pretty good crowd gathered between the TV area and the fancy bar.

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The loud guy that was pretending to be the bartender jabbed his elbow into his friend's rib and pointed me out with his chin. Paul lets her up and watches her sexy frame move quickly across the living room.

Wifelovere Sarah tells Kelly about the evening before, she finds Paul The plan isn't forgotten, but it gets sidetracked a bit. Maybe that's part of the plan as well.

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The aroma of fresh coffee and bacon wafted under my nose by my beautiful wife. Apparently both Wifelovere and Chris had awoken early and gone for a walk together.

Leaving my beautiful wife to give me her undivided love and attention for the next couple of hours. The plan is coming together.

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