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Which brings me back to my original question — Should a man shave his armpits to reduce body odor. In the early s — a research study found that the odor of the armpit was significantly reduced when men shaved their underarm hair. The effects of shaving on smell lasted for 24 hours after shaving the armpits of the male participants.

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The odor returned as the hair grew back. The uncontested conclusion was that armpit hair was a cause for unattractive body odor.

Shave for a Cure | Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event

How did it happen? I started shaving around age And not because I was a heavily whiskered adolescent. Like father like daughter.

And one tip: You might also enjoy ….

Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Best Shave with The Single Edge – Supply

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I enjoy watch valuable data you deliver to your posts. There are so many things I did not know, I have to have some of these gadgets! Thanks shave sharing this post. Just received Supply injector razor today and had a really great shave with it! Workmanship is extremely high quality. I would highly recommend this great razor to anyone! Thanks to Shark Tank, we're experiencing extremely high demand and longer shipping times.

What is Shave for a Cure?

Reserve your razor now while supplies last! Your shopping cart is empty. Tip 1: Install a blade properly Before you begin shaving, you'll want to make sure that your blade and razor are properly prepared and shave ready.

It's not rocket science, but you do need to pay attention to ensure you're not dragging the cutting edge of the blade against the blade stops: For a quick video tutorial, check out the video below. Tip 2: Instead, I'm just sweeping away the hair Tilt your head to one side and rest the razor on your cheek.

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Tip 3: Find the correct blade angle The angle at which you hold the razor is key to a great shave. Just do the following: Check out the list of participating stores around the country. Sign up. Provides important information for patients including: Purchases an emergency assistance voucher for patients to ensure they get to hospital for treatment or can buy food for their families.

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Learn more. Shave at your nearest Farmers store during Shave week 18 — 24 March. Check out the list of participating stores around the country. Sign up.