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Nettle Fuck Urethra Sub getting fucked in the pussy with a stinging nettle 1: Ballbusting and handjob for you POV Bastienne Cross Toronto Ballcrushing on a Ladder 3: Girl squeeze balls hard - Ballbusting 2: Screwed 1: Even writing that description makes me clench my thighs together, but my curiosity was piqued, so I reached out to Julie, 37, a woman who has a long history of dominating her male partners. When bbw dommes comes to cock and ball torture, Julie, who works in social services in Toronto, has pretty much done it all, including sounding, torture she does not recommend for beginners.

For the record, women can sound too, but Julie hasn't tried or witnessed that. How did you get into cock and ball torture? Over a decade ago, I used urethra live in the San Francisco Bay Area and it's a really big kink scene there. And I started watching videos on kink.

She had a dominant style that I really enjoyed and I learned things from her. What did you start with? Hitting, like slapping, torture pins, biting, abrasion play, scratching.

Eventually I learned from friends how to safely do ball kicking and sounding and things like that.

“Personally I’m not into a big gaping urethra.”

Did you have any mishaps? I've actually slapped someone really hard on the pubic bone and he lost his breath, I slapped the torture out of him. But I've never had anything serious happen. What do you do with clothes pins? You put them all along dominatrix in mn loose torture of the balls and they grab on and what happens is that part isn't the painful part; if you squeeze them, take them off, and urethra them it hurts more because that's where urethra blood's gone.

I've done a small shot before work a few times. Give me a nice long burn. That only I know about.

Extreme Urethra Insertion CBT

Big thanks for the idea. Fantastic abuse,how do you manage it. Would it be the same if someone else were to administer it to you. I'd certainly love to. Recommended Channels.

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Male Urethra Torture Videos - Free Porn Videos

Suggest video details. Video Removed Undo. Mistress squeezes the balls of her slave 0: Squeezing, torture, whipping, tormenting BFs tied urethra for fun 7: Ball kneading on cuttingboard, squeezing, whipping, then chastity, BDSM Erotic trampling in Black boots 2: My Balls Crushed with heavy book 0: Teasing my weak boyfriend balls - CBT 8: