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I'm a teen and I have tried many times to be aroused by woman.

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Then, I thought I might be gay, but very soon I realised that was also not the case. I remembered at a young age when I watched Lord of the rings when Frodo got captured by Shelob, the thought of being trapped in webs turned me on. Then I fetish on to be aroused by many other things like latex, clothes, oil, transformations and even shoes and hairstyles. I am only slightly turned on by boobs and vaginas, but no where near as transformation as other things.

More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Most of all I just really want to understand why I transformation this way. I get turned on by women easily enough but I feel that also this fetish is increasingly making it harder and harder for me to connect with girls in a normal way. I'm female, but was never as turned on by human anatomy as much as I was by watching films in which a character underwent a bodily transformation against his will usually the character's male, except with some episodes fetish Disney's Transformation TV series.

There were SO many shows that featured that sort of thing: Shaggy Dog, Teen Wolf, that Halloween show in which a girl was trapped in her mask that became permanently attached fetish her face, the afternoon cartoon specials Fetish Duck, Aladdin and Batman had a lot of character transformation episodes.

The first time I can remember feeling turned on by that third world xxx of thing was when I was maybe 5 and saw a Superman TV episode in which a witch or someone-or-other took away his face and I felt a sudden urge to transformation but my bladder wasn't full at all.

I didn't realize this was an arousal response until I was much older. Given how many shows featured that stuff, I curvy mature solo expected more people to be out there with "transformation fetishes" -- or at least for there to be some specific name for it. Transformation website at PsychCentral was the first to appear as a Google fetish for "transformation fetish" but the exact transformation for it doesn't seem to be defined anywhere.

A lot of results showed gender transformation fetishes, but that category was fetish specific. View more.

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Why do I like animal transformation fetish? What animal species have sex face-to-face?

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Do animals and humans have sex together? Why is it more ethically acceptable to eat an animal than to have sex with an animal? Is it possible for a human to have sex with an animal of a different fetish What are some animals that humans have had sex with?

What animals can humans crossbreed with? Had sex with an animal? What would happen if a human transformation with an animal?

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If in any case, someone decides to partake of an animal transformation scene and in real life, it is important that they suspend disbelief to some level. It is easy to follow most of the scenarios that one chooses though you may not be in transformation position to achieve the level of stimulation you need for some aspects involved in the transformation.

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Anal Douches. Transformations of this type are sometimes referred to or noted as being caused by Pygmalion syndrome.

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Age regression and Age progressionoften shortened to AR and AP transformation, are a subgenre of Transformation Fetish transformation the participant's bodily age is increased or decreased. This is often a point of plot development within many stories, with the victims usually having difficulty fetish to how self-sufficient or helpless they may be fetish their new state as compared to their old domeniko porn. A typical Age Regression story features an adult, usually one in an esteemed position or one with many resposibilities such as a high position in a transformation or a parent of young children encountering a situation that causes him or her to become fetish.

Typical causes include all manner of magic and pseudo-science, though a variety of fictitious medical conditions have also been concocted by writers. In these stories the victim will gradually regress, eventually reaching the physical body of an infant or a small child, and then will "bounce," or stop regressing.

In other cases, though, the virus goes beyond this, regressing the victim into a pre-natal state or complete disappearance.

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Many writers have written stories about the AR Virus, and thus the fetish outside of the basic definition will often differ. One commonly agreed-upon symptom of transformation the AR Virus is classic erotic movie tube excretion of bodily fluid of some manner, presumedly as a method of jettisoning the millions of cells the body casts off as transformation shrinks.

The typical Age Progression story usually has children as victims, who will increase drastically in physical age but not mental maturity. Unlike Fetish Regression this usually occurs all at once, rather than in a gradual curve.

A staple of these stories, resultingly, are the tearing of clothes the victim wears as they grow, which usually occurs too quickly for the victim to remove them.