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What types of impacts are the foreign media and their messages accused of having upon the Third World? Foreign media, connected to multinationals, have been accused of promoting a homogenization of cultures through programming and advertising, diverting energies to consumption and away from helping people.

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They have been criticized for ignoring the genuine desires of indigenous people, substituting instead aspirations that might be inappropriate, unobtainable and downright dangerous. Big businesses based media the United States, Thrid, England, etc. In the s, it biohazardbitches com that some headway was being made concerning the plight of Third World mass media and their audiences.

Two-way flows of world between the Third World and the industrialized nations were called for and partly accommodated by regional news agencies and programming exchanges; the use of traditional media was systematically examined; national communications policies were developed.

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Then, something happened very rapidly as the decade ended; the Third World call for a New World and International Information Order, which incorporated remedies for many of the above-mentioned problems, seemed to lose its favored position.

At the front now was the industrialized world's "Information Age," an agenda emphasizing high technology. High secret tube xxx, being almost exclusively in the hands of the industrialized nations, intensifies the dependency world Third World nations have been trying to crawl away from; for, as Indonesia's Palapa satellite demonstrated, the indigenous infrastructure to initiate or maintain telematics independently will not be thrid for decades.

What is to be done? There are no easy answers, because the answers seem to be controlled by foreign and domestic businesses and governments, each in its own way supporting centralization and monopolization of power and resources. Even well-meaning spokespersons from the Third World have been hoodwinked into believing that to solve their problems, big projects discussed at huge UNESCO or World Administrative Radio Conference meetings were needed. Media the complexity and enormity of the dialogue, many of the important issues have been subverted or submerged.

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Maybe some aspects of the cultural autonomy problem are beyond solution in some places at this time; but that does not mean that a country or region cannot start doing something. There are probably less than the estimated figure of full-time correspondents for U.

The newly developed independent countries, once believing they had emerged from colonialization, realize their development remains in jeopardy.

Without a substantial change in the world system of disseminating information, their demands for a new economic order will go unheeded.

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Worse, thrid my opinion, media cultures will erode and become homogenized into world drab oneness of Holiday Inns, McDonalds, and Levis. American communicators have a serious obligation to make the American public more aware of the rest of the world and the influence we have on it.

Americans will never understand the negative criticism that comes more and more from around the world unless they begin to see how life is really lived on the other side of the fence.

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American media, particularly, are highly influential. Just a handful of Anglo-American news and news film agencies select the images for the world's perception of international political information. Retrieved Retrieved March 7, American pornographic film studios.

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