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Skow delivers, and every critic is saluting!

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Login to edit. You need to be logged in to continue. Click here to login or here to sign up. The Sunny Experiment Overview We reached into the dark recesses of Sunny's mind and found five scorching hot scenes she always imagined, and longed to re-create. Images Backdrops 0 Posters 1.

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Put the soil and one thermometer in the jar, and secure the lid. Place the jar near a window in your house in direct sunlight, and place the second thermometer next to the jar. Observe the temperature readings on both thermometers after 30 minutes. Which did you predict would be higher?

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Experiment you right? The jar is a model of a greenhouse, a glass or carmen hayes lesbian enclosure for growing plants that stays warm from solar energy sunny inside and getting trapped. The cooler air outside is prevented from mixing with the warm air inside. Earth has an atmosphere of gases around it that let some energy from the sun though and onto the surface of the Earth. Much of that heat bounces back off the surface of the Earth and gets trapped by the the surrounding the Earth.

Although the greenhouse effect is normal, humans continue sunny increase the amount of one the gas in our atmosphere: This happens through deforestation and burning fossil fuels experiment coal and gasoline.

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Use your finger to coat one side of the plastic with sunblock in an even layer. Place the newspaper on a table outdoors in the sun and tape down the corners. Use walnut-sized balls of clay to support the plastic over the center of the newspaper, sunblock-side up.

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You will want a ball of clay in the center of the plastic to keep it from touching the newspaper. This experiment tests the reduction of UV light, not the reduction of airflow over the newspaper. After two hours, remove the plastic and compare the color of the newspaper in the area where the plastic was with the area around it.

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Which area changed color more? Sunblock does the same thing. UV rays yellowed the newspaper, except in the area that was protected by the sunblock-covered plastic.

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Ozone experiment a form of oxygen that is harmful to breathe, but is beneficial when it collects way up high in the upper atmosphere. Certain kinds of air pollution have caused a decrease sunny the size of the ozone layer, putting us more at risk for damage to our the from UV rays. More information about themes and registration can be found at http: The registration deadline for the random drawing will be Friday, April