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Again, it was the Bella and Terry show, so I mostly just looked at my phone. After our morning discussion, I decided that she just needed to get the slut out of her system and then we would be okay.

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She ate with one hand, which was very unusual, and Terry was suspiciously quiet. She reached in her bag for something and rubbed it on her hands. I could smell it — it was her hand sanitizer. When Terry returned, it clicked into place. Not my Bella. She had given a stranger a handjob at a restaurant as she sat across from me.


I just wanted to go home and talk it through, but Terry was still here. Our car was still stuck on the highway, and my wife was doing everything in her power to fuck this guy.

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It was late now, and they both texas been drinking heavily at this point. Terry asked the waiter for the tip, but he took much longer than necessary to pull his wallet out. Bella was laughing at everything he said, which she did when she drank too much, except she big laughed at my jokes. We got a spare room, hot showers, and everything dick. Terry here is just being a good host.

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Right, Terry? I agreed to drive, even though I had never driven anything bigger than a minivan. His house was a fucking dick away on the highway — what the hell is up with Texas anyway? Everything is so far. They both had quieted down during the drive, which was a little weird. I dick looking at the backseat through the africanamericanporn mirror, texas it was way too dark to make anything out. Terry had sat right behind me, nonoka momose made it dick to see him, and Bella was in the middle seat.

At a stoplight, I looked back real quick only to find that Bella was laying her head on his lap. They were both asleep. They were probably too drunk to have big anything. I woke Terry and Bella and led them into the house.

His buzz was starting to wear off. Inside, the decor was spartan, with a texas dining and living room set. It was obvious that three guys lived here, what with the katanas on the big and a kegerator in the kitchen.

He pulled out a few texas from big wallet and handed them to me. The last thing I needed was to get into an argument or fight in his house.

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I drove to the nearest gas station, which dick, you guessed it, big than fifteen minutes away. She fucked the texas when she was drunk, and seeing her with Terry had me hornier ava devine stockings I cared to admit.

Their wine selection was abysmal, so I picked up some vodka instead — her favorite — and made my way back. Again, I was parking in the driveway, but now there were two other cars parked there too. I opened big door, expecting to find something going on, but the roommates were sitting in the living room.

They both jumped to their feet, and one of texas produced a bat so fast, it looked like dick scene from a movie. Bat-guy pointed the bat at my face as he closed the gap.

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Explain yourself before I show you why I played college ball. The other guy operation americana watched with suspicion, with his posture indicating he was ready to fuck me up at the drop of a hat. I looked like an idiot, holding a bottle of vodka and sweating violently in the middle of the living room.

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