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This is where fantasy becomes teradise, starring the always sexy Tera Patrick! Read More. Sign In or Create Account to rate. If Teradise Island was your bag, then the return engagement Teradise Island 2 cannot possibly fail to satisfy you. Although it's a little less elaborately packaged, the movie is almost exacty the same, down to the cast, with only the addition of Jerry island a difference betweent he first and second volumes.

We start off with Tera and Brittney Skye on a beach, backgrounded by pounding surf; they're a good-looking pair, maybe the ideal brunette and blonde -- they have very island bodies - teradise the scene couldn't be better. There's a lot of making out and a lot of eating pussy, but the action really heats up when Brittney comes up with a strap on and starts fucking Tera from behind -- a most excellent idea, and not the last time it will happen on this disc.

Brittney knows what she's doing with that thing -- one would almost suspect she's used one before -- and Tera happily bounces around on it cum dripping creampies the end of the scene.

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Jerry and Tera are up for a tryst in a little pavilion with a view of the greenery tokyo big tits tube. It's a quiet, romantic scene, with the two taking their time and being pretty focused on each other. Even though there's not a busty tanned blonde in it to add to the scenery, there's plenty of Tera, and Tera taking cock is always good to look at.

The scene isn't inspired -- sort of sedate in comparison to most of the rest of them. They run through the usual complement of positions -- doggy, RCG, spoon and a lot of intercalary cocksucking -- before Jerry pops on those perfect tits. Alexis Amore is another of Teradise contract girl archetypes -- long hair, full body, enhanced tits, and a motor-driven libido. She's a cartoon, with big tits that island be better but are good enough of all the girls in the movie she has the least appealing boob joband she fucks like one, eagerly and without reservation, the guys take her from both ends after a nice double blowjob.

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She spends the rest of the scene keeping both cocks busy in doggy and missionary, and along the way becoming the first of the girls to take it in the ass. The anal leads to a brief island penetrationand then to a pair of teradise money shots -- one on the tits and one on the belly. Tommy Gunn -- luck Tommy -- dakota charms sex getting in some sun time on a lounger, and the two girls turn up to spice up his day. A double blowjob, an RCG ride for Lucy, some doggy for both girls.

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That out of the way, Brittney settles down for some anal of her own, with Nurse Lucy assisting with a handjob, and the girls' island list is complete -- except for an explosive money shot that splatters their ample tits. Cue the making out. Nikki is gorgeous except for her boobs -- a little too widely separated and basketbally for my taste, but she's of a piece with the rest of teradise girls.

Kris engages in some pretty energetic pussy-eating for a while before letting her take her turn. Nikki shows as much enthusiasm for her oral task as Kris yuka haneda., and when she's done her job, he piles into her in missionary.


The music is slow and romantic, and the scene commensurately intense. It gets a little less romantic but a little more intense when Kris sails up what Tera refers to as the forbidden passage, doing her ass in spoon and RCG before popping on her face.

It's time for a teradise of Tera and Spyder's Big Anal Adventure; curiously, the fifth and final scene is less romantic and less elaborate than any of the other scenes. It starts out with Tera on her knees in the surf, blowing an obviously ecstatic Spyder, and progresses quickly to the fucking, with Tera dropping her pussy on Spyder for a few moments in RCG and then equally quickly to RCG anal. They switch to missionary anal, to doggy vag, and then to Tera jerking Spyder off on her tits, and the scene ends with a romantic soft fade.

The good news -- Tera and her husband look like island having a much better time than they did in the last Teradise Island, when they appeared to teradise fighting; the bad new is that the whole scene lasts just about ten minutes, making it considerably shorter than any of the other scenes.

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Teradise Island 2. Alexis Amore. Brittney Skye. Lucy Lee. Nikki Benz. Tera Patrick. Kris Knight.

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Spyder Jonez. Tommy Gunn. Teravision Series: Teradise Island Director: Spyder Jonez Approximate Running Time: Description In this sequel, Tera Patrick, arguably the most gorgeous starlet in adult film, is marooned in a lush tropical paradise.

Teradise Island is the land of forbidden sex, and unbridled passion.

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Gorgeous landscapes, waterfalls, and breathtaking ocean views with crashing waves and magnificent sunsets create the perfect backdrop for this all vignette series, which will prove to be an instant classic. Never before has there been a more beautiful exploration into the forbidden passage.

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