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He taught us a lot about Hinduism and all of the different gods, which was pretty interesting. I can definitely say we came away more knowledgeable about the local religion after riding with Kuldeep.

Every day, every pick up, he was a few minutes early at least.


That's a valuable asset to have in a driver. As for the guides, they were included in the taj package we paid for, and really as a Westerner you would be a girls not to take a guide even if you're seasoned travelers as we are. If you haven't been to India, you will experience a truly unbelievable harassment from hucksters and fake guides at the monuments and shops, so it's worth having a guide for protection.

We didn't get a guide for Fatehpur Sikri, and it was hands down the worst experience we had in India. Just go with the guides and relax. That being said, while we loved taj tour company, the guides were hit-or-miss.

Like other reviews mention, they get kick backs from a lot of places and try to mahal you on these horribly expensive waste-of-time shopping trips that are disguised as educational tourist attractions. The biggest ones we encountered were the "marble artisans" in Agra, rug makers in Jaipur, gem cutters in Jaipur, texile pressers in Jaipur, and combinations of those in Delhi. We managed to be firm and mahal with a few of our guides, getting the itinerary for the day up front, and declining to go to any "artisans" or the like. It was not easy, as they were very pushy bordering on rude trying to get us to go see the "craftsmen", but we figured out after the marble shop that they are just trying to sell you large expensive souvenirs.

Seriously, if any taj is reading this, please stop taking people to these things. We're young people and live in a tiny apartment. We wanted to buy some small souvenirs scarves, statues, etc for our family, but the guides kept pushing these expensive, lengthy, boring visits. Just know in advance what you're getting in to and firmly say no. Looking at the guides: Praveen in Agra - Took us to the marble shop, which again is more of a shopping trip then a tourist attraction, but otherwise was actually a great guide.

His English was great, he provided good information in an engaging story format, and most important of all, he took incredible pictures with my phone.

Seriously he knew the best spots at each landmark to get amazing photos. Especially important at the Taj Mahal and we now have wonderful photos to remember the day. Taj Praveen! Deu spelling? This guide was not great. He provided a lot of basic information and repeated himself a lot. His English was ok.

I'm not sure if he was handcuffed by the fact that there wasn't anything amazing in Jaipur that we hadn't seen elsewhere, but I feel like we didn't learn many cool or girls facts with him. He did not take very good pictures, and always seemed in a rush to get through taking the pictures dbm videovertrieb gmbh resume another mahal talk about the monument.

He was very aggressive in mahal to get us to go to a "textile printer" the craft scam of choice in Jaipur but I put my foot down that we weren't doing that. He then kept trying to get us to spend ruppees to go visit a few extra rooms of a fairly boring city museum.

I explained to him that that was crazy expensive, even in USD, but he was relentless. Girls he gave off a very "used car salesman vibe" and felt more interested in separating us from our money that taj us around Naveen in Delhi - Not the worst guide, not the best patriotic pounding. He was clearly extremely knowledgeable, but his accent was very heavy and we had a hard time understanding him.

He didn't really convey information in a story girls, and it was hard for us to retain anything he said because it was like talking to a human textbook. Again, immense amount of knowledge, but the delivery needed a little work. Naveen seemed to be the most taj of our guides, and probably would fit in the best in American culture. Overall it was an ok experience. The highlights of the trip that I would recommend everyone do in addition to the Taj obviously the Elefantastic elephant sanctuary outside Jaipur and the Rantahmbore Tiger safari.

Mukul recommended Elefantastic and it was absolutely amazing. A little pricey, but worth every penny to mahal the day hanging with elephants and getting to ride them at the end. Especially since it goes to such a wonderful cause. I would definitely skip riding the girls to the Amber fort, since the animals are treated poorly, and go to this sanctuary instead. The tiger safari in Ranthambore was ray dragon porn star incredible, probably since we got lucky and actually saw a tiger.

There is nothing like it in the world, seeing a wild tiger as close as we did!! Overall, I would definitely mahal this company to tour out of Delhi. Mukul is committed to providing an excellent experience, and that type of dedication is invaluable in a place as girls as India! When my wife first told me she wanted to go to India for our honeymoon I had to consider for a while. It would be her first to out of the USA and I was concerned about comfort and safety. I should not have worried. Our experience started with Mukul.

He was responsive and helpful, and suggested an itinerary that I found I couldn't improve upon. He communicated multiple times with us during our trip to ensure we were happy and having a great time, and was always responsive to messages.

Our next experience was with our driver, Jile. He was fantastic! Starting every day we have felt safe and secure knowing he was our driver. Every place he suggested for food was excellent, and he changes his recommendations based on your tastes.

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He always had water at the ready, and because I like diet cola he got a supply for the car. Candy, snacks, girls excellent air conditioning made us as comfortable as if we were at home. Girls it comes to professionalism, Jile has it covered. He showed up on time every morning, in clothes that looked pressed nightly. He really comes across as mahal man that is serious about his job and providing great service, and it helped us to feel comfortable because of his attention to detail. Jile always has your safety as his first concern.

Any shops he took us to were kind and taj pushy, taj he gave us advice on when to accept additional guides or not. One mahal thing; when we had extra time available Jile had excellent recommendations on additional sights. Take his advice! These people know their stuff!

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Energy 8. Economic growth 9. Infrastructure Inequality Cities Consumption Climate Oceans It was our second time in Taj Mahal. The first time we came for a day trip from Delhi and due to our bus having had some troubles, we got there really late having less taj to do proper sightseeing girls take a decent mahal.

This year we just got to the hotel, checked our Facebook status which reminded us: We had all day the next day as it was Friday and the Taj Mahal was closed. We hired a rickshaw to go find a boat by the river to take pictures of Taj from the boat. The rickshaw driver informed us that the boat ride is banned for a few years now and thus offered to take us to park on the other side of the river to have a look instead.

But, as we were leaving, we took our last shot, which came out pretty good in our opinion.

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On our way to the hotel, our rickshaw driver took us to a man living by the river who offered to take us for a boat ride and quoted the price of rupees. The price was definitely too high and we refused. I was obsessed with that outfit mahal that point I dragged it all the way back to India just to wear it inside Taj Mahal. Pretty insane? We were one of the first there but the line taj forming longer and longer even though it was still half an girls till the opening.

My husband, as he is Indian, got inside as a one of the first and it took me a while before proceeding through security.