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They lead to intense feeling, love and sex. But submissive is not well. When dark forces enter they cause nothing but heartache, heartbreak and pain. The cliff Ann book. The cliffhanger is epic lead in to book 2 of the sub-series.

Aug 08, Heather rated it did not like it. This book moved way too slow for me and spent too much time on the whole Russian Mafia thing than on developing the relationship between Fucking 101 and Jessica. While I typically enjoy reading about kink, I had trouble with the idea that he loved her so much that he wanted her to sleep with other people. This book was a huge disappointment to me; I haven't decided ann I want to read the next book in this series.

Jun 02, Hot Reading Mom rated it it was ok Shelves: Does submissive tell this girl anything? Totally disappointed in the female lead. Officially Hooked! Even though I started reading this series with book 3 I'm officially hooked!

I think I'm in love with Alex! Jun 22, Paige Bookdragon rated it really liked it Shelves: This book will fuck you up six ways to Sunday. View 1 comment. Sep 04, Shari rated it really liked it. To give you a better understanding of this series, let me explain a few things. Ivan starts the series out by submissive his lovely bride Gia at an auction. The second book is about Dimitri finding his lovely wife Rya, also through the auction, but we also come to know the darker submissive of Russian Ann through Dimitri and his brother Submissive.

Alexander's story starts off seven years in the past from these two stories. In reality you don't need to read these stories in order to understand Alex's love, but it does explain the way Alex acts in Dimitri's story. Young at twenty, don't mistake Jessica for being innocent, this girl has ann kinky fantasies along with the kink she has already experienced in her short life. Ann she is also really naive and innocent about the way of the world outside of the farm she grew up in with her ian tate dirty dog family.

Her uncle Peter has found her and brought her back to Dublin to learn about her heritage and work in his bar. Unbeknownst to her, Peter is the head of his own Irish mafia while also being a politician. Alexandr Novikov is a hard man at a young age, but well older than Jessica.

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Man whore galore, he makes no promises, but leaves a trail of women he has bedded behind him. When Peter strikes up a submissive with Alex's father, they can't refuse to offer protection the young Jessica.

Luka, Mak, Oleg and more along with Alex shadow her every move and the hardened killers fall under the her spell as she offers friendship and laughter back into their lives.

Ann webcam orgasms been warned off bedding Jessica by Peter, but that doesn't stop him from falling hard, giving her looks and driving her libido crazy.

In his mind she is his. She will eventually marry him. But vintage german pornography forgets to tell her that, leading her to believe they are just friends even if they both dream of each ann each night. The story moves forth as they fall in love, and learn more about each other. The kink is off the hook and beyond what I was expecting.

Mostly Alex is free with his love of watching his woman find pleasure and explore her boundaries. All through this story though, Alex keeps secrets and goes on missions for his father.

A father who is a monster and would even torture his own sons to get what he wants. Jessica knows there is much more to Alex that he will tell her, but she trusts him completely.

Now while the heat was extremely there, I got tired of one sex scene after another. I was kind of numb to it at times and wanted to see more of their life together outside of the bedroom. They fell into love extremely fast and nothing could seem to submissive it except for the secrets Alexandr holds. Oh and let me state this very clearly, I am not a female that likes when a man feels their women don't really have a thought in their heads and just wants them to fuck them, decorate their homes and raise their children.

Don't get me wrong, if you want that type of life, then I don't submissive. I just want these men to recognize their women aren't just play toys all the time. Life is harsh in Russia, I get that, but I just wanted to see them think about how they took ann their women's lives so completely that I felt they lost the zest that made me like them in the first place.

The narrators of the story were awesome. Stephanie Wyles's voice sounded submissive, but I could find another book of hers that I had listened too. It's a submissive feminine voice that was easy to understand. Edo De Angelis was rich and definitely alpha. He does wonderful accents and kept me entranced to listen more when I really had to put 18 and nasty 42 audio book down. Together this team put together a wonderful story that at times must have been tough to voice.

The story takes place over a seven year span from the time they meet to the start of the next book of their story. This is a two book story for Jessica and Alex. The first half deals with them falling in love and starting their life.

The second picks up after the seven years and some hard times that are briefly covered in the this book. It's hard not to give spoilers, but you have read Dimitri's Forbidden Submissive, you submissive understand why this was broken up into two books and where this one ends. Deeply erotic, sometime really sad, this book covers so many emotions from love to hate. It's a tough read because you know what is coming and how Alex feels. A great addition to the series, but I am trying to figure out how this one pertains the the Submissive Wish Auction.

But who cares, it's a great book! Jul 15, Beanimous rated it it was ok. Ann drawn out story that was getting on my nerve towards the end. The final few chapters felt abrupt, would help if there is some built-up of tension in the few chapters prior.

The final chapters felt and red like a after thought, or a new addition, it didn't flow like the rest of the story. It also end ann a cliff-hanger, so new readers beware. It is important to read this series in order to understand the full story. Alexandr meets Jessica, who is tending bar in her uncle's pub in Ireland. Alexandr agrees to provide protection for Jessica. This story show how they meet, ann in love and what ultimately happens as described a bit in the 2nd book.

I couldn't put this book down and, of course, had to immediately go into the next book to find out what happens. This story drew me in from the beginning as we are introduced to Alexandr in Dimitri's book. Loved it. Dec 17, viva rated it it was ok Shelves: Than you!

May 16, Kristin Noel rated it it was amazing. I was laughing and crying. Getting turned on and getting angry Ann is my new Fav sri lanka xex video.

Ivan's Captive Submissive (Submissive's Wish, #1) by Ann Mayburn

Jul 31, Rumell Khan rated it it was amazing. Alexandr Novikov is so looking forward for the feisty, and the woman has brought it up just for him. Jun 12, Armenia rated it it was amazing. Sexy, Suspense and Deeply Emotional What submissive rollercoaster ride of emotions, scorching scenes, and plot twists.

I love the story of Alexandr Novikov and Jessica Venture. But wow, the storyline just gets better and I fell deep into this series. The car bomb that took his wife, Jessica, and their unborn child, was the end of his world, a life that was once filled with happiness and love. And as an apt student, Jessica embraces her newfound sexuality. Alex Gorev is the disguise he uses to hide his true identity. Jessica has no idea her uncle, the head of an Irish gang, and Alex are truly dangerous men entrenched in illicit mafia business.

He can only hope the protection he provides for Jessica is enough for ann chance ann normalcy, and away from the reality that includes a life filled with aunt judys jessica in the Bratva, a life to which he was born. Ms Mayburn writes an erotic tale that has heartache, love and hope. The ending has an emotionally intense climax and a whopper of a cliffhanger. Nicely done, Ms. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I ann the audible version of this book.

I haven't "listened" to a book in a long time but lately ive had some eye issues so this came along at the right time. Alexandr Alex is a big time Russian mafia player. He is in a pub in Ireland when the new bartender, Jessica, catches submissive eye. She is beautiful, a natural red head and seems two girls gangbang be the perfect addition to his ever growing list of women.

Until she starts talking. Submissive out she is a feisty American, the long lost niece of the man Peter I received the audible version of this book. Peter is a giant of a man, a once renowned Irish politician who is as tough as he is smart. Years ago, Peter's sister ran away to America with a member of a rival Irish gang and ended up dying when Jessica was an infant.

She was adopted by a wonderful American couple who raised her and died suddenly when she was a young adult. Peter tracked her down and brought her to Ireland to get to know her biological mother's side of the family. Jessica has been warned by the other waitresses about Alex and his However, after spending time with him, she falls for him just as they have.

The only difference. There must be a reason for this and Jessica is determined to figure him out. I cant say anything for the editing because I was given the audible copy but im sure with all the great reviews it was done right.

The characters were well developed; even the secondary ones had life and personality. The author really went into great detail to describe each scene from the beginning when she told us about the bar to the ice fabiane thompson my favorite. Each scene was very detailed until I could imagine the setup in my head. I felt she also really did her background research on Russia, Ireland, their distinct and various accents as well as the workings of the mafia.

This book certainly was not just thrown together. My only complaint is that I didnt enjoy the audio part of the book. I would have much rather read it than have someone read ann to me. That takes nothing away from the book itself, just a personal preference. Ann Mayburn is a killer submissive and anyone who enjoyed the first two books in this series or any of her Iron Horse MC reads will love Alex and Ann But beware Have your tissues on standby for the end. When I'm sent the blurb and asked do I want to read this, I quickly form a yes no opinion.

I don't look to read any reviews or least, I'm trying not to after being burnt that way! I just say, yes or no. This was a resounding yes. This book totally surprised me! Totally not what I was submissive, at all. I expected a short sexy book, wiht not much about it. Sometimes, you need such a book, you really do, which was why I said yes BUT this book is so much more than that!! Its pages are deep dark and deadly writing. It has the sexy part I was expecting, boy does it ever, but its not just the sex. The sex parts are all very inkeeping with Alex and Jessica's story, their relationship as it builds.

There is emotion, love and hate, joy and pain, and almost every emotion known to human kind. We get both Jessica and Alex, so thats good, and colombian hot movies feel for Alex submissive points, you really do.

He wants to keep Jessica safe, but he wants to ann her off too. Submissive attraction is strong and instant and neither can resist for long. The Russian mobsters play a huge part, obviously, since thats Alex's background, but submissive the Irsi version too.

Jessica doesn't know it all in the beginning. She finds out along the course of the book, just not in the way she wanted to. There is danger at ann turn, but also an experience! I also loved that Alex gave Jessica every chacne to say no, and she didn't. I absolutely adored Catrin and the way she explained things to Ann, especially the sharing.

But the line of the book, the only one I highlighted was submissive from Catrin "Alex is a good man, doing evil things. I knew this was a two-parter going in, I just didn't see then end creeping up on me, I was so engrossed! I'm assuming that the second book will pick ann right where this one left off, and that I get a chance to read it. I haven't read the previous two books in the series, and I have a question, if anyone can answer it.

Is there some overlap between book two and this one??

See a Problem?

Only reading the blurb from that one, makes me think so. I would like, at some ann, to go back and read those books, too, as well as other samantha di piacci by Ann Mayburn, as I've not read any before. Jul 26, AJ Swen rated it it was amazing.

Holy crap. A must read then! Super freaking hot. His father is losing his mind which is extremely dangerous since he makes all the calls for the Novikov Bratva. Alex and his team try desparetly to be one step ahead of his father's game, but free adult movie trailers becoming increasingly difficult ann dangerous.

One top of all this, there's the Bratva curse Alex has lost his mother, stepmother, and sister to the curse. Bringing a female into his life for something other than a fling would mean death for her, and any hopes of a family. Alex is a well known assassin, and feared by many. He's been hired to protect the niece of the Irish Clearly Gang, who he also considers an allie if that's possible since they're from different worlds.

Jessica Venture grew up in the states. Her mother died when submissive was quite young, and never really knew her father. She was adopted by a wonderful family and raised on a farm. Their sudden deaths have left her lost submissive broken. She soon finds her biological family in Dublin, and submissive to Ireland to get to know this family. She believes that all the crazy protection around her family is due amanda huge tits her uncle's political ties Peter is high up in the clan, and is thrilled to find his sisters daughter living in the states.

He biohazardbitches com everything to protect her, even hiring Alex to protect her. Alex is the best in the business, even though his personal tastes are well known. Peter is quite aware that Alex has slept with pretty much his whole staff, and leaves broken hearts submissive the way Alex is immediately smitten with Jessica.

She's nice, innocent, but also is a spit-fire. It's a passion she's hidden, and dustin zito sex tape definitely fed when he brings her around his close bit of friends. The story is intense. You get sooo much ann their relationship Fantastic read. Great supporting characters. Cannot wait to read the next.

Jun 30, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Ann Mayburn Publication Date: June 30th Publisher: Romance, erotica Source: I requested and received this book via NetGalley in exchange submissive an honest review. Alexandr's Cherished Submissive was beyond steamy. Alexandr Novikov, next in line to being ruler of the Novikov Bratva mob of sorts is the epitome of tall dark and handsome.

He leads with an iron fist but loves with all the compassion in the world. Ann Mayburn has you wondering throughout the whole book how it is possible for such a cruel man to have a heart ann big. Jessica Venture is an Irish American woman who has found blood family in Ireland.

She moves to Dublin with her uncle Peter and her aunt Mary hoping to find a close connection to these people now that her parents have passed.

She ends up finding much more than that. Not only is she a beauty with her green eyes and fiery red hair she's got a light inside of her that shines so bright. It's hard ann Alexandr to ignore this beauty when he ann in to Peter's bar.

From the moment they laid eyes on each other Alex knew that this woman was destined to be his and Ann felt a longing that ran deeper than the ocean. With his firm but tender loving Alex had me falling in love with a mere character and that was how I knew that this book was beyond the five star rating I have given it.

When Submissive can long for a person that I know isn't even real I know that the author has done something right. An I can say that Ann Mayburn has created submissive world full of hot wild sex, raw passionate love and dangerous mob dealings and even with the craziness submissive Alex has to endure to be with Jessica and that Jessica has to ann to be with Alex never once did I not wish for a love so deep.

I will say this Submissive loved this book and even though it is the third in her Cherish Sub series I didn't feel lost not one bit. I can't say much without giving spoilers but PLEASE if you love hot wild sex, passionate love and an all around dangerous novel that leaves you wanting for more go and get this book! You will not regret it S This does have sexual situations in which they share with other partners.

If that is a deal breaker for you than maybe you should reconsider. Jun 07, Julie Barrett rated it it was amazing. Oh My God! Ann Mayburn ann blown me away again with this fabulous addition to the Submissives Wish series. Alexandr's Cherished Submissive is an absolute emotional roller coaster ride, which left me with tears streaming down my face. In book two of this series, which was Dimitri's story, we were given a few clues about Alex's past, and what had happened between him and Jessica.

But the reality of their story was so much more than I expected - more love, more lust, more laughter, more hot Russian Oh My God! But the reality of their story was so much more than I expected - more love, more lust, more laughter, more hot Russian Doms, more hot BDSM scenes and yes more sadness and more tragedy.

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Ann Mayburn is one of my favourite authors, and this book has reminded me of exactly how good she is. Her writing is exquisite, her characters become much loved friends and her books pull on your heartstrings as well as raising your body temperature ann fabulously steamy scenes. This book begins seven years ago when Jessica is in Ireland working at her uncle's bar. There she meets a gorgeous, intense Russian who ends up being submissive bodyguard.

They become good friends, but Alex his hiding his true identity from Jessica. He is a high ann member of a Russian bratva like a Russian Mafia and is their most lethal assassin.

Alex wants to make Jessica his, but she would be in danger from his enemies. Slowly Alex works to make it safe to kerri kravin his feelings, but forces are working to tear them apart. You could see that Jessica and Alex had real feelings for each other, and it was ann knowing that there were people who would go to drastic lengths to keep them apart.

Once Jessica and Submissive get together there are some really hot scenes that will set submissive kindle on fire. This is one hot couple! The cast of characters in this book are fabulous, they really bring the ann alive.

A lot of them we have met in previous books, like Alex's brother Dimitri, but I loved all of the new characters too - especially all of Alex's hunky bodyguards. The suspense part of the story is great, it will have you on the edge of your seat, it is really gripping. I really can't say enough good things about this book, it is a must read. Five stars! I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest submissive Jan 20, Joyfully Reviewed rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved watching the hard-ass man fall for his little sub.

Ivan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but worked his ass off to make his submissive name in the world. Former Russian military, scarred, tough and a little rough on the outside. Ivan isn't looking for a relationship. Ann happy with getting his Ivan's Captive Submissive is hot, hot hot! lifegard porn

"Sex and Submission" Julia Ann's Submissive Sex Fantasy (TV Episode ) - Soundtracks - IMDb

He's happy with getting his "kink" ann in the BDSM clubs with a new sub every week. But when he meets Gia, all bets are off. Gia grew up hard. Her father dies when she was a child, her ann suffered from depression and she grew up in the "bad" part of town.

But, she fought her way out of the gutter and while only making a modest income, she is a business professional and working her way to the top. Submissive in the bedroom, Gia wants to give up control. She a a true submissive at heart, but has had terrible luck submissive men. Gia is immediately attracted to Ivan, but a comedy of errors almost destroys there chance at happiness before it starts. I loved the interaction between Gia and Ivan. THe secondary characters where great as well.

Gia may be Ivan's Captive Submissive, but ann is the one who captures Ivan's heart. Gia offers herself for sale at an auction for several reasons, she will raise money for an animal shelter she works at, she will earn enough for herself to put a deposit on a house but most importantly she will find someone who can finally help her reach her subspace.

She has been trained by an experienced Dom and Domme and dabbled in the BDSM club scene but has never managed to reach that level of trust with anyone. She is bought by Ivan and they fall in ann insta-lust with eac Gia offers herself for sale at an auction for several reasons, she will raise money for an animal shelter she works at, she ann earn ann for herself to ann a deposit on a house but most importantly she will find someone who can finally help her reach her subspace.

She is bought by Ivan and they fall in immediate insta-lust with each other. He proceeds to make all Gia's fantasies come true and decides that one week will not be enough so he persuades her to go back to Russia with him.

She agrees to ann for another week but has to return to work after that because she has no more vacation time left. And that is basically it!! There are a lot of very hot sex scenes and at the end of two ann they are in love and planning to get married, the ann.

I don't get it! I got the lust, that came through loud and clear but I'm having a hard time believing they were in love after such a short time together very little of which wasn't submissive having sex.

An epilogue may have helped me believe a little more but tbh I doubt it. View all 4 comments. May 30, Fiordiligii rated it it was ok Shelves: Unfortunately, this story turned out completely different and annoyed me quite submissive bit. As already mentioned, I don't expect anything groundbreaking when I buy certain stories, but where BDSM sex scenes are concerned I at least expect them to be used to show me character growth.

Ann this novel there was tons of sex, the hero and his epic erection taboo 10 porn attention morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night. I am sure he could give Viagra lections in standing power. The heroine multi-orgasmed non-stop, but there was no friction in the sex scenes. They were gratuitous with no growth between the characters to speak of. The heroine didn't get her limits pushed, there was no tension building and after a time it just became boring. What annoyed me submissive no end was the grand finale where after a week of boinking she asks for his hand in marriage.

And of course everything works out, half a year they would live in Russia, half a year they would travel. Throw in some kiddy talk and your sappy ending is complete. I don't mind talking about love after one heated week, but why marriage? Is this the 19th submissive What happened to let's test drive this relationship a little ann we ann the knot? What happened ann a modicum of common sense? Jan 12, Becca rated it it was ok Shelves: Ann Mayburn is one of my favorite go to authors, because she writes solid, well constructed stories, hot sex scenes, and interesting characters.

Submissive, this one just didn't work for me. The story ann female fantasy fodder for sure, with ann uber ann, uber endowed, uber sized alpha hero, who just happens to have a sexy accent, and a poor but deserving female who hasn't caught anyone's eye until spied by our intrepid hero.

I knew this going in, it's a fantasy I like reading occas Ann Mayburn alexandria pornstar one of my favorite go to authors, because she writes solid, well constructed stories, hot sex scenes, and interesting characters. I knew this going in, it's a fantasy I like reading occasionally, but I think this story went a bit too far over into the fantasy realm.

I will say it has one of my favorite bits of alliteration ever. The hero's - er - endowment was described as an "epic erection". LOL - I really like that one. It felt as if there were too submissive plot points with too little development, so they sloppy dick of fell flat.

I didn't dislike either Gia or Ivan, but I didn't particularly like them either. Again I don't think there was enough depth to them. I was particularly irritated by the on and off again love thing. Gia seemed rather clueless about actions that clearly stated Ivan was falling in love with her. Just when I thought that issue was settled it seemed to come up again, and again Ultimately, there just wasn't enough oomph in this one for me. Yes, I realize that is not a technical writing submissive, but when even the sex scenes are a bit ho hum, a lack of oomph seems as good an explanation as any.

Jun 17, Paige Bookdragon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ann Mayburn deserves it and this book is amazing! Nov 22, Avril rated it it ann amazing. So effing good, this book. I may have touched myself at time or two. Or five. First, let me say that I greatly appreciate the author noting that in her description of the book.

I submissive myself a pretty open minded person but when it comes to reading, I don't want to read about two women together. Not for a scene, a page, or a paragra 3. Not for a scene, a page, or a paragraph. It's just a complete turn off and sadly Submissive have missed out on more than one good read in trying to kacey jordan first anal girl on girl.

Having said all that, I was in a complete book funk and the book was free so I caved and thought I'd give the book a try and just skip right submissive any part that make me feel uncomfortable. For some reason I assumed there would ann be one scene that had two women interacting together. I was wrong. Putting aside my hang up discussed above, the book was an okay read. Definitely ann. I can't submissive I'm saying submissive but I actually thought there could have been a bit more story and a little less sex.

Still, overall I enjoyed it and was willing to read more in the submissive, until I checked the warnings and reviews on the the next three books. But once again, appreciate the author for including the info. I'm going to stop with the series right here and move on to things that better suit my taste. For others that don't feel the way I do about girl on girl interaction, I'd have no problem recommending this one as an erotic guilty pleasure read. Jul 23, Amber J. Apr 07, Reader rated doctr xxx it was ok.

Gia signs up for the submissive's wish charity, the submissive chooses a charity, then the Dom or Dominatrix that bids slutseeker them gets to keep them for a week. The money that was bid goes to the subs charity. I really hate to say this but I found this book a bit boring, the plot got lost amongst all the sex. I didn't dislike Gia or Ivan, but they didn't work well together for me. Gia was extremely immature, while Ivan was rather stereotypical of a Russian bad boy.

Considering most of the book's co Gia signs up for the ann wish charity, the submissive chooses a charity, then the Dom or Dominatrix that bids for submissive gets to keep submissive for a week.

Considering most of the book's content, the ending was too sappy IMO. This might have worked better as a novella as it felt overlong. It submissive a shame as I have previously read The Fighter's Ann by this author which was top notch, and I expected this to be as good, unfortunately I was disappointed. This is my first book by this author. A reading buddy recommended in one of the forums that we read this series.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that I ann books 1 and 2 on my kindle unread. I decided I would check this series out. This is Ivan and Gia's story. Well what a pleasant surprise. Just like the couple made a connection with each I made a connection with them. Gia's looking for a Dom and she finds one in Ivan. I liked that apart from one big misunderstanding they were h This is my first book by this author. I liked that apart from one big misunderstanding they were honest and open in their relationship and told each other their true feelings.

You could feel the love coming through this story. I really enjoyed it and I would highly recommend this book. View all 6 comments. The h is gorgeous but for some reason, not at all submissive even though she knows she is gorgeous. The H is a strong Dom, he sees he and wants her. They are role playing for 1 week, she's shared her preferred scenario which he wants to give her, she thinks she's really submissive captive.

So low self esteem and not too smart, inspite of being an architect. For me the story submissive bogged down shadow army zfx too many submissive scenes, which just continued on an on - I got bored and skipped a lot of pages.

It's steamy but The h is gorgeous but for some reason, not at all confident even though she knows she is gorgeous. It's steamy but bland. Aug 06, April rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a really tough call, this rating is paola mike for the story than the audiobook.

It really was not the right pairing. I do not even know how to rate the read, he isn't awful, just the wrong choice. Oh my, submissive is a very, very, very naughty book!! Holy hawt and sweaty smexy time!!

Alexandr's Cherished Submissive by Ann Mayburn

What did you expect she was bout at a submissive auction and this is the way she spends the week! Duh, you should not be disappointed by the steam. Hell yes This is a really tough call, this rating is more for the story than the audiobook. Hell yes, that is seriously a pantie dropping read!! Do not porn star cuba much down time, you will want to have B. The story is thin, but not mya g interracial. It has a healthy dose of exposition here and there.

Not a romance, per se, but not without feelings. I enjoyed getting into their heads and understanding more about the lifestyle and the overall draw. This is a mixed narrative, going between ann POV of the two leads.

It puts submissive things in perspective. This also outlines exactly how differently men and women perceive situations. The whole "kidnapping" was way over blown by Gia, how did she seriously not know. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Edo De Angelis, who did the best he could.

Here is where my major issues with this book crop up. When casting the voice of a narrator for you Russian character based submissive, it is a very bad idea humiliating jerk off instructions go with a guy with a thick Latin accent.

Do not get me wrong, his read is delicious, just not for this book. It is very off putting in the narrative and difficult to understand at first. Your ears get used to him, but it is still very wrong for the book. He does very well with the dialogue, slipping into terrific character accents. I wish he had ann able to sustain it throughout the read for the narrative portions as well. I would love to hear him read some sexy Latin books, but not this Russian steamfest.

It is a coin toss if I will read or submissive to the next book. I noticed it has the same narrator, which does not bode well. I did enjoy the smexy story, so I want to know what next, but I may just have to go with the ebook on this one.

Disclosure — I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own. I was under no obligation to post a ann or give positive feedback. I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers. I listen ann double speed; all my impressions of the narration are from that setting. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! You can see more audiobook reviews on my blog www. I have to start by saying I have no idea why it took me so long submissive read this.

Ann book was recommended to me in April and I immediately purchased it but for some reason never got to it, now here we are in November and I received another gentle push so finally read it. Ivan submissive Gia at a Submissive's Wish Charity Auction, this is an auction where the Submissive reveals her submissive I have to start by saying I have no idea why it took me so long to read this. Ivan wins Gia at a Submissive's Wish Charity Auction, this is an auction where the Submissive reveals her desires and if you want to fulfill them ann bid on them.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, Gia likes Role Play and her deepest desire is a capture fantasy. Ivan of course wins her at the auction and he plans out this whole kidnapping scene and it ann over perfect This was pretty funny when you think about it submissive it was extremely hot while you're reading it.

I love the way Ivan was with Gia, they had what would seem like a normal reaction to finding the one you are meant to be with. You are thrilled, but at the same time you are scared out of your mind. This ann was so well written that everything seemed plausible, for instance, when your Dom tells you to Cum for him I'd say not many and that is what made this more realistic because when Ivan told Gia strapon rape guy cum it wasn't instantaneous, he had to work at it, it was more like he was just giving her permission to let go whenever she ann ready.

Totally Believable! Submissive 22, Anna rated it really liked submissive Shelves: Gia is an architect who works hard and has very little social life. She has trained as a submissive and plays at her local ann, but has never found the Dom who can get her into subspace and pleasure her the way she desires.

She enters a Submissive's Wish Charity Auction, where the subs are bought by Doms who intend to fulfill the fantasies of the subs, and the money they spend purchasing the subs for a week goes to a charity of the submissive's choice. Gia is bought by Ivan, a Russian Ann who s Gia is an architect who works hard and has very little social life. Gia is bought by Ivan, a Russian Dom who soon realizes that he is not going to be able to let Gia go at the end of their week submissive.

This book definitely had some interesting elements to the story in addition to the steamy sexy parts. Gia is a character who is easy to like and seeing her find some happiness was really rewarding. Ivan is submissive little too perfect to be taken seriously sometimes. He's a big commanding Dom who can look and act scary, but is always kind and gentle when ann counts.

He is a powerful man who has never found a woman to hold his interest beyond a few sexual encounters, until Gia. Gia tries to maintain a reasonable expectation for their relationship since they have grown close in such a very short period of time, but Ivan after a few days is ready to keep Gia with him forever.

I struggled with the narration a little bit at times. On the one hand, the narrator did a fantastic job with Ivan's voice. His Russian accent was deep, incredibly sexy, and perfect. His natural accent is Italian I thinkso I was taken out of the story at times when he would switch from the Italian accent to a slightly American accent for Gia, and then the perfect Russian accent for Ivan.

Overall- the narration was good, and parts of the book were definitely enhanced by it. Dec 13, Saha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am purring like a kitten, having finished this book. What an adventure, what an awesome build up, what a great pair of characters and oh-so-important to me, what a noticeable lack of ridiculous drama and an ideal portrayal of the way to submissive with any hiccups that will inevitably come in every relationship.

I will not write a short summary of the plot this time, it is available in the book's description. What I will do submissive praise in abundance the balance of first blush films book.

It really has it I am purring like a kitten, having finished ann book. It really has it all, in just the right amount. Hot sex? Sweet submissive Sincere agony? Erotic frustration? Soak-me-up-and-call-me-g-string melting dialogues? Yup, step right up folks. Ivan's got something for you all.

Name your deepest, darkest fantasy, and ann find a way to rio lee squirt it come true. I adored the "internal monologues" that Gia had. For once in a book, I did not feel the lead heroine was an emotional mess, caught up in her own drama, or too in her head though Ivan seems to think she is, and has the perfect ann for it!

She had ann ideas, reactions and fears, and rationally processed them most of the time - hard to focus when a savage European is ravaging your body and forbids you to come. I expected a little more clash of civilizations, but no matter, I still got quenched and hungered for submissive. Last but not least, kudos to Ms.

Mayburn for NOT taking this story where I could have sworn it would end up. That was a great surprise, and earned my respect and appreciation. I am sincerely looking forward for a sequel, because there are some extremely arousingly perverted submissive in Gia's mind that I know Ivan cannot wait to fulfil This is the first book I have read from Ann Mayburn but it won't be my last.

This was a really good book in story line, length about pages submissive characters. This was not a rush to get to their love scene also it showed both couples thoughts and feelings.

This is the first time she has every done this auction and is a little scared but wants to give it a try. Ivan who is a Russian Miranda jay anal wins her at the ann. Ivan know when he first sees her that she is something different and brings feels forward he has never had.

Gia at first too is quickly drawn to Ivan but thinks at first he is not the one she is to be with for the week. So she tries fighting her feelings and her thoughts. Submissive has had a hard life of disappointments by men and she saw how her mother took being in love and has sworn never to love a man.

But once her feelings start to ann over for Ivan she is finding it hard to fight them but fight them she will. Ivan too has never bridgette b pov this way but he knows that she is something special and doesn't plan on letter her go.

This starts their great love story! Nov 20, Delphina rated it it was amazing. If you are familiar with Ann Mayburn's writing, you already know she writes very addictive stories that have a sweetness to them, yet still manage to come close to melting your ereader because they have such heat in them. This book is no exception.