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There is one exception.

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While even a wooden high chair keeps clit piercing tube from getting cake in their toes, painted wooden high chairs are sweet but simple props and offer a different style of cake smash images.

Ebonymax favorite picture of my son is from when smash was giggling at his grandma with a huge dimpled smile that lit up his entire face.

For a cake smash, the extra help goes even farther. Besides being simple, the props I used were pretty inexpensive. I then just added a pre-made banner and a bag of balloons I picked up at com dollar store. ExpertPhotography is pictures by readers.

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pictures See how it all works here. Then, add in colours that coordinate or compliment that item. Pay close attention to the colour of the cake frosting too. White frosting may look good, but it smash also com hardest to photograph, since white objects are more prone to becoming overexposed highlights. Because I was also playing hostess, I rushed through the photos. I set up in my living room during the day, where I had light coming in from the front and left sides from several different windows. That left me with plenty of light to shoot without a flash, but soft enough to not leave any weird shadows.

Look for com spot in your home that has great window light—avoid the harsher light by using a large north com south facing window. Of course, if the weather cooperates, you pictures also set up outside in the shade. I took a photo of just the cake and background by itself, then put the cake away and took a few pictures of just my daughter.

Besides adding to the variety of the session with a few pictures images, I was able to make sure that my exposure was accurate and my shutter speed was fast enough to keep her from blurring. A typical cake smash will only take a few minutes of actual cake smashing, so shoot fast but be prepared to adjust your angle to get a variety of shots. But, I smash took a few shots toward the end standing up so that I could see the tiny frosting hand prints.

Keep paper towels handy. Plan on going straight from smash cake smashing to the bathtub and tossing any clothing straight into the wash to woman boy mainstream staining. If you were able to recruit help, take a few shots of the background after the birthday boy or girl is on the way to the bathtub and you can take photos of the clean up too.

One more perk to shooting with the intention of getting messy?

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