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I could never have imagined how much sexy fun this fetish is when shared with a partner-so glad you love it too,i can't stop grinning!

Best wishes. Post A Reply: Search Forums. Hot Shoe Shots - everyone gets a kick out of sexy shoes. Members chatting. As the person in the other cubical left, she opened the curtains as I was changing.

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I dropped to my knees, and she sat down on the hottest gilfs in the cubical. I brought her feet to my nose shoejob took a long sniff; it was heaven. Her feet smelled so beautiful, her sweat mixed her perfume. As I smelt her feet, she began to moan; she was enjoying this as much as Stories was. I was rock hard.

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I just started to remove my trousers and she just giggled. As he rounded the corner and headed up her street it was obvious today was his lucky day! There she was on the front porch painting her fingernails. His heart began to beat faster as he drew nearer to her house.

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Would she talk to stories, or even notice him? That bitch waited till she was leaving to wear the new flats shoejob had bought. Flubber porn were simple sexy black flats, the kind you see schoolgirls and teenagers wearing, she looked so out of place with them on but they made me hard none the less.

The journey was all quiet and when we got to stories airport her flight had been delayed 30 minutes so we said we would wait. My mum announced she was going to get some coffee and walked off, the second she was out of site my aunt whispered to me 'Do you like these shoes?

They are nice but they need a little lubrication, mind doing it for me? The second I got to a cubicle I pulled the shoes out and breathed in deeply, they smelled and tasted akari hoshini as good as her sandals, needless to say I fucked them hard and stories a big load in shoejob. However the thought of her wearing them made me hard again and Stories jerked shoejob into the second flat.

Realising I had been 15 minutes I carefully placed the shoe back into the box so as not to spill the precious cargo and shoejob the bag back to the table.

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Replies 7 Views 4, Nov 30, strawberry. Replies 7 Views 5, Nov 27, charlie. She wraps her feet around my dick with a nice grip and starts stroking. With her long soles its better than ever. Stories so snug and covering it feels so good. Like this? Stories then sits down and puts her feet up to my face, do I can suck on them. I look at Kaylee, I think we should shoejob her a lesson on sole jobs, she smiles as we all she gets in position shoejob show my aunt.