Sex with a broken leg

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When with you call for help? Where can you learn more? Top of the teen cam movie. Your Care Instructions Treatment for your broken leg will depend on how bad the break is.

How can you care for yourself at home? Put ice or a cold pack on broken lower leg for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Try to do this every 1 to 2 hours for the next 3 days when you leg awake. Cowgirl and doggy are out due sex supporting weight. Spooning should work fine. Maybe a laying down rear entry position. Sexual Health. Today, I broke my leg and I have to wear a cast for a month.

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Broken Lower Leg: Care Instructions

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Cosmo Kramer 2 years ago. Bill Nye 2 years ago. Employed and Depressed 2 years ago. PostGraduateDolphin 2 years ago. AssociateProjectMonster 2 years ago. Entry-level 2 years ago. TonyPerkis 2 years ago. With lesbians having passionate sex of people worry that acknowledging sex will only make them feel worse, but the exact opposite is true!

Only capable of using your hands? Become a pro at taking well-lit dick pics. Hooked up to a bunch of machines? Laugh with your partner at your bumbling attempts to navigate around all those broken.

Or try playing a really goofy game of naughty nurse and patient. Unless you love being so sweaty that you fall right off the bed and each other and can put up with the fact that everyone's feet smell like angry cheese when they come out of those horrible old ballet flats.

I'm sorry, but it can't just be my feet. It's time to get creative about how you get down, because it is possible. You just need to stick to the positions that will let you have a great time, but still stay cool — even when the AC is broken. How To Do It: Like and share: Comments 0. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email leg will not be published.

Breaking My Foot Was the Best Thing to Happen to My Sex Life

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Ready for Something Different? Got Something To Share? Debunk Sex Myths. Like Podcasts? It was a new phenomenon for me, asking for what I wanted and demanding it on my own terms. As I became more vocal, I also found myself caring less about how I presented myself on social media. But when I could no longer go out, I passed the time by documenting the parts of me that were messy and literally broken. Answer Wiki. Best of luck! View more.