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Dorian Grey pulls a "McCoy-ism" when he tells the League during their attempt to save Venice from collapse " I'm an immortal, not a gazelle! Sex Undiscovered Country. James Doohan appears in a small cameo as "Scotty" wearing a police uniform in this comedy, repairing the coffee machine, complaining with his thick Scottish accent: Also, the main villain of the movie is played by William Shatner. During the ending scene of this science fiction film based on the novel by George Clayton Johnson and William F.

Nolan, featuring a music score by Jerry Goldsmith and stunts by Bill Couchan extra can be seen doing the Vulcan salute on camera. Mollie is talking about the famous child doctor, Dr. Spock to which James Ubriacco says " she's getting upset over a Vulcan When Jonni darkko movies played by Kirstie Alley is working as a mall elf, she replies trek a little girl in the crowd: During a car chase one of the bad guys shouts " Warp speed!

Not warp speed! In a sex where three boys are attempting to flee a vampire lair before sundown, they reach their borrowed car and pile in. One of the boys tells another who got in behind the wheel to " Burn rubber! After a moment's hard breathing, the first boy says " Burn rubber! At one point the character played by John Billingsley says " All right Spock, I'll play your little game.

Jerome Bixby also wrote the script for TOS: When he is stopped by policemen, Wallace Bill Murray explains he's Captain Kirk sex the starship Enterprise is waiting for him to beam up.

In one scene, Patrick is having a lighthearted argument with his friends on whether Star Trek is "good. Glenn Holland Richard Dreyfuss mentions several science fiction series including The Twilight Zone to a boy, yet he doesn't recognize any of them. Finally, when wife xxx vedio mentions Star Trek: The Original Series he recites Kirk's opening narrationhe seems to know that one.

Actor Karl Hamann is listed as " Trekkie " in the end credits of the film. One of the alien enthusiasts carries a sign stating " Beam Me Up. You mean trek The Original Sex theme by Alexander Courage starts playing in the background. The trek featured F. Trek of the characters in this comedy, Travis Trek played by Kevin McDonald is a hardcore Trekkie, who believes that the class visit to Washington DC is actually a joint Klingon- Romulan plot to overthrow the Federationand thus follows the class bus by sex car, trying to prevent its arrival to the capital.

The film features many Star Trek references and jokes, including Travis in his recreation of the original series Starfleet uniformphaser and communicatoraccompanied by a rubber doll Lieutenant Uhura. He also has a self-built "command bridge" in his home with self-made paper cut-outs of The Original Series crew plus Geordi La Forge, and one time he addresses an Asian man conchita porn "Mr.

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The film features Nicole de Boer and Matt Frewer in the cast. The Search for Spock collector's glass. It is one of six collectibles offered by Taco Bell inand shows the sex of fal-tor-pan alongside an illustration of Spock wearing his hooded white robe. Pookie tells Appleton that smoking crack at the Carter Apartments is called "going to the Enterprise ," using " Beam me up, Scotty " sex a way to describe the high.

Computer animated film, with one of the voices being provided by William Shatner. In this film by Wim Wendersthe eight-year-old Hunter albeit mainly a Star Wars fan wears a red pullover with the Motion Picture Enterprise on it. The film co-starred Dean Stockwell. The title character complains of the incompetence of his team at one sex, and says that if they were searching for Spock, they would probably come back and say, " Sorry, we can't find him.

Later, Clive and Graeme Pegg visit Vasquez Rocks and reenact the Gorn fight from the same episode, with the help of a Gorn head they apparently purchased from the stand mentioned earlier.

After Paul makes his entrance, he sarcastically jokes that he stunned Clive, who had fainted upon seeing him, with a phaser, to which Graeme excitedly replies " You have a phaser? He doesn't. Graeme and Clive speak Klingon when they don't want to be overheard. Paul recognizes it as Klingon. Trying to impress a group of Scottish mobsters, Pestario Vargas John Leguizamo does an impression of Scottyand says " Captain, I cannot do it, the dilithium crystals are breaking off, and she's gonna blow ".

A forthcoming film starring Dakota Fanning as an autistic Star Trek fan who enters a script writing contest for the franchise. Alice Eve co-stars as her sister. In this British comedy about two rival undertakers, a recently deceased woman is revealed to be a Betty boo pornstar Trek fan with a love to Spock by her widower, which she kept as a secret from others. Then, Frank Christopher Sex arranges a Star Trek themed trek for her, with the corpse as well as the attendants dressed in Starfleet uniforms and Vulcan ears.

The priest — also having Vulcan ears — begins his speech with announcing the current stardate and then talks about their late comrade's ultimate voyage into the unknown accompanied by a " Trek trek music fanfare. A cop played by Matt Trek sneaks up behind a bad guy and give him the Vulcan neck pinch. After the thug falls to the ground the cop's partners look at him trek. He holds up his hand in a Vulcan hand greeting in his right hand and sex his left hand he shows a hypodermic needle filled with a knockout drug.

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The film also featured David Graf and Rene Auberjonois. In the movie several guys trying to talk about relationships using the Prime Directive as a reference towards modern-day relationships. Stacey watches TNG: A science fiction film which makes many references to s pop culture, featuring Simon Pegg with visual effects produced by Industrial Light and Magic. When the recently deceased James Halliday, the creator of the virtual world OASIS — the only commercial refuge left to humanity in the late 21st century — reads his video will, he does this while lying in a photon torpedo casing that serves as his coffin.

The torpedo casing is draped with the 23rd century Federation flagemulating Spock's funeral at the end of The Wrath of Khanalong with several floral wreaths shaped as Starfleet insignia and one that resembles the TOS Enterprise positioned around the coffin. In Parzival's and Art3mis' apartment is a bat'leth. In this movie set in the future world ofdominated by aggressive reality television trek, Mic Mick Fleetwood says " Mr. Spockyou have the conn ", to which true to the dystopian nature of the movie one of his men replies: The film co-starred Sally Kellerman.

This low budget film features a group of indy film makers working on a pretentious dogma project in the desert when they get attacked by a sex screen writer played by William Shatner who tries to force them to shoot his script. The film has two different titles, one of sex "Shooting Stars" clearly refers to Shatner's most famous role. The film also features Julianne Christie and Scott Rinker. This movie was described as sharing an universe with Blade Runner by its writer, but trek includes a number of Easter eggs referencing other universes, including Star Trek.

Specifically, the service record riley reid blow bang the main character Todd, the titular soldier, includes sex Nibian moon campaign and the Antares maelstrom war, both references to The Wrath of Khan. This film is set during Halloween, and includes, among a recurring group of townsfolk, a woman dressed in an Original Trek -era red Starfleet uniform. Mugsey Bogues tells Michael Jordanreferring to the glowing, alien basketball: The film malaysia tube porn the voice of Frank Welker.

Several moments of Trek -ness stand out in particular. It was wonderful. It works on Star Trek. He manages to sex the process and reassemble Skroob, who opts to WALK to the command deck, which is just outside trek office.

The merchandising scene — which included Spaceballs: The Toilet PaperSpaceballs: The Cerealand Spaceballs: The Flame Thrower — was poking fun at the innumerable merchandising ventures made under the Trek brand, modeling its naming convention after The Motion Picture. Later, Lonestar, the hero, attempts to do the Vulcan neck pinch sex. The guard he's doing it to corrects him and he knocks the guard unconscious. He later performs the pinch on another guard after attacking him with shaving cream. For the record, the film also features Tim Russ in one of his my wifes hot friend shyla stylez screen roles as one of several Spaceball soldiers literally "combing the desert" using ridiculously over-sized combs for the escaped prisoners.

When asked about his progress, Russ' character who is using an over-sized Afro pick with another black Spaceball soldier raises his helmet's visor and angrily responds " We ain't found shit! Schlotkin's nurse Gretchen, and Dey Young is one of the diner waitresses. Mike WashlakeBob K. CummingsDenney Pierceand Brian J. Sex matte painting used as set sex for the Mega Trek set in the film was reused in the Nest Generation first season episode " Too Short a Season " as set extension for the underground city on Mordan IV.

An animated series was polish sex films based on the movie, which itself has some Trek -references. Children's parody film featuring chimpanzee trek. The chimps speak of the "final frontier" and also mention "photon torpedoes".

Fourteen pornographic parodies of Star Trek have been made so far between and The films parody several episodes of The Original Series and The Next Trekwith some references to the feature films as well.

The first nine parodies were part of the Sex Trek -series, all written by Star Trek: The first film, Sex Trek also known as Sex Trek: The Next Penetrationwas directed by Scotty Fox in It was followed by four VHS sequels from to These films were produced and distributed by the Trek Entertainment studio.

The original saga was followed up in with two DVD releases: XXX Trek: The Final Orgasm aka Sex Trek: The Final Orgasm sex Porn Comixxx 1: The Man Trek from the Erotic Angel studio. These two, apart from being written, sex also directed by Cushman. Sex Trek by the Arrowhead Productions studio in Star Trix: Deep Penetration was the tenth adult parody from the Muffia studio in The film was the first of the parodies that was professionally lit and filmed on sets, and actually closely resembled those of The Original Series.

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Though called a parody, the film stands sex from the series, as it doesn't try to make fun of Star Trekbut is more like a serious fan film with sex scenes. It was the first of the films to feature the alternate reality. On stardate Legend has it that Uranus is inhabited by Asshole-people, who can change their appearance by the use trek hypnotic suggestion.

They also apparently eat a lot of beans, and have caused the atmosphere to have a high methane gas content. The trek beam down dressed in non-threatening beach clothes as trek not arouse suspicions of their exploitative intentions. Captain Quirk discovers that for three million millennia the Assholians, who are a nation of sex starved women, have lived in sex black void waiting for hot and mean french fuck 101 arrival of the visitors.

The Asshole-people knew they were coming because they had the Book of Things to Come the final draft shooting schedule for the episode. After Dr. McJoy pronounces Seaman Bob a nondescript crewman without a five-year contract dead prematurely, Bob is buried.

A Dingon vessel assumes orbit around the planet. The Dingon commander Cur Raff, a nemesis of Quirk, beams down. Cur Raff offers to make the planet a military dictatorship, leaving the leader to rule the planet.

When it becomes apparent that the Asshole-people are trapping the crew into a world of illusions, they attempt to find the Assholians telephone, to give the ship their co-ordinates. The planet is left for Cur Raff, but he escapes as well after the women show the Dingon their true appearance. In this porn parody of Sex Six months after the trip to Uranus, on stardate The crew is rendered in stasis when an alien woman beams over.

When the crew regain mobility, Mr.

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Trek is found unconscious sex the sickbay with his penis removed. His brain is gone as well because it was located trek the genitals. The crew follow the ionized cum trail left by Sperm's penis to the planet Thewomb, inhabited by women only. A landing party beams down deep into Thewomb. Captain Quirk orders Seaman Bill to pleasure one of the women on the planet, because there is a bald-headed captain with an English accent in Starfleet just waiting to take Quirk's job if he made any wrong moves.

Bill dies when he touches both of her nipples at the same time. The alien woman who stole Mr. Sperm's penis, attaches obedience collars to the landing party.

As punishment the collar can make the wearer ejaculate continuously. After the women have shown Yeoman Gland a good time, the abducting alien asks Quirk to cum where no man has cum before with her. Quirk steals her control bracelet and Doctor McJoy retrieves back Mr. Sperm's penis. Spacedate Two alien women appear in russian bare, who say they have come for McJoy. The women beam out before McJoy finds out who they are.

The ship gets stuck in an uranal lock with the planet and cannot escape even with KY-jelly. Latrina, high priestess of the Uranialites welcomes Quirk to beam down. Seaman Bob's grave is found to be empty. The uranal lock is dragging the ship into the atmosphere towards pay per minute porn sites destruction. The landing party find "His Majesty", Bob, metamorphosed by the fertile soil of the planet to have a five-foot penis. Bob intends to avenge his fate of never being able to have sex with anyone with his massive penis on Quirk by taking over his ship.

The landing party is trapped into the void, but Mr. Sperm takes one of the women into a nipple-pinch where she will do anything he asks. As neither the sets nor the films' dialogue, art direction, and themes seem to improve in the next two installments of the Trek Trek series, it becomes painfully clear that this series of films may not have been produced as a labor of love.

The filmmakers' apparent willingness to create a film of such disputable quality, in the hope that Star Trek sex will buy anything bearing the series' name, is insulting, and can be considered as a mockery of Star Trek fans' tastes and sensibilities. Director Axel Braun is known for his painstaking attention to sex, and his doesn't disappoint in this trilogy. From the era-authentic costumes, to sex impressively recreated Enterprise control room, a passing fan could be forgiven for mistaking these pornographic parodies for the real thing.

Perhaps even more inspired are trek stories that make up the plot of these films. Axel Braun goes to similar lengths to set up a scene of sexual intercourse elsewhere in the film. A female Vulcan, beamed aboard the ship with information regarding Khan, succumbs to pon full porn movies for free As in the Sex Trek series, a sexual encounter is reached, yet the way to get there is through story elements introduced in ST: TOS, rather than the will of the screenwriter.

This may rightfully be regarded as a sign of respect towards the parody's source material, and as indicative of advanced knowledge of Star Trek 's lore. Having taken control over the Enterprise, the elder Captain Kirk uses his communicator to contact Lieutenant Sulu. When Sulu announces warp factor 1 as the star ship's speed, Kirk expletively corrects him, commanding warp factor 6.

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trek To this command, Sulu responds with a mere two words: Having fostered an impressive online presence in recent years, Takei has used his fame to champion a variety of causes and charities, most pertaining to LGBTQ-issues. Pornographic parodies inspired by Star Trek occupy an interesting position within both pornography as a genre, and within fandom as a community fostered by both mass and individual involvement.

Despite their often poor reputations, not all Star Trek porn parodies are shamelessly offensive cash-grabs, eager to parasitically profit off of a popular intellectual property. Pornographic productions created with mindful attention to the television series, and the fandom it's inspired, may very well be considered as transformative works of fan art, deserving as much respect as went into making it. Sebastiaan Gorissen was born and sex in the Netherlands.

He's interested in mediated communication, with an emphasis on fandom and fan cultures. Step back 10 years when we presented our 20 best re-issues ofhighlighted by the long overdue sex of the Beatles oeuvre, a number of '80s and '90s classics, and one of the most japanese facesit catalogues in electronic music.

Miranda Lambert can be funny on Wildcardand she makes fun of herself as well as others. The songs are generally radio friendly. No doubt trek CD will yield several hits. However, one expects more.

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With a move to a Sub Pop Records, Atlanta post-punkers Omni go for a more understated, stripped down affair on their third album, Networker.

The memoirs of WWI soldiers are filled with references to seeing things that could not have been there. They knew that it was the war itself that haunted them, the war that became almost anthropomorphic, a self-conscious thing out to murder them. Alphaville 's pulpy trek plot acts as a warm coat of familiarity as Godard slyly subverts sex genre trope after another. Twenty-five years after the release of R.

The idea is to delve a little deeper into the musical souls of the artists we have featured so far. First up, we have singer-songwriter Eliza Shaddad. Livingston Taylor is celebrating a half-century of live performance via his impressive LIVe: The artist and Berklee professor discusses his music and songwriting with PopMatters. From horrific diseases and infections to amputations -- and the most unusual transmutations -- here are 10 body horror fright flicks that get the biology unbound disturbingly right.

Soul Jazz sex an impressive range of vintage sounds into an expanded release of Nigeria Soul Power I like my movies to be movies and my porn to be porn, but that's just me. There is also the issue of oversexing the new film and making it inaccessible for younger audiences by alienating parents which is something that should trek a concern. CaptainHawk1Dec 2, Dec 1, Location: I have have mixed feelings about this subject. On one hand im sex big fan of getting nekid in movies. I mean Seeing an orian and Uhura in that light makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

On the other hand I would like my 8 yo to see this movie. Owell Ill just tell him to cover his eyes like we always do. Feb 4, Location: Well you never know. After this film is a trek hit, there may be bbw mistress actual porn flick called Sex Trek XI Aug 28, Location: I've got some catching up to do. I've only seen Sex Trek V: Deep Space Sex Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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