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Sebastien injured himself through a martial arts session. Your email address will not be published. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. Skip to content 0 views. Gay porn. Related videos Show cody related videos. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Registration sean disabled. Login to Incest Porn Username.

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He grew up playing basketball, cody explains his great body, and likes to show off his skills…along with his other assets. Watching him play basketball with that bulge in his shorts was pretty fantastic. If he comes back, by all means pair him up with Shaw.

Then we can see who the real cum factory is. Pair him up with Shaw and Daniel in a threesome. That would be a real cumfest… http: First Sebastien was awesome. Sebastien think I made my sean with these pics. Cody get the sense he is better looking than the pictures would lead you to believe, the photographer sucks camel balls as usual.

Yes, Daddy! Season 1, episode 2. I hope that Sebastien returns. His rock hard cock and that huge cum shot at the end of the preview was hot. This guy is growing sean me. I like you. Well, how about some bottoming too? I love an alpha masculine hunk sebastien afraid to take it like a man I still remember Dave….

Very good cocksucker though.

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A Sean Cody solo with only one negative comment at Obviously Sebastien is a winner must be the name. So, SC, sean know what to do. Sir Sebastien to the rescue! So they finally dug deep and found another guy to name Sebastien. I wondered how long usa vs brazil anal showdown would take them. This is quite the rarity that I like multiple models who share the same name and can remember the predecessor but only because the first Sebastien is, was and forever will be the shit in my book.

I agree, the sebastien was fucking sublime. He looked so hot getting fucked. The thing that probably killed him for this site? He clearly loved getting fucked, which made him too gay to be gay for pay at that time to be so ironic and stupid at the same time really should be criminal.

I now. Really sad. The diver Benjamin, Brazilian and flexible Samuel, uncut and floppy-haired Sean and those are just the ones I can think of right off. They cody trying to play it off like Sebastien was straight but the moment he got fucked I cody of one of two things about him: Either way, his best video is undeniably the one with Ajay.

He had a really hot ass. I forgot he died. Him and now Beau. Who was the gay bodybuilder who was declined a return invitation?

I wish Spence fucked Boyd harder. The bodybuilder was in one of the Auditions videos.

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There was another gay dude that came on Auditions 25 I think it was one of the auditions where all the guys had interest in guys but he was cody an arrogant piece sebastien crap like he was too good for porn. I vaguely remember te arrogant one- he laimed t be a top heidi ho gangbang because bottoming was beneath him.

Thanks for looking. Okay, I found it. It was this one but I was wrong; the bodybuilder was bisexual and married but he liked to bottom. Pairings with Blake, Duncan, and Shaw would be good. I just started liking him when the Winter Getaway series rolled around.

It was the video where he flipped with Robbie. The just do that to fill us with nasty lustful thoughts. Ass play sean longer means anything. Now if cody did that AND sebastien his fingers that sean be another story. D Hope that new uncut Corbin Fisher guy gets to fuck Hugh though. And stay hard enough to do it. Hes on chaturbate sometimes as Bradley.

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I doubt we will see him return…. I will be praying to the GODS thats he returns because he is seriously hot and studly and Sean Cody seriously needs hot guys. Tis a dark day indeed. America seems to have run out of hot men willing to have butt sex on the internet. Nope — not happening lol. There was a rumour that old Sebastien was spotted in a Chicago bathhouse. I need to search this bathhouse that he seemed to be lurking around. I wonder what he looks like now. Can you blame me? He has a pretty hole as well. I never really believed he was str8, sebastien bi.

Again, the bathhouse thing was a rumour. He did a few sean for the CJB sites. I believe he did a scene with Sebastian, aka Damien Crosse. Fucking lovely Sebastien but cody Soloist only. Nice Arse desi porn tube but Back to Rotation No.

Do you mean Tanner fucking Sesbastien or the other way round. Tanner on Top does nothing for me and his fucking of Brandon and Shaw was mediocre. I think he will he back the way he was rubbing and playing with his ass hole looks very promising. Sebastien iii as if we needed another, who calls their kid Sebastien and why would any millennial gay think it was sexy. He fucked Derek when he was with Corbin Fisher but that fucker was still boring cody I think he fucked Malachi Marx, too.

I have the video where sebastien fucked Derek. He looked bored even then.

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Agreed about Derek also of Chaos Men. Saw his Ch…. Very straight. Nice guy though.