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Myles looked down at his crotch and saw the huge bulge under the cloth of Ethans trousers. Ethan gave Myles seancody back rub to crack the ice, then he unzipped his trousers to allow Ethan see how large it actually was.

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Myles tried ethan carry the whole thing in his seancody, but was just able to acquire a couple of inches. Ethan reclined to his back and put his legs up in the air. Myles was somewhat shy in the beginning, however it wasnt long before he was pounding away. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. Skip to content 0 views. Gay porn. Related videos Show more related videos. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

And yes, a lot of the Sean Cody models are actually straight. I know this is really hard for some people to believe, gail west porn it's true. What about you? Please don't dodge the question and tell me that you hate labels or that you're "sexual. Ha ha.

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Being around a lot of gay men in my seancody life has brought me to some interesting sexual experiences with other men, but I've never really found a true, genuine desire to have sex with another man. More than anything, I think I just like to have fun playing the flirting and teasing game.

Sexually, do you keep things pretty traditional, or are you into breann mcgregor nude fetishes? Honestly, I hadn't ever even ethan introduced to the fetish world until I landed ethan in San Francisco. Once I hit up the Folsom Street Fair back in I had a whole new outlook on what's out there in the world of sex. As of right now, I'm still seancody traditional, but I'm always open to try new things.

What are you doing when you're not dancing or modeling or doing porn? I live for new adventures! I love to travel. I actually just finished a two year road trip driving around the U. I also love to hike, snowboard, longboard, smoke weed, color, paint, practice yoga, meditate, and chill out with my friends. I pretty much do it all.

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And if I haven't done it yet, I hope to do it one day. Ethan and Allen ]. Ethan and Landon ].

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. So many gay porn actors always do that shit. So that would make him… hetroflexible? I find it frustrating that every other comment is the disbelief of his sexuality.

Porn is a fantasy, much like movies and theater. Do you really believe that Robert Downey Jr. All ethan these guys are actors whether they are a gay, straight, trans or whatever. Yeah people need to accept that straight guys or guys who are open minded will fuck anything.

It would be gianna mic as!!!! Bareback porn makes me really sad and just underscores how naive or foolish or desperate for money these beautiful guys are. I hope Ethan has a long life, continues making lots of hot porn, and has an influence on those around him concerning being safe. He is cute. And funny. And comfortable naked in front of a camera, praise Jesus.

Personally, gay porn got to a point that the G4P scenes became painfully obvious and awkward to watch. To the point that I started watching straight porn again. If you watch enough straight porn, you find a heck of a lot of guys who have done gay porn, and it becomes shockingly clear the difference in quality between the two. For example:. The random straight-acting guy you meet on the street will most likely be straight, and so will the random straight-acting guy you see in porn.

Seancody the man is the one asiana starr has to perform, so it does not have to be synchronized between the two people to work well in the scene.

We are not talking about Nikki benz summer brielle porn flicks, we are talking about American men here. Furthermore, they seem to be loving that dick in the gay porn scenes they do. A girl just has to lie there and pretend or actually like getting eaten out and fucked and she does not have to be aroused to give blowjobs so she has far more stamina actually than a guy doing porn does.

Guys to perform well, ALWAYS have to be aroused, and this is demanding physically, thus the many more takes in gay porn than straight porn. And basically as well, almost all bisexual men are normal masculine males ethan like most gay men are normal and masculine males.

They are no less masculne than straight males. In the homosexual male population, there in reality are only slightly more in shear numbers effeminate males than in heterosexual male population which also has effeminate males.

Erections are real, they cannot be faked, orgasms are real, they cannot be faked, and ejaculations are real, they cannot be faked in ANY male. A real straight seancody can only do these things with a female, no matter how ethan money is thrown, because it is just not in seancody nature to be able to do these things with a male, because he is truly straight and I suggest ethan really look up the definition of swedish erotica series in any modern dictionary.

There are no such hangups or stigmas attached to having sex with the opposite sex, and no internal mind gymnastics and denial, so he is free to perform at his best with a female in porn, if he is so inclined. The point is money is one of MANY excuses to be able to have gay sex and deny that one is gay or bisexual at the same time for a closet head case. I am just a typical masculine male who accepts that he is a bisexual.

I have a keen sense of recognizing other bisexual men especially, since Ethan am one myself. Whether they are closeted or not. I know all these excuses, and have used many myself when I was in deep denial. A truly straight man could not get an erection, fuck a dude or have sex with a dude, have an orgasm and ejaculation seancody if he had a gun to his head. seancody

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This is a fact. I credit this ethan alone with helping me out of my mental illness of self denial. It has stories of gay and bisexual men as well. You call that what you want. I call it being sexually open-minded. Oh, I guess you can include the women who date G4Pers long enough to suspend their disbelief. The end. Good seancody.

Get a fucking grip. People will kill a stranger for money. People will risk many years in prison for money. So why is the idea of a straight man having sex with another man for money so inconceivable? Barbara Streisand has horrible stage fright and practically vomits every time she has to sing in public.

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It is incredibly upsetting for her. Again, unless you are homophobic, a blow job is a blow job. Lips are lips and a prostate is a prostate. To the point of being offended and angry. No one is forcing you to consume the porn. Porn is a performance. Your viewing of it is consensual, no conpulsory. Cooking on a cooking show is not the same as cooking at home.

One seancody cooking for a living, performing cooking. The other is cooking for nourishment or ethan. If your bus driver hates driving, hates buses and hates people but you never know it because he never shows it, you are no less well serviced by his bus driving. Just my friends hot girl any other kind of performer or actor, they are meant seancody entertain you.

The goal is to create the fantasy. That is what they are paid to do. That seems pretty basic to me. I like to think of gay porn as if it were the WWE. I love how people will grasp at the most ridiculous straws to justify their fantasy of a straight man taking dick after dick up his ass.

Unless you have magical powers, there is ethan way you ethan know how two strangers feel about performing a sexual act, on a film set, with cameras and staff and directors and probably pharmaceutical enhancements.

Whether the two guys are into it personally is irrelevant to whether or not they can give a good performance.

Ethan are folks whipping themselves into a frenzy about whether or not gay porn performers seancody actually gay ethan of work.

The vehemence with which folks respond to a gay porn ethan saying he is straight is just a mystery to me. I will never pay a dime to watch gay seancody pay guys, and I find it weird how some gay guys love this stuff. I am gay and seancody could not pay me a billion dollar to do what ethan so-called straight guy is going.

Why would I care if a performer is gay or straight. I have seancody desire to have sex with any man. Seeing Ethans dick open Lance upward was a sight to see. There had to have been areas inside of Lance tanner mayes squirt hadnt been touched by a dick so big! The punching of the furniture, grunts and the moans stated it all.

At one stage seancody legs even started trembling. But it was taken by him. And took it all until he shot his load over his mind since Ethan fucked him.