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Your first chapter is a solid start, but it is, of course, only the beginning.

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A few thoughts: Be careful, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Current Project: ProfAllister nadia north peter north Well, Saki guess the first order of business is to welcome you to this little corner of the internet. Last edited by Enomoto on Thu Nov 28, ProfAllister wrote: Also, I may be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain that one of enomoto few bits of "canon" for Rika and Saki saki that they're second years - meaning Saki and Shizune wouldn't have been in the same class.

I pray that you forgive me for being so cynical and jaded. It has been disappointingly frequent as of saki for new writers to go into this sort of thing without any idea as to what to expect.

Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised that you, enomoto the very least, have a solid grasp of the technical aspects of writing.

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Whether that grasp extends to the realm of storytelling is yet to be seen. However, rest assured I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread. Now it's time for the fun part; spelling and grammar gremlins. Haven't done this for a good while. I appreciate them making the effort to feel welcome. BlackWaltz's One-stop Oneshot Shop - my fanfiction portal topic. Contains links to all my previous works, plus starting now any new ones I may produce or reproduce!

Please, check it out! BlackWaltz's Pastebin - for those who prefer to read things with no formatting and stuff. It's mostly the same as in my saki. Also contains assorted korean dildo writing! Banda wrote: EurobeatjesterI'm very pleased with what you've done thus far. It's nice to see a enomoto installment that's actually more than words, and you've clearly put a lot of thought, research and effort into your work.

Somebody has tried doing a Saki psuedo-route before, and that route is "technically" finished, but of all enomoto finished pseudo-routes, that one is probably the sketchiest, not in the least because Saki kind of came off as a Jerk Sue.

I like this take on her better, so I hope you continue to write this fic. Are you going to incorporate Saki's "being enomoto cute has its drawbacks too" line into the story? I highly recommend you do, but saki isn't necessary. Also, are you intending to write branching paths? I'm ambivalent about the prospect, but I believe I know somebody here who will audibly facepalm if you do. Last edited by Eurobeatjester on Thu Nov 28, 1: Saki is either in or I saki had it with these motherfucking zombies on this motherfucking forum!

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Mirage's Myths griffon8 wrote: Kosher, just because sex is your answer to liquid gold xxx doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything. I had never seen a Saki pseudo route, definitely will follow it.

Best story: Like Leaty said, it's nice to see an introduction that's not super short and actually gives you somewhat of an idea on the story. I'll definitely be following this. Member Features Login or Register. Voting 0 VS Matches. Disability Enomoto Act 1 Characters. Wealthiest Characters Tribute. Quote of the Day. Mina Ashido. All images are copyright of their respective owners.

I know that I'm not the first to write a Saki route, but I haven't read the other ones. I have a very clear idea for the character in my mind and I don't know if I trust myself as a writer enough yet to not have her personality in my story shaped on how others have perceived her. Saki Enomoto, as saki concept, attracted me because she represents something I felt was really missing from the original game - the concept of mortality.

I know that statement sounds counter intuitive given Hisao's condition, but hear me out. I felt that saki a few of the routes, the heart attack and arrhythmia was a plot device simply to get Hisao to Enomoto, and Hisao never really comes to grips with his own mortality or the fact that melissa hill pornstar heart is a ticking time bomb, and neither do any of the girls. All of them have normal lifespans, and if you follow through with the "happily ever after" enomoto of the VN, none of the girls or even Hisao really saki the fact that his reduced lifespan and risk of heart attack is something they'll have to deal with in the future as a couple.

Random heart flutters while having sex or the heart attack in Lily's route aside, this was something I felt the original game lacked. Saki flips that aspect completely on its head.

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Not only does she know she is going to die, saki barring some unforseen circumstance with Hisao, she's going to die much younger than he will. It presents a view that Hisao is going to have saki deal with that whatever canon girl he ends up with will have classic femdom movies deal with but never got around to doing in the original game, and in my opinion, a huge well of untapped potential as a writer and a reader. Anyway, I hope that little essay hasn't scared you off.

I've decided to write a few scenes in Act 1 for Saki, and then she goes into enomoto unique Enomoto 2. This is a bit different than what some other writers do, where they skip Act 1 altogether. This piece of fanfiction is only authorized to be published here on and on the official Katawa Shoujo forums. Just In All Stories: New Enomoto Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Access to expansion stories This is the big one.

In addition to scenes unlockable through the extra options see point number 2we will be making bigger stories that feature characters not seen elsewhere in the game. They won't be quite as long as the main character paths, but will feature things like romanceable characters with full plotlines and multiple endings, just like the 5 main paths. These stories will be offered fucking in german downloadable patches through the subscription system, likely going online some time after the release of the full game.

Saki fandom is pretty split about his interpretation of her. I've read some of his take on the route, though I didn't realize that it was taken over by someone else. In that case, I shall have to give it another look. Thanks for telling me!

That's me. Talk about an interesting coincidence! I hope the story has been coming along well as you seemed rather passionate from your opening statement. Aww, thank you very much! I really appreciate that.

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I think it's wonderful that fans have achieved that much. It's a great display of love for the series, saki I'm quite sure Saki enomoto see her turn, too! There's the potential for a very compelling and perhaps tragic story to be told about her character.