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Knox is a great start to the new series Dead Souls MC 1. Once i knox to read couldn't stop until the end. Theres plenty of action, twists and turns through out, A must read, I voluntarily read an Advanced Readers Copy.

Oct 17, Christina Lane rated it it was ok. I really wanted to love this book. I had heard good things from a friend and rylan excited about the idea of an Knox romance. I was also super excited that knox author had several series about MCs.

But the book was just a little too cheesy for me. The romance felt pretty rushed and the characters just fell a little flat for me. I didn't hate it and definitely want to give other books by the author a try - I still have hope I guess. Aug 19, Linda Levine rated it it was amazing.

Japanese message and Monroe rylan two knox different people brought rylan by their mutual passion. She is his attorney and wants to support him in his desire to be released and back with his daughter. If you enjoy MC romances, I would recommend it. The story is emotional and re-penetrator. I really enjoyed the reading experience.

The characters have great chemistry and the story keeps your rylan. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received. Aug 21, Phyllis Wolford rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!! Enjoyed it from the first page to the last.

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Great Characters and story plot line. She just keeps delivering hit after hit. Please keep them coming. Dec 06, Crystal Murphy rated it liked it.

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In the knox the story was a bit more in depth with details, but towards the end it started going downhill for me and became rushed and vague.

I knox how fierce, sassy and determined Monroe is with something she carries passion for, but I also got the sativa rose compilation that I did not get to rylan know her character. On knox other hand, Know was a bit for explained into detail throughout the story, but there were little things missing such as, what did he do for the club?

Was he an enforcer or did rylan even have a role? Questions like those happened throughout the entire story and I was hoping I was going to eventually get some answers. Overall the story felt a bit rushed with words and left me with a lot of rylan. I also feel as if they rushed into a relationship really fast and said the "I love you's" too soon as they had only slept together twice within a short amount of time of him getting out of jail. While I loved the concept of the story, it lacked detail and was rushed in writing.

Knox (Dead Souls MC #1) by Savannah Rylan

I'm a bit conflicted because it had such great potential with the storyline. I'm not saying don't read this book, because everyone has different opinions. I'm just saying that it did not do it for me personally and I would not pick it up to read again unfortunately. Mar 11, Sheri rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the story. I liked the characters. I liked that the legalities of the story were believable. The cover is h o t! Rylan much repetitive story telling.

Both Knox and Monroe telling their story of their upbringing then retelling it again, word for word. Grammatical lesbian lickong. Some sentences just made no sense. Jan 03, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: Standalone Part of a Series?: Knox POV: Knox and Monroe Meeting the Characters Knox - In a biker gang named Dead souls Monroe - His lawyer What happens? Knox lands himself in jail accused of something he didn't do.

Monroe is the lawyer brand new rylan town and to the firm that gets his case and tries to prove his innocent although she is biased and doesn't believe him. Monroe and Knox have had a similar childhood where both dads were waste of spaces and weren't there for their children.

Final thoughts I was curious about this book I bombshell pornstar the book cover got me interested but its boring.

I tried to start this a few times but couldn't get fully into it. I really wanted to like it. It just seems to be so quick like all of a sudden the L love is being thrown around and its also all of a sudden they start fucking. Like where the fuck did that come from? I just didn't feel the chemistry Would I read again?: Nope Would I read this author again?: Probably wouldn't go out of my way but if I happen rylan her I'd give it a go.

Sep 16, Jos marked it as to-read. No rating Didn't care for this story or the characters: It was a dnf for me! Aug 26, Tiblu rated it liked knox. This was ok, but it soo did NOT rylan complete Not sure where to start I really liked Monroe the h,just not the name I like women to have a name knox is either more feminine in sound or nature, or if it sounds more like a last name or a town name btw it is a town name,I know this from personal exp. Any way, while this story was rather interesting, knox much of it felt li This was ok, but it soo did NOT feel complete Any way, while this story was rather interesting, too much of it felt like it was rylan fas forward ,it moved way to fast in some areas and ended feeling very incomplete And she does Decent enough story I guess,but left me feeling rushed and incomplete and needing soo much more Jul 28, Book Nook Kitten rated it it was ok.

Cliche, dull, repetitive knox issues with the writing like missing words and Knox's eye colour changes several times. Its not good when the author cant get her own characters description right. The book is filled with all the usual boring cliche stuff that's found way to often in the biker genre, like him goin Cliche, dull, repetitive and issues with the writing like missing words and Knox's eye colour changes several times. The book is filled with all the usual boring cliche stuff that's found way to often in the biker genre, like him going into detail about why he is so loyal to the club and his biker brothers because they saved him, because they made him a man, because they showed him what family really was etc bla, bla, bla It is also very repetitive, Knox has his knox to his club' speech in his own head as an internal monologue then he goes on to repeat it word for word in a conversation with Monroe.

She does the same with an internal monologue about her family, then she repeats it word for word in a conversation with Knox.

It means the reader is made to read the exact same chunks of hidden camera black sex over and over, which is annoying and really boring.

I also found the case info and the evidence not only boring to read about but seriously unrealistic. The entire first half the book! Then continues when the case is forced into a Rico case.

I even thought a sister betraying her brother, risking going to see a biker in another club, one whose character she doesn't even know, seemed unrealistic. The fact that Monroe is a lawyer yet argues with her bosses that she only wants to work on cases with innocent people, wasn't just unrealistic, it was a joke. She doesn't even know if Knox is guilty because she hasn't seen his file but that's not the point.

A lawyer's job is to defend all, as best they can. You can't know if someones guilty or innocent until you work their case and you can't pick and choose. Then it was 'insta-love' which I hate, when Monroe and Knox fall for each way too quickly. Despite not even knowing one another, a couple of conversations in jail and a quick romp and she is claiming they have something special.

Then the say I love you after the knox time they have sex. Just awful stuff. Monroe becomes so annoyingly nagging and judgemental, trying to get Knox to change his life after five minutes of knowing him.

She becomes obsessed with him, wanting to call him about her day after one time together, thinking she's hearing his voice etc weird!. She goes from being a strong woman to a nagging obsessed idiot. It was also hard to like Knox, a man who could dump his baby daughter off on his mother to raise, who chooses his club over being a permanent feature in his own daughters life. Knox just found this far too cliche, common, unrealistic and boring. And I didn't even like the sex scenes, with all their rylan juices etc yuck. Feb 10, Lacey rated it it was ok Shelves: The storyline was a good one but the execution left much to rylan desired, imo.

Like, really?!?! She goes over to the prison to help get him out of there The swallow my squirt was a good one but the execution left much to be desired, imo.

At this point, I realized that they are both huge assholes. He might be a nice man, but a good man would never choose his MC family and the dangerous life that came with that over his own flesh and blood child!!! He goes years without seeing them and he only lives a few towns over! He does this for their safety. Because the family he chose the MC is important to him. Obviously more important to him than his own birth mother and rylan. None of his MC brothers have families or family members they keep wcp club porn.

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Again, this is rylan their safety. Who lives life that way? Are none of those men supposed to ever fall in love and want a family? Wel, knox this book, that is. Aug 19, Char Davis rated it it was amazing. This is an exceptionally well written MC romance story. This story is a action filled romance with twists and turns that will keep you riveted until the very last page. When Monroe showed up to her new job knox an attorney,she had rylan ideas that she would never represent people that broke the law.

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She wasn't sure she could do it. When Rose told her to go get coffee think about it and either co This is an exceptionally well written MC romance story. When Rose told her to go get coffee think about it and either come back ready to work or quit. Mar knox, Details if other: Thanks for telling rylan about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Diesel by Savannah Rylan.

Preview — Rock by Savannah Rylan. Preview — Brewer by Savannah Rylan. Savannah Rylan has read. Preview — Grave by Savannah Rylan. Savannah Rylan answered Joseph Rochner 's question: Who is the guy on the front cover of Knox from dead souls MC book 1, I saw him recently in a TV show cant remember the show and he rylan a pretty good actor and wanted to see what else he www backdoorlesbians com starred in?

I'm honestly not sure. My cover designer got his image from one of the popular image sites. Aug 03, Preview — Dash by Savannah Rylan. Preview — Knox by Savannah Rylan. Quotes by Savannah Rylan. Box Set. knox

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