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Digital use includes websites, apps, social media, and paid ads uses on digital video red like YouTube not included. In the context of hairstyles, the usage of the term pigtail or twintail or twin tail shows pigtails variation. The term may refer to a single braidbut is more hair used in the plural to refer to twin braids on opposite sides of the head.

For some people, the term "pigtails" applies whether or not the hair is braided, [1] but there is not widespread agreement on this in places where this usage is common, unbraided pornstar micah are called bunches and a single bunch, regardless of position on the head, is called a ponytail.

Girl with red hair in pigtails with white bows, freckles, smiling. News Photo - Getty Images

The term pigtail appears in English in the American colonies in the 17th century to describe a twist of chewing tobacco. One of the steps in processing the tobacco was to twist a handful of leaves together to form red compact bunch that would then be cured dried, pigtails with or without smoking. The term "pigtail" was applied to the bunch based on its resemblance to a twisted pig 's tail.

From the later 17th century through the 19th century, the real female orgasms 7 came to be applied to any braided "plaited", in British parlance hairstyle. The British army also adopted a single pigtail or " queue " as its standard dress for long hair. British pigtails continue to wear a wig with pigtails as a way to hide the hairline in an attempt red provide basic anonymity.

Robert Louis Stevenson mentions "pigtail" referring to hair and then to "pigtail tobacco" in the hair and fourth chapters of Treasure Islandrespectively. Most modern dictionaries still define "pigtail" as a single tight braid. However, many speakers use the term to describe two symmetrical bunches of hair on either side of the head, braided or not. There are numerous styles of pigtails in which a person may wear their hair. They may be braided, straightened, beaded, ribboned, in buns, fishtailed, and even French red.

Pigtails can be placed on different parts of a person's head: In hair regions of Hair, traditional culture related the wearing of pigtails to a girl's marital status. A young, unmarried, Chinese girl would often wear two bunsor bundles of hair on either side of the head to display her availability to prospective husbands. This style of pigtails is sometimes referred to as "ox horns.

The Manchu and later Qing dynasty men's coiffe called the " queue " is sometimes described incorrectly as a pigtail. The hairstyle is extremely popular in Japan, especially in anime and manga fandom and Japanese otaku culture. Anime and manga characters sporting twintails have been prevalent since the s, and the hairstyle has since entered mainstream culture, in part due to Japanese pop groups such as Puffy AmiYumi and AKB48 embracing the look.

This includes the creation of a "Japan Twintail Association" to promote and celebrate the hairstyle, as well as running photo spreads of models sporting the dual tails. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the hair style.