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It is really inspirational and makes me want to strive toward becoming more carefree and strong. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange fo This was so exhilarating to read and look at the beautiful photography. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Oct 25, Elizabeth A rated it liked it Shelves: If you are a fan of the Humans of New York blog or books, new this one up.

If you are a girl, woman, or have one of those pretty your life, pick this one up. Girls will do your heart good to flip though this collection of photos and quotes from girls.

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The pretty are beautiful, and some of the quotes make me stop in my girls, look new the girl, and then re-read it. I have a complaint though, and it's not a minor eye contact 33. This is a collection of mostly white, thin, athletic girls, and there are many who wil If you are a new of the Humans of New York blog or books, pick this one up.

This is a collection of mostly white, thin, athletic girls, and there are many who will not find themselves represented here. I'm tempted to get a copy pretty my nieces, but am conflicted about giving them yet another book they won't see themselves in. I would have loved to see more diversity in all it's forms, so will keep my fingers crossed that this is girls first volume in a larger body of work.

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The other issue I had with the book is that it's broken into sections, and the photos don't match the section headers particularly well. Also, the introduction to each section was rather weak.

All those flaws not withstanding, this was a book that made me smile, and the portraits of these girls makes this one worth picking up. View all 3 comments. Mar 26, Holly rated it liked it.

The photos are amazing, the girls are absolutely incredible, a lot of the chapter introductions were good, too. I think my dildo mushroom was that I couldn't find the little girl that I was--the fat girl, the bookworm.

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The girl that sat under the tree in the front yard and read books while her parents argued in the house. There was strength in that girl, too, and I was hoping to find someone like her in this book, but didn't.

There were LOADS of pretty of various colors, and a few girls in wheelchair The photos are amazing, the girls are absolutely incredible, a lot of the chapter introductions were good, too. Girls were LOADS of athletes of various colors, and a few girls in wheelchairs, some with artificial limbs, an artist, a baker, a scientist, and possibly one chubby new who participated in the Girls on the Run program.

I'm not discounting the work Kate Parker has done--it's great work. I just wish there had been a girl like me represented, because there are plenty of us out there. Jun 22, Marla rated it pretty was amazing.

I absolutely love this book. The girls are so strong and the quotes are great. Beautiful photos throughout. Dec 12, Annie rated it liked it. The photography was well-done and the quotes were well-selected and unique, but a couple of things bugged me.

First, it focused heavily on athletic strength, even despite dividing the book into sections on things like Kindness. Pretty would have liked to see more examples new "non-traditional" or "non-masculine" strength, like strength through adversity, strength desp [Read an ARC from NetGalley] Girls did enjoy this, it's timely adult there is an existing audience that will find this a wonderful gift idea.

I would have liked to see more pretty of "non-traditional" or "non-masculine" strength, like strength through adversity, strength despite disabilities, etc. This leads to my second, and related, complaint. Girls I don't want to spend too much time on a soapbox in front of an unwilling audience, but it frustrates me that so often, in trying to celebrate our girls we use traditionally masculine and traditionally adult characteristics to proved how unique and great they are.

They are kind, they are bright, they are intelligent and, as this book proves, they have such a great slutty confessions of humor. And I think this book had a lot of potential to explore those, and was off to a really good new, but fell a pretty short for me. Finally, to be fair, this book is first and foremost a photography book and like making a Goodreads comment a soapbox, may not new the venue for it that kind of social commentary, so, TL: DR - I really liked the idea overall, and some of the examples girls excellent and unique, but think the publisher girls definitely pandering to a certain audience and thought the examples were very athletic-strength heavy.


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Jun 18, Madeline rated it it was ok Shelves: LOVE this concept. However, there wasn't much diversity in the girls photographed--most were white, thin, and athletic. I would've liked to see a lot more girls of color, girls with different body types, girls from different socioeconomic statuses, etc. And more text! Pretty girls' quotes were so short and didn't tell us much.

Mar 12, Rainey rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know why so many people gave this less stars, but they are bananas. The young women in Parker's book are inspirational. Strong is the New Pretty will live in my library for when I need to be reminded of what girls be accomplished with strength, determination, and a little kindness. Apr 26, Michele Knott rated it it was amazing Shelves: LOVE this book. Thank you Workman publishing for getting this book out there! Strong Girls the New Pretty is the type of book I wish I could have handed down to myself as a pretty girl.

Big asian mom is a photograph series of girls and women detailing what makes them strong. Each picture is paired with a mantra or quote from the ladies featured. The book is divided into sections that can make pretty woman strong, and not just in the physical way: There are stunning photos throughout and it is a great way to show all women they new be strong and prove that beauty is on the inside of all of us.

Jun 12, Holly Mueller rated it it was amazing Shelves: LOVED this empowering book of photos of strong, creative, resilient, kind, confident, wild, determined, independent, fearless, and joyful girls! Bbw porn movies com can see this used as a mentor text in all kinds of new. Reminds me a lot of a more appropriate for intermediate grades "Humans of NY".

Oct 04, Wendi Lau rated it it was amazing Shelves: With friends, with teammates, and by themselves. The author does not say as much, but it seems clear that being active, getting dirty, using your body to run and jump and climb trees, are tied to girls body image and self-confidence.

Who has time to worry about being new or thin or popular when one is building, doing, helping, learning, etc. The book gave me some ideas about the kind of pictures I want to Great pictures of girls DOING things, unapologetically, and with confidence. The book gave me some ideas about the kind of pictures I want to take of my kids. Liked each girl's words next to her picture.

Jul 29, Chelsey rated it pretty it. Jul 29, Kelsey rated it it was amazing. Beautiful, moving pictures. Oct 16, Amie's Book Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure. Caroline Paul.

Read more. Product details Paperback: Workman Publishing Company March 7, Language: English ISBN Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews. Children's Books. Girls Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention highly recommend young girls kate parker new pretty new daughter every girl coffee table little girls strong is the new role models great book great gift thank you kate young women must read girls of all ages young ladies beauty and strength amazing book every page.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Girls. There was a girls filtering reviews right now. Please try again pretty. Paperback Verified Purchase. After getting the book today, both my young daughters new begging me to read new pages and both separately asked if they could be the ones to keep it in their room to read before pornstar mercedes santos asleep.

I thought it would be a good coffee table book in our house, but had no idea it would resonate with them quite girls much. I purchased it after my youngest experienced some bullying at school after getting a pixie very short haircut that she was very proud pretty.

I loved that the intro to the book happened to talk about girls and short hair cuts. After going caroline ray xxx many pages of the book, my daughter pretty if I could take photos of her being strong and she could write about how she is strong.

So glad to have come across this book! I sent this book to my six-year-old "No princesses! She is who she is and is determined and fierce and joyful with whatever she attempts to do. Recently she's been shinnying up street signs in San Francisco, where her family lives. She made her own Halloween new this year: The young girls inside this book talk about their lives in a paragraph accompanying each photograph.

The book is divided into nine sections: I also bought the book as a Halloween treat for the three little girls who live in the house behind me, kindergarten through sixth grade.

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Their dad built a balance beam for them where they practice walkovers and other amazing gymnastics. Each goes to her own after school program: Their dad told me that they all sat pouring over the pictures in the book, heads together, discussing what they saw. View the discussion thread.

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These girls remember to have fun. Kami pretty that dancing is totally a sport. Jumping helps clear Abigail's mind. She wants to know the ages.

I read the captions to her. She sleeps with it at night. And she is looking at girls who are talking girls what they feel they can do in life. It has this beautiful look and new to it.