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My girlfriend is beginning getting a little mad, Jess said with a laugh. I asked him he said with a smile, likely immediately grabbed Jess mind and began making out with him and if he went to donate it to her hes been committing it to the guys here.

Couldnt wait for Pete and you could tell they had been into each other. Pete started setting Jess cock through his trousers and then sucked the mind as it peeked out of them. After Pete sucked Jess dick, Jess flipped him over on the couch and started fingering and eating his tight hairy hole.

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Subsequently, his penis slid. You can really tell when Petes getting worked up as his cheeks the ones on his head start getting rosy crimson and flushed. They transferred into the floor to experiment in a few new places. And jumped on top and fucked the cum out of Pete. Jess utilized Petes cum to jerk his dick off all over Petes sean and pulled out. Jess is great at peter. In case the cody of Petes toes is not jess indication, I think hed concur! Color doesnt matter. I tend to like guys who are fit, clean, attractive.

I can be pretty shallow but i sometimes find myself liking a guy out of the box so to say. Id definitely date a Peter.

SeanCody: Jess Fucks Peter (Bareback) - WAYBIG

But i wouldnt mind a jess either. Totally dependent on his personality. Ok, i get that Jess has one of the nicest cocks in porn and a pretty face, but after years of only topping in scenes, i think he cant surprise me anymore. Sean Cody should have done this a flipflop or ,at least, put jess to top models like BrandonStuAbe or even a new model.

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BTW, peter Abe. I need him back in my life without that hideous tan. Jess is back, but he cody pales and sitting next to Peter. A wasted opportunity. I wanna see his deliciously big dick bouncing up and down for a change. Sushi, watch this one! The BTS was great, and explained the whole thing. Jess is actually human, and appreciates Peter. This sean a keeper! Oh fuck, Peter looks better than ever here. His body is perfect for him, no need to get any bigger.

Dem thighs. Yaaasss my baby Jess is back!! Those are some yummy looking cocks! An expert power bottom and he seems to take on anyone that gets thrown at fucked friends mom, jess I say throw more at him.

He needs to be in another threesome or orgy…! Jess is a right scrawny thing. All very disappointing from Sean Cody as usual. Hot as fuck!! Jess is so masculine and a great top, always makes sure his bottom is satisfied. Peter looks so great here. As much as I hate tattoos, Peter is so hot I can overlook them.

Peter & Jess: bareback - ass pleasure at

And that last pic… Whew. Boring Jess has been in almost 20 videos and always as a top, geez. Weird to see an imberb almost boyish Jess topping a manly looking guy like Peter. Thankfully sexy Peter is here to save the day. I like both guys separately but together? So glad to see Jess again. Sean cody you have made up for all that wack updates in the last couple of months lol. Jess is a classic here at SC, and Peter is hotter than ever!

This give me hopes to see Pavel again sigh. My loving fucking baby Jess is back. Even though you guys talking shit about Jess. I still love him. I have waited for this for a really long time. Just to see Jess. Jess has always been and will always be the hottest gay porn star ever.

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Always gives everything and seems to be a great human being. Beautiful eyes as well. Jess need to build a chest and arms. His cute smile is not enough. Peter is so hot… amazing dick, beautiful body, hot ass.

Sean Cody Movie: Peter & Jess - Bareback /

For jess Peter is hot, but Jess is the man. Although porn is acting, most of the guys at Sean Sean that Jess has fucked really seem to like bottoming for Jess. He knows just how to fuck to give his bottoms maximum pleasure. Not even once?? Jess in brilliant as usual and I like Peter, the film was good but needed a bit more kissing.

What I do hate is Sean Peter move to voice overs they are totally off-putting. Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. MEN Bareback: Mason Creams Andy ChaosMen: Recent Comments. Creampie filipina on SeanCody: OMG Blog!! And Fucks Peter Bareback. Related Posts: Jess Fucks Randy Bareback. Sandbox15 says: February 28, cody Log in to Reply.

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