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Hardcore to Gabber - by Fernand8. TechnoSale19 by djtin.

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Jackmaster Jay Red Zone 93 by Wickedmarkonwax. Trip to [A] Oldskool by Mitriy.

Passion [Hardcore] by Crithead | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Kleez Mix - Portie Beukenoten. Kleez Mix - Fuck You Up. Claude's Magic Trance Journey by ckhclassics. LouisePlusOne on Frontline Best Of HR3 Clubnight by snypercop.

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The Passion 1. The Passion Kiddie Mix. It sounds like a busy schedule to us. But besides all these activities, Neophyte is also running his own label called Neophyte Records.

So Jeroen founded the label in and it has been here for almost twenty years already. The life of a DJ is very irregular and you have to travel a lot.

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It keeps me sharp and hungry hardcore success. These talents learn from me and give me a new, fresh view on certain matters in return. It keeps me on a level where I want to be at.

But it was just a phase. Passion now see clearly that playing gigs is a part of me. I assure you that xxx mouvie hardcore will be rocking on stage for a very long time!

The hardcore DJ has made tons passion music in the past 25 years.

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The love for the music is a reason for him to keep going. Even after all these years, in which the scene has drastically changed, the DJ is handling it very well. Dedicated to the movement, D-Passion delivered his first step into the hardcore scene with the release of 'Exposure' back in hardcore Following positive reactions from the mainstream crowd and fellow producers, D-Passion enthusiastically continued to develop his skills and created a first series of hardcore releases on The Third Movement.

Featuring melodic passion with strong samples and catchy hooks like passion the free world', 'God don't care about me' and 'What's going on? Next to working alone in his studio, D-Passion grabbed several opportunities to co-produce music with some of the scene its finest. Working together with renowned artists like Promo, Unexist, Mad Dog and Alex B, Rik has delivered some of the most solid tracks to date and slowly presented himself as on of the pillars of the future hardcore scene.

At the end of D-Passions' follow-up line of hardcore exposures has seen daylight.

Technohead - The Passion : E.P. | Releases | Discogs

Starting of with dance-floor smash 'Unstoppable' D-Passion made the next step in hardcore, featuring a new look as well as an even stronger focus toward creating credible melodic tracks. A personal high passion for now in the new line of releases was the unveiling of 'Data recovery', Rik's first solo album featuring a remastered collection of best work as well as some brand new tunes.

Behind the decks D-Passion developed a taste for effective tracks.