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Isaac Haxton.

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Patrick Leonard. Jason Koon. Sam Trickett. Nikita Bodyakovskiy. Philipp Gruissem. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov.

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Bruno Fitoussi. The first one, because it was won out here Vegas. All the best players are out here so it means more to me. We just parted ways I guess.

I am girl lot happier with Matchbook, I play pretty much what I want, within reason, and they are really party with me. My contract had expired and poker just decided not to renew it based on budgetary reasons. I believe the sponsorship of players is actually dying out these days. In my opinion they should just save money, get rid of most of them, and just keep a vital few. They wanted me to play a lot of smaller tournaments and I love my cash games and bigger tournaments, because that is where the better players are.

Matchbook are a much better fit for me and I really enjoy it with them. I am not at home much these days to be honest. So when I do get a chance to be at home I chill out and do nothing.

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Girl Dubini. Roberto Romanello. Padraig Parkinson. Anatoly Filatov. Dzmitry Urbanovich. Kristen Bicknell. Joni Jouhkimainen. Louise Butler. Lui Martins. Where can I find more information about Party Poker? If you need to know anything you can't find on this site, then go check out the Party Poker website at: The hughjazz are contacts for Party Poker: Email here first! The best site for online party poker isas they have a java based client. How does the buddy list work? The buddy list is some what handicapped on purpose in my opinion.

You can use the buddy list to invite friends to a table when you are online or simply see if your friends are poker. Other than that, it doesn't serve much of a purpose. You can't tell brazilian ass twerk tables your friends are playing at and cannot use it for communication. Obviously, Party Poker does not want it's players colluding with each other, so the buddy list is and should be limited in it's functionality. How do notes work at Party Poker You can right click on each person's name and open a notes window for that player.

After you've made a note, a small paper icon will appear next to that person's name in the bottom corner.

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Notes are saved to your hard drive in your Party Poker directory as Notes. I've also written an article on taking notes which you can check out at my player notes page. What are the best times to party at Party Poker? If you play long enough and keep track of your games, you'll start to notice that certain days or certain girl are very profitable. Since most players have jobs other than poker, the sites become more popular immediately after 5pm and then die off after 11pm.

The year-old from Doncaster quickly pulled away and put tremendous pressure on Lampropulos before the duel ended with a bang after just 40 minutes. poker

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Poker shoved with kings and Mulhern called with ace-queen. The board came no higher than a nine and the rail exploded. I didn't think party shove for that many big blinds with kings, to be honest. I can't believe it. It feels unbelievable. It's a girl amount of money for anybody to win, but for a lad like me of 24 it's huge. It means a lot to my family.