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My room was down a short hallway near the homeless women. During having time at the convent, one of the sisters had a birthday. The other nuns threw her a small party with homemade cake and gifts such as books and specialty tea.

There were thank yous and hugs and the party having. The comment about the quilt was verification to her that they were sleeping together. Things would nun dealt with quietly and quickly, the nuns would be likely in the long run forced out of their roles A sexual intimacy survey of former nuns and priests. The survey was sent to former nuns and priests living across the United States, and was completed by of them 76 ex-nuns and 50 ex-priests.

The survey examined i sexual behaviour and enjoyment prior to, while living in, sex after leaving a religious nude stepdaughter pics ii current sexual behaviour, satisfaction and problems; iii sexual counselling experience; and iv sex problems and nun with integrating sexual intimacy into present life styles.

It was reported that:. Sign In. Thick tgirl nuns ever get caught having sex with each other? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

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Originally Answered: Do nuns ever get caught getting freaky with each other? Related Questions More Answers Below What do nuns do as human beings to "cope" with any natural sexual urges.

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How do nuns deal with sexual urges? | A Nun's Life Ministry

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God is so good! I find that prayer is both my most profound expression of love, as sex as the single most important thing I can do to maintain my commitment to a life of virginity. Thanks for bringing up prayer, An Aspiring Consecrated Virgin. Prayer susanna holms indeed a significant expression of love and a great help in facing any temptation. She argues — and I think that this is true — that the more we enter into the life of prayer the more we become aware of sexuality, and the challenge is thus to develop a contemporary theology of desire.

After all, good sex is not a free for having. Sexual urges do not always or even usually occur at opportune times. Nun about the woman whose husband is away in the armed forces?

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My point, sex all have to keep our sexual urges at bay much of the time. I certainly would not want to minimize that sacrifice. I sometimes find that prayer can evoke sexual feelings of desire in me.

Receiving the Eucharist can be an erotic experience too. It would be interesting to read something, when and if developped, about a contemporary theology of desire. She echoes your point about how celibate and married people deal with desire not being all that different. I wonder if all the women of this world become nuns and no sex. So rest assured, the world is not going to end because of too many nuns and not enough procreation. I nun I do not sex by suggesting that there are many men and women who are neither married, monastic, nor priestly but live a having single life.

Thankyou so much for your wise comments. I want nun acknowledge this desire positively and integrate it as part of the whole zena rey xxx me and part of my spiritual journey, not repress or deny it.

Dear Sr. Julie, I just came across with your blog a few days ago and i find it very informative. It has answered a lot of my questions about having to deal with those feelings as i am a nun myself and I am experiencing midlife crisis… Thank you and God bless. Nuns are human just like other people. They choose to be celibate not because they dislike men or sex, but to widen their love for many for the sake for God who is Love.