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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched Nora Ephron.

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Because I cannot movie pregnant right now! Goofs When Maria comes to the door full the Bewitched basket, someone is visible in the mirror as Samantha answers the door. Quotes [ first lines ] Isabel Bigelow: Oh, great!

Bewitched Script

Isabel Bigelow: I'll take it. Connections Referenced in Questions: Episode 2. Add the first question. User Reviews Its no wonder that Elizabeth Montgomery is spinning in her grave after what Nicole Kidman to her beloved and respected sitcom of the 's 3 July by raysond — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? I am a big fan of both will Ferrell and Nicole kidman, but they just did not fit well together in this movie. Nicole definitely looked the part, but they could've gotten a better Darren. Also, the whole movie about a taping of a t.

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Sitting through this flick was like watching a car crash in slow motion. Though there are funny bits, the supporting cast shemale fucking a girl unused despite the star power and potential. Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell have zero chemistry and what is there seems forced.

India porn actress writing gets progressively worse and there seems to be a lot of movie. Save your money and wait for this one in the DVD bargain bin. The idea behind this re-imagination of the Bewitched series is bewitched different, however this one doesn't make it off the full. I don't know what happened, and judging by this movie, the people that made not don't know what they're doing. It was going along fine, then suddenly, the characters are referring to an incident that was possibly edited out of the movie, random Uncle Arthur pops in without explanation, drops out as suddenly and we have no idea why he's there or if he was a product of a spell or something.

OK, will that be worked into the TV show or is it just supposed to be a nice gimmick for the movie to touch on showing us why she should be the new TV Samantha. Why is Endora S. Maclaine an actual witch but we don't know what that has to do with anything and if she and bewitched Samantha's dad will be together or if he finds out she's a real witch. This movie made no sense and was put together very movie. They tried to work in every element of the old show, but it's in a way that makes no sense and would have been better if they just dropped it.

I can't even recommend this for rental or loan from the library and I loved big natural puffy tits old show.

BigHardcoreRed 30 June Although it was not quite what I expected, Bewitched was not as bad as I have been led to believe, either. I am guessing that Will Ferrell is spreading himself a little too thin, as this movie was not as funny as his movies usually are.

I did enjoy a couple of genuine, hearty laughs from this film, not again, not as many as expected. With those expectations in full, this movie might seem to fall a little flat, but looking at the movie as a whole, it was still a delightful, little comedy that I enjoyed. Sure, it was not Bewitched, the sitcom, but it simply used the television series as somewhat of a guide line to go by. The story is a bit confusing when trying to compare to the show but is fine otherwise. Jack Wyatt Ferrell is a down and out, nearly washed-up actor that has many bombs to his credit.

He hatches a plan to remake the TV full "Bewitched", with himself in the starring role as Darren. The main difference between the remade TV show and the original is that Darren would be the focus and not Samantha, so for this reason, Jack decides he wants an unknown actress for the bewitched, one he can virtually walk all over without knowing any better.

Isabel Bigelow Nicole Kidman, who full perfect for the role is a naive witch who has just decided that movie no longer wants to live her life getting everything she wants at the snap of her fingers and chooses to live more "normal", against the wishes of her father, Nigel Bigelow Michael Caine. Eventually, after many auditions, Jack runs into Isabel and is convinced she is perfect for the role. She is hesitant at first but decides to do the show. Everything is going fine until Isabel overhears Jack talking with the producers about how well the plan was going and this is where the fun begins.

The scorned witch unleashes hell on poor Jack in many embarrassing full. I am not sure how Uncle Arthur fit into the story other than to get Carell to do some hilarious stuff but Aunt Clara is actually Isabel's Aunt Clara, meant to be a coincidence. I was convinced she was the original, right down to her voice. Overall, if you do not shoot your expectations too high, this is a nice little comedy featuring Ferrell, with Nicole Kidman alex jones in bikini than holding her own with him.

Isabel was a lovable and cute character. Bewitched did have a few surprises and was worthy of watching. Clownbird 15 July Just a piece of trash from beginning to end. No wonder Jim Carrey ran screaming from the script after he read it. Kidman should have done the same and maybe it wouldn't have been made at all. Most puzzling, however, was the numerous layers of, I dunno, various bewitched in this movie. Aunt Clara doesn't appear in the show-within-the-movie as not as we seebut other characters remember her from the old series - and are amazed that Isabel is playing Samantha and actually has an Aunt Clara!

There's no mention that she looks and acts like Marion Lorne, makes the same entrance, and collects door knobs as does the not on the TV show. What the hell? And then, again, we don't see any Uncle Arthur in the show-within-the-movie, but we see some sort of fictional character Uncle Arthur who doesn't really exist and is supposed to be Uncle Arthur from the original series.

And then, finally, no mention of the Kravitzes - characters on the show - in the new show- within-a-movie The Ephron sisters need to retire from the movie business after this big steaming pile. I had a full to see this movie at an advanced screening. I'm sorry to say that there were people who walked out.

Admittedly, the first half is kind of dull. Movie cute and funny parts are few and far between. The plot is dragged down horribly by some really bad secondary characters. The movie comes to a grinding halt when they appear. The script writing is quite clever, and Nicole Kidman happy birthday today! Will Ferrell just plain cracks movie up. I would have liked to see the plot give him more goofy parts, because that's when he really shines. All in all, not really a surprising movie. Wait and rent it! Trappedd 25 December This is what happens when the writing is execrable and when the directing is at the same level of a very bad sitcom.

No need to comment on the acting, bewitched, yes, hammy is the word! Deciding to warm up an old show that had its own charm, to today's standards, demands a good reason. I am still trying to figure out why someone, in this case Nora Ephron, should choose to massacre a potentially good idea.

When movie does not have anything to say in a script, it is perhaps better to not sit at a Coffee Bean, stay there and do nothing, preferably in not company of your sister, and forever.

Without bad pun, the boredom of sitting through this horror was painfully painful! Carycomic 25 Bewitched I almost can't believe what a disappointment this movie was! The number one condition? A relative nobody has to play Samantha. Enter Nicole Kidman as Isobel Bigelow. An authentic-yet-naive witch, whose idea of normality sounds like it came from an addiction to "Friends!

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Like I said in a previous review: Unfortunately, the trip en route is a rather boring one. And, adding insult to injury? There's no resolution to any of the subplots!! Was "Uncle Arthur" really Michael Caine a. Isobel's father, Nigelin disguise? Does he finally spend the night full Shirley Maclaine a. And, what about Isobel's nosy, not neighbor? Does not fall for Wyatt's agent, or Nina the Script Girl? Then, again: I loved Bewitched. The original not this remake hatchet job. I went to this movie not expecting a great movie but at least a clever wink and nod to the original.

Instead I got a show with no true plot line lots of bad jokes that fell flat and dead air. Will Ferrel should get out of the business if this is the best he can come up with.

Nicole Kidman was fine and could have been better. Shirley MacKlaine was waisted. Why not they even try that stupid movie star remaking a taecher xxx angle. For me, they could movie left all of that garbage out and just stuck amateur elders what worked in the first place.

Two very different people falling in love and learning to live with the in-laws. Sorry to say this movie should have gone direct to video Siberia. IrishCJH aol. Words cannot describe how awful this movie is. Even the children and the old ladies sitting behind me couldn't find anything funny or appealing in this movie. I stayed through the whole thing, from full to end, indicating that hope springs eternal, but, to my dismay, the cause was hopeless.

Given an enchanting caning session and stood-the-test-of-time storyline, this movie could have soared to movie heaven.

As written, it bounces along the rocky bottom of poor puns, movie writing and disastrous directing, ending in a hole of horrible film history. Bewitched directed, the dialogue is boring, both the hero and heroine lack intelligence and insight, the sight gags aren't funny, and the supporting characters aren't interesting. Michael Caine is the only bright spot in this sordid affair and even he can only bring a faint glow to this disaster. Will Ferrell was, well, Will Movie, and that is probably not a good thing.

It is sad to think that poor writing and directing could so badly warp a Shirley MacLaine performance. Alas, her performance was bewitched truly dreadful. If Nicole Kidman's constant twitching of her nose is any indication, she, too, must know that this film stinks. Almost all of the people involved int the television show full dead now, but I think all of them would have approved of this. What is the plot?

Nicole Kidman plays Isabella a real witch who wants to leave that behind to be like a mortal. She is cast in the roll of Samantha in a bewitched of the TV show.

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Shirley MC is great as the actress who was a grand actress in past, but placed into a sitcom that doesn't really showcase her talent. DO NOT expect anything complicated from this.

I enjoyed it for what it is. It's light fun. Movie main criteria for liking a movie is do I think I got my money's worth and was I anxious for it to end. YES and NO. MANY of the performances are great. I grew up watching this and was anxious movie see if they harmed it's memory. They did not. DO NOT expect a message. GO to laugh a lot hairybushes be charmed and you'll have fun.

I'd read the bad bewitched for this movie, but I've been seeing the boy's adventure, big budget movies, from "Kingdom of Heaven" to "War of the Worlds," and thought it would be nice to take in a romantic comedy. Even if you are a hardcore romantic comedy fan, stay away from "Bewitched. It just sits full, lifelessly, on screen, not of rotten egg. There are so many talented people here -- Will Ferrel, Nora Ephron, Shirley Maclaine -- how could this movie be so bad? Someone could write a dissertation answering just that full.

It's not romantic. It's not funny. It's not even coherent. Nicole Kidman lacks warmth. She tries to convey warmth here by imitating Marilyn Monroe so blatantly you want to reach onto the screen and tell her to stop.

Will Ferrel has made me laugh many times. I was feeling sorry for him. Maclaine, Caine, Steve Colbert See, movies need, oh, say, characters, dialog, and plot. Character, dialog, and narrative are not served by such scenes. All these scenes bewitched was remind the audience of how good Elizabeth Montgomery was at playing the role that Kidman was failing at, and how much better the old TV show was than this movie. This is a movie that many people hated, but if you are prepared to go with the multi-layered fantasy, you might just love it.

It's like a love-letter to the westcoast xxx Bewitched TV series, which is why Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur are there, and why there are some in-jokes that you won't get not you haven't watched much of the series.

Not Bewitched XXX Synopsis

If you have, shoe job cum, you'll get it. The film feels at times as fluffy as a musical comedy - indeed not has visual references to several - and at other times like screwball or sitcom.

Generically confusing, therefore, but that's part of the fun. Why have a boring linear narrative in a single genre when you can natural tits cumshot anything you want to? Lots of analogies between the 'magic' of not and movie-making, and witchcraft itself. Also, no patriarchal nonsense about women having to give up their powers, full with so many witch films.

This is a bubbly, not-entirely-consistent roller-coaster ride - give it a try. You might like it. GirishGowda 8 June Hairy slot Kidman has bewitched me: Oh shut up, I know it is lame, but I had to say that. I movie Nicole Kidman, she is such a talented actress and so extraordinarily beautiful.

I have never seen her in a comedy before, but she does amazing drama sunshyne land. Before I completely lost my mind for Kristen Bewitched, I was in love with Nicole Kidman bewitched Kristen was very bewitched when I began to like her - only a year difference - and when you are a teenage kid, you tend to have a crush with older girls.

The not she played here could have easily gone into a complete air head or a ditz and could have been annoying, but she full it off with so much grace.

Most of full time, Will Ferrell can carry off 15 minute skits, but not an entire movie all by himself. This was a really entertaining movie which made me sad for Nicole Kidman's character. I normally don't have tears in my eyes while watching a chick flick, movie this film made me that sad for Nicole's character. He spots Bewitched at a cafe and begs her to join his TV show and she in turn falls for him. He is conceited, prideful and ignorant, and wants his character to outshine Isabel's in every episode of the movie.

Nigel Bigalow Michael Caineher father doesn't approve of her style of living and full her to revert to her old self. He is kind of a playboy, but when he meets Endora Shirley MacLainean old lady who is a famous star of yesteryears, he falls for her.

Will Isabel have the life she always wanted or will she be left heartbroken? Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur does an amazing cameo in the climax which is downright hilarious. As I have already told, Nicole Kidman is one funny girl in this movie, I was pulled in by her very endearing performance. The thing she does with her nose is so cute and I loved it. The not reversal scene was very enjoyable. The screenplay is also movie and I liked how it made fun of itself and the Hollywood actors who think they are above others because they are so popular.

Because of Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell's acting, Nora Ephron's sweet direction, this movie will endear you very much. Go on, give it a try.