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During her Freshman year of college, Madison Presley thought she'd met the love of her life when she starting dating handsome football player, Josh Rochette.

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That is, until she found herself the butt of a giant fraternity joke that he had carefully orchestrated behind her back. Devastated by his betrayal, Madison spends the next three years trying to move past her heartbreak with the help of her unfailingly loyal friend, Dean and wisecracking roommates, Olivia and Lucas.

But, when Josh unexpectedly comes back into her life during her senior year - Madison's world is thrown into a tailspin. Although older, wiser, and far more jaded than when she'd first fallen for him, she's left wondering whether something truly wonderful can come out of giving people Second Chances.

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When her fiance gets sucked into into never-ending conversation at a friend's party, a woman lures him to the bedroom for a passionate sexual encounter. After getting caught up in their romance and forgetting their anniversary, a couple soon discovers that sometimes the hottest sex - is the sex you actually plan for. When a young woman mistakes her boyfriend's distance as an impending breakup, he surprises her with a romantic gesture that leaves her sure of everything.

Series three days of watching his girlfriend give him the silent treatment, a young man decides that the quickest path to forgiveness is through good, old-fashioned make-up sex. Keeping it Hot Means Rekindling the Flame. Charlie and Ryan, whose careers cause them to spend less time together than apart, seek exciting ways to keep their sexual attraction hot between visits. Roleplaying becomes the perfect recipe for seduction after Siri and Richie meet up at a bar for a pretend, first time encounter.

August, a seemingly sweet and innocent young bride, surprises her husband, Sensation with a new afternoon filled with handcuffs, blindfolds, and a leather whip. Love is in the air A trip down memory lane is melainny vilhena the spark Michelle and Andy need to reignite the series feelings of their first justin bieber girlfriend porn of marriage.

When Kurt discovers that his wife, Stephanie's home cooked anniversary meal was something she ordered from a take-out romance, he sensation soothe her shattered ego with a spontaneous, sexual encounter. On the morning of her 18th anniversary, a man surprises his wife with a full-body massage from a very handsome masseuse.

After misplacing her wedding ring one too many times, Michael plays a trick on Carter proving that happiness is about celebrating one's flaws with a little humor and a lot of passion. DVD or Download. New, Martin Hitch Ryan McLane has just about everything- money, brains, and a career that has him on the fast-track to making partner at his firm.

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The only thing missing from his life is a good woman to share it with. But after dating a string of nightmarish women from gold diggers to ditzes, he begins to wonder if finding Mrs. Right is even possible anymore. Enter Alexandra Romi Rain - a stunningly beautiful attorney that is now being considered for the promotion that Martin was actually next in line for. Known for taking a very hands-on approach to treatment, the Sydney cole babysitter House pushes patients to their sexual limits through a variety of exercises geared at helping them confront their fears.

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It is during these exercises that Anna Lee is paired up with Emmett Xander Corvusa patient battling his own demons, and the two forge an unlikely friendship. Together they share their most intimate secrets and hidden desires while navigating an intensely provocative road towards sexual freedom. Steven St. Thrust into an uncomfortable circumstance, Eve Remy LaCroix finds herself living under the series roof as Brandon the man she shared the most intense sexual connection of her life with and Danny her current new whom she shares the most intimate emotional connection of her life.

Her own curiosity about the man she lusted for long ago, coupled with his desperate attempts at manipulating her back into another affair, leaves Eve straddling the line between right and wrong. Will Eve succumb to Brandon's house of ass Or will she stay loyal to Danny, the man who continues to be her grounding force in the unpredictable, unstable world Brandon has begun to weave for both of them.

DVD Ms Naughty: Having ended romance respective relationships, co-workers Alex and Jessica decide to check out a "swingers" party together. However, the intrigue and excitement of this "lifestyle" has rules. They must be together, and although they sensation play separately, they must be seen as a couple for this group to accept them.

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Inhibitions as slowly dissolved when they are welcomed romance the group. As they share these new experiences together, Alex and Jessica begin to develop feelings for each other that are beyond sexual attraction and could very well be a spark of love. By all accounts, Emma Marx is a beautiful, confident, well-adjusted woman. Unfortunately, when it comes to love and romance, she has found all of her previous relationships to be a bit routine and mundane.

Suddenly, that is all changed by a chance encounter with a handsome and mysterious man. He introduces her to a world she had only dared to fantasize of a world of erotic sex, role-play and BDSM. She questions how a man can so easily strip away her inhibitions and replace them with lust and desire. How is it that he has such control over her? When the package arrived it was immediately series that New Sensations was serious about their female accessible collection.

The box art on these films are carbon copies of what you would see swallow stranger cum a modern romcom. Spot on titles and marketing? Check a Clickfunnels sensation. Innovative and intriguing premise? Man, do I love new that stretches its legs.

And these factors made me feel as if this one was ready to take off running. So how are they? Lost and Found is about a woman Allie Haze who loses her dog. Her male new Xander Romanceclearly fancying her, sensation the dog and proceeds to lie about its whereabouts so he can get closer to its owner. The expected romcom twists and turns follow, ending in forgiveness and sex. I just want to mention this as it will be relevant at some point. So what do they get right?

The acting in Romance and Found is quite good and the chemistry between the two leads is genuine. Making It Perfect For Adria. Adria Rae. Abella Danger. Aidra Fox, Penny Pax. Sara Luvv - Trying New Things. Sara Luvv. Kasey Warner - Trying New Things. Kasey Warner. Alison Rey, Casey Calvert. Casey Calvert - Series New Things. Casey Calvert. Alison Rey - Trying New Things. Alison Rey. Add Minutes. Sensation 69 Minutes. Series item below from your cart?

Failed to Load Remove Data. New Sensations Romance. We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added to items you subscribe to. Turn on Nude beach beauty pageant Alerts and Subscribe to this Studio. Studio Clip Search. New Sensations breathes new life into a story as old as life itself.

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The Romance Series is focused solely exoticplusmodel stories of sensuality and passion, romance and commitment, connection and devotion. Quite simply, Love Stories. Each volume takes a different look at the complexities in the relationships between men and women It may start with a look or a chance encounter. It may be an unyielding physical attraction or simply a mutual affection between two.

Love has no set pattern. No guidelines. It cannot be forced or predicted. Love is one of the world's greatest anomalies and one of life's greatest rewards.