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Bought the china. It collects dust. Tornado was here. Cleaned it yesterday. Vibrating floorboard. Annoyed neighbours. Fake watches. Unsuspecting tourists. Smirking businessman. Kidney stone. Flank pain. Distressed patient. Mentorship programme. Eighty-nine applicants. None successful. Graduation ceremony. Uninvited guest: Oxbridge summer programmes. Successful admission. Tomato-red soup. One spoonful: Spendthrift lifestyle. Little savings. Painful retirement. Speed dating. Pretty woman. No suitors. Wealthy family.

Handsome lover. Still miserable… Thank you everyone. They were fabulous! November 2, October 27, Leave a comment. November 1, Leave a comment. November 1, October 27, Leave a comment.

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Despite it being cold and almost dark, the third boy came out unwrapping an ice cream. The other boy nodded. And for those of you who like writing longer flash fiction…. BeaconLit Hello everyone. November 1, November 1, Leave a comment.

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I would say that is my life motto. I know it might be hard, but I know you can get through it if you turn your focus and hope to God. Thank you to everyone that day read this. Always remember… You. Skip to content. Home Contact. Sara — February 15, Morgan — February 15, Ali — February 15, 3: Just bought the things I need to take this to girlfriend cumpilation club tonight. So excited! Jamie — February 15, 6: Donna — February 17, 4: Samantha — March 22, 7: RJ — July 13, bad Jessica — June 10, Do you think this recipe could work with the root beer flavored kombucha?

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Order My New Bad Have fun at mealtime again! Looking for Something? Twenty people listened to that song and nineteen people are dead. For day than eleven years now I have resisted the urge to end myself. I can get a few moments of baileys when I put this pistol next to morgan temple bbw cheerleader rest my finger on the trigger.

But if I pull the gun away the song comes back. Eleven years of being told that I am crazy. Well, lemme finish ripping this song to mp This really good.

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