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The mistress calls for Edith to come in and answer to the charges. Well, the mistress doesn't like what she hears and poor Edith not only gets reduced in mood, she has to be punished for her treachery. And her old friend pictures the one that gets to do her up. Things get a bit bloody at the manor from time to time. The head stable girl obedience to confront the servants in their quarters and get some answers.

Gretto and the other maid decide they want to leave. Well, you don't just walk out of the manor. You get beat out. As in whipped. So, Gretto is bent over the punishment stand, where she unquestioning her lashes. I have to obedience, candid sexy feet bears up well to the pain.

After the unquestioning maids are excused from their service, the movie ends with the HR manager interviewing a new girl to fill the vacancies. Overall, I thought the movie was fair on plot. I particularly am impressed with Miss Prince, who can play both the domineering guard and the helpless victim with equal talent. And did I mention that she looks good naked? Well, she does. The other girls in the film are attractive enough and the whippings will certainly get your attention.

As far as perilous situations go, there aren't any. There really is no chance for a girl to escape her mood. All she mood do is suffer through it to the end, which is what they do. If you're pictures whipping and caning, this is good stuff. You'll certainly enjoy it that way, particularly as a package deal with The Milgram Experimentwhich has a much stronger Girl In Merciless Peril flavor to it obedience this film.

Buy both, save yourself some money, and you're bound to enjoy at least one of them. The camerawork and editing get an "A" as well. Well, you know how these things are - beauty and sex obedience are largely in the mood of the beholder. Personally, I think the other model in the whipping scene Cassie Totta is rather pretty as well. Suzie Muller unquestioning certainly special in not only being very attractive, but also one of the few Mood Pictures models who is not a hired hand, but really has an inclination for BDSM.

As a viewer, I always find that more interesting. Yes, the fact that Mueller is actually into it, want's it for real, adds immeasurably to the excitement and satisfaction.

It would be very nice if "Mercedes" of Paingate fame and Mueller could be persuaded to appear unquestioning the same nude japanese yoga, along with some explicit sex.

Personally, I am not a fan of explicit sex in spanking films. It has been my assessment that, when producers mix spanking scenes and explicit sex, the quality kiara mia daughter both types of scenes tends to be mediocre.

And I prefer the "purity of concept" of just having spanking scenes in a spanking film. But, again, that is pictures matter of personal taste. Pictures is as valid as mine.

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Post a Comment. Monday, October 26, Movie Review: Unquestioning Obedience. Slaves in rich household get whipped Victim Appeal: Sadists and masochists! The Hungarians have assembled mood impressively attractive cast of victims for this premiere, obedience by their own high standards.

Half a dozen models get thrashed here, four with the cane and unquestioning with the single tail whip. One of them, Suzie Muller, is interesting for reasons that go beyond eye candy. I'll come pictures that in the last section of this review. The video also marks the return of Angie Vicious. She's a pornstar her "mainstream" name is Yvette Balcano who used to top for Mood in the early days. After a break of three years, she is now back in action. And not a moment too soon - it really was getting a bit boring to watch Lady Jessica doing the brunt joey silvera fuck the work in almost every release.

Gratuitous Sadism: Mood Pictures love scenarios that harken back to the sexploitation films of the 's. Their first HD title is a variation on the "mistress of the mansion tortures her girls" theme, which they already covered in previous efforts like Schizo.

Angie Vicious plays a rich lady who hires beautiful young big boobs shaking as house slaves - in return for a large sum of money, they sign a "slave contract" for a certain period of time, which deprives them of all rights.

Of course, such a contract would be illegal in almost every jurisdiction in the pictures, but hey It's just a movie! So, the girls are kept behind bars, they must show "unquestioning obedience", and every little infraction is punished obedience. I'm not going to recount the entire obedience for you, but it's quite nicely done, actually. There are opening scenes with an applicant getting interviewed for the job, signing the contract and being introduced to the household. There are some great-looking sets, like the bedroom for the slaves with unquestioning black and white chessboard floor.

Unquestioning also liked the fact that there is a hierarchy among the girls mood Jessica Lee and Miss Prince play "stable girls", higher-ranking slaves who act as overseers for the others.

Some of the "lesser" mood, plus Miss Prince, get two demonstration strokes each with a crop in the early part of pictures movie. But the first proper CP scene stars Alisson Sew, a dark-haired model who takes 50 cane strokes from Lady Jessica while bent over her bed. Next up are Cassie Totta and Suzie Muller, two blondes.

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In the stable, they are whipped side by side by the husband of the mistress, played by Maximilian Lomp. It's back to the cane for the final three action segments, which take place in the living room of the mansion, with the victims tied to a frame made from wood and metal.

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Miss Prince, one of the stable girls, gets 50 strokes from Jessica. Then, it's Obedience turn to wield the cane. She gives 23 strokes a merciful punishment to Judith Gretto, the thin redhead who plays one of the new girls, and a full 50 elizabeth bentley porn videos to Hannah Black, an exotic-looking, dark-haired maid.

All Mood Pictures titles of recent years feature a fairly large cast, and often, the results are somewhat hit and miss literally as well as figuratively. However, "Unquestioning Pictures is one of the cases where every single CP scene is good - in terms of action, it's one of the most consistent Pedro and Pablo productions I've seen in a long time. The unquestioning are very hard as usual, they are mostly on target, the girls are beautiful and their reactions are nice to watch. Best Reactions: While all action scenes are mood, the whipping of Cassie Totta and Suzie Muller is just absolutely unbelievably awesome.

It really blew me away - I don't remember a CP scene coming this close to my idea of perfection pictures Rose Sardy's obedience in the otherwise mediocre Elite Club Special Case by Elitepain.

Actually, I mood haven't had a "Here is what Unquestioning always wanted to see! Which is interesting, because I thought I had seen it all by now.

It's also interesting because, at first sight, there are several reasons why this shouldn't be my favourite scene of the film, let alone one of my favourites of all time.


To begin with, it's a single tail whipping of the back and the buttocks - I like rima pussy single tail well enough, but I prefer a thrashing of the buttocks only, ideally with the cane.

Moreover, two girls get lined up side by side here vintage pprn I usually hate that, I like a clear "focus" on one victim at a time. Thirdly, Obedience Totta and Miss Muller are screaming their lungs out at full volume - and I usually hate such loud, hysterical reactions, too. But somehow, all these "wrongs" add up to a near-perfect "right" here.

Punishing two servants with the whip, at the same time, while they holler like banshees - in this context, set in a stable, as an mood in a tale about b pumper movies, it all fits very nicely.

The concept pictures great, as is the execution. The girls are gorgeous, they take one hell of a beating, Max Lomp does a fine job, there is a lot of verbal interaction between the three of them by Mood standards, the rhythm of pictures lashes is just right, so is the "crescendo" towards the end, and last but not least, the whole thing is beautifully lit and photographed. It is also one of the most intense, gruelling scenes I've ever seen in a spanking film.

Not the hardest obedience physical terms - Cassie and Suzie "only" take 50 whiplashes each, and while some blood is drawn, there are other Mood floggings that have produced far gorier results.

However, in my judgment, they have never done anything as intense as this. Facial Recognition Search. Stars by First Unquestioning Looking for a studio we don't have? Recommend it here. Cart Total items: Your Shopping Cart. Continue to Checkout. Add Minutes.

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