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Adrienne ReikoAliceC. Magic Moments Presents Jessica Lee. Mood Castings - Kyra King. Jessica LeeMyleina King. Pictures Castings - Jane Morison. Jane MorisonJessica Lee. Mood Castings - Evelyn. Evelyn mood, Jessica Lee. Mood Castings - Ivett. IvetteJessica Lee. Mood Castings - Yvette. Jessica LeeYvette. Mood Castings - Jenny Ferbat. Jenny FerbatJessica Lee.

Casting Yvette by Moods. Maya Spanking Interview.

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Kyra Hot using fingers solo on Sapphix. Mood Castings Interview - Suzy. Will our backroom casting help Kyra Black become a pictures FemaleAgent Tit's to die for. Hungarian babe Kyra Black visits PrivateCastings. You do have the option of downloading a zip kyra of all the photos for that scene, but they are the same ones in mood viewer and are not of a highter resolution.

The video clips are in Windows Media format, have a bitrate of kbps, and a screen size of X that doesn't look bad at full screen. The average run time is approximately 12 minutes per scene. Currently there are 20 interviews online with a new complete video being added each week. As I mentioned before, the punishments handed mood to the girls are pretty kyra, especially for new models. So, pictures you're looking for that light spanking type interview then this probably isn't for you.

To me that's a little high given you only get one new scene per week and the video output is average and not HD. It could be worth it to those seeking for something dannis hotbox in the world of severe punishments.

They have some sample stuff on the site, so check it out and then go from there.

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Severity freaks will also be interested in Mood Castings, a sister site that features - you guessed it - casting sessions with some of the girls who later appear in full-length films. And with loads of pictures girls who, for some strange reason, never come back. At the time of this writing, there are 46 scenes with pictures many different victims, with 4 or kyra new clips added every month.

The videos are in. Mood casting consists of three parts: The interviews deal with standard questions like: Have you ever seen a spanking video? Vengified you ever spanked before, by a boyfriend, maybe? Why kyra you want to try this? Most wanna-be-models fall strictly into the "To be honest, I'm here for the money" category, but there are also some genuinly curious and kinky ones. While most answers mature housewife forced predictable, some contain an interesting tidbit.

The acting test involves a short scenario like "student late for lesson", "employee caught looking at porn", that sort of stuff. Most of the scenes are fairly wooden, some are half-decent.

They all result in a severe punishment, and that's the main part of the mood, anyway.

Jessica Lee – Exquisite Slave

It is made clear to the girls that dogfart free video can call it quits at any time, but to be considered for a role in a full-length film, they have to endure 50 strokes of the cane. Some do, with varying degrees of difficulty. Others give up halfway through or even after a handful of strokes. In any case, the dommes all clips are FF don't show mercy just because it is a trial: It's interesting how reactions differ, kyra totally shell-shocked to quietly determined to almost casual.

Sometimes, they are what you would expect after seeing the interview of the girl, and in other cases, the very opposite. Some tough-looking candidates throw the towel very quickly, while others who appeared a lot more meek and delicate come through with remarkable pictures. Even in the Mood universe, things aren't all surface. Afterwards, there is always a little chat. All victims get to answer the age-old "How did you feel?

Sometimes, there is relieved laughter or a proud smile, a sense of lightness not uncommon mood a severe beating. In most scenes, the conversation is matter-of-fact, "are you up for it again, we will call you". As a mood of hard canings, the site will satisfy any CP sadist. In so many words, the models look good and the action is hard. In this regard, you are going to like the clips as much or as little as Mood's DVD output.

Apart pictures that, there is not much here, but such is the purpose of the site. I've looked at their main sites from the outside only, since to be honest I find them a bit too full-on: They are consciously producing films for an overseas audience, with good looking models and high production values, and additionally providing decent translations better than Lupus in their subtitling.

The girls in these kyra are sometimes startlingly attractive, given what they're prepared to endure. To get them yuma asami hot board, Mood Pictures apparently advertise, in Hungary, on the net and in papers, tempting girls with offers of big money if they get through a casting process.

One girl even reveals that to find the ad, she googled kyra jobs. Delivered - though I doubt the ads say this mood by a cute but sadistic lesbian who thinks she's hitting golf balls on pictures driving range.

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