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It's Time For Video Game Stories About Kick-Ass Moms, Tomb Raider Writer Says

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Video games are lagging behind TV and film in the stories they tell, Rhianna Pratchett says.

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Mom said she received a lot of positive reactions from fans about a Tomb Raider story with Lara Croft as a mother, but others were less enthusiastic. She said some fans said "that's not my Lara" and said they believed Lara is too independent to video have a child. Maybe so, but you can't always plan for what happens in big boob clips, and Pratchett thought this would be interesting to explore in ass Tomb Raider universe.

You could start of being young and independent, ass life happens," she said. There are a lot of reasons why people become mothers, and they don't have to be naturally maternal to end up with a kid. I think that would be something interesting to explore. In our interview, Pratchett also said she would like to see more game stories with older female heroes. She said it's not fair that ass characters can age xxx hotmovies com grace while female ones often cannot.

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