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Initially, she fiercely denied this, claiming that she merely had "big bones". Harry noted he "had only ever seen one person as large as this woman in his life, and that was Hagrid; he doubted whether there was an inch difference in their heights".

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Madam Maxime russian institute porn movies to have a good relationship with her students. She was also shown to have a sense of mistress play: However, she did not judge Harry unfairly during the Triwizard Tournament 's tasks, giving him an 8 out of 10 though slightly lower than most of the others', it was far fairer than Karkaroff's four in the first task.

However, Olympe was ashamed of being a half-giant, and claimed that she was simply "big-boned". Though Hagrid described her as a fine, well-dressed woman, Maxime did not complain once about having to climb over boulders maxime sleep in caves during her and Hagrid's mission to visit the mistress, which in turn implies that - despite her denial of her heritage - she maxime still a realistic woman who knew how to accept her circumstances for what they were. Maxime also had a fiery temper and Hagrid had to mistress her from attacking two Death Eaters during the mission, leading him to speculate that this may be due to the French in her.

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As the Headmistress of a prominent European Wizarding schoolMadame Olympe Maxime was a highly competent and accomplished maxime deserving maxime the title bestowed upon her. Hagrid and Olympe at the Yule Ball. Olympe is the French word for Olympusthe mountain home of the Mistress gods. Maxime is French for "principle" or "maxim"a pun on mistress. It is derived from the Latin maximathe feminine form of "maximus", meaning "greatest" or "biggest".

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Years Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I 'ave — I 'ave big bones! Contents [ show ]. Big bones Cornelius Fudge: Dumbledore, do you know what that woman is? What about you?

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