Medieval flogging

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The women were placed in a public place for additional humiliation and were sometimes beaten. Once the branks was placed on the 'gossip's' head, they would be led through town to show that they had been doing something wrong or scolding too often. This medieval also humiliate them into 'repenting' their 'riotous' actions.

She was sentenced to the brankit and set on the cross for one hour. In Walton on Thames, in England, a scold's bridle is displayed in the vestry of the church.


Medieval Torture

It is datedwith the inscription "Chester presents Walton with a bridle, To curb women's tongues that talk too idle. Variants might be shaped like an animal's head, for example a cow for a lazy-bones, a donkey for a fool, a hare for an eavesdropper or a pig for a glutton. Perillos proposed his idea of a painful means of execution to Phalaris, the tyrant of Akraga. Phalaris liked the idea of the Brazen Bull, and had one made made. Once finished, Phalaris ordered it to be tested on Perillos himself. The Bull was made wholly of brass. It was hollow and furnished with a door in the side.

When a victim was placed inside the brazen bull, he or she was roasted to death by a fire lit underneath it. A system of tubes made the victim's screams sound like an infuriated bull, and also made mamouth tits bull's muzzle snort smoke. In the Middle Ages burning was used both as a form of torture and as a capital punishment.

As a form of torture the victims feet could be held to a fire, or trapped into metal boots that were heated up, or they could be strapped into an iron chair with a fire lit underneath, or red hot irons could be applied.

Metal torture instruments were often heated - pincers, pliers and so on. Burning or molten liquids could also by used, the victims being forced to dip limbs in them or even having them poured down their throats. According to the Talmud, the "burning" mentioned in the Bible sweaty footjob done by melting lead and pouring it down the convicted person's throat, causing immediate death. The particular form of execution by burning in which the condemned is bound to a large stake is more commonly called burning at the stake.

As a form of capital punishment, burning has a long history for crimes such as treason heresy, blasphemy and witchcraft being regarded by the Christian Churches as treason against God. Sodomy was also punished by burning alive, again because it was seen as a crime against God.

Adopting an old Roman practice, the Medieval Church adopted burning as a favoured form of capital punishment. Under the Byzantine Empire, burning was introduced as a punishment for Zoroastrians because of the erroneous belief that they worshiped fire. The Christian Emperor Justinian r. Inthe Roman Catholic Synod of Verona confirmed this form of punishment, legislating that burning was to be the official flogging for heresy, as Church policy was against the spilling of blood.

It was also widely flogging that the condemned would have no body to be resurrected in the afterlife. This decree was reaffirmed by the Fourth Council of the Lateran inthe Synod of Toulouse inand numerous spiritual leaders up to the nineteenth century. Civil authorities burnt medieval judged to be heretics under the medieval Inquisition, Burning was also used by Protestants during the witch-hunts of Europe.

Among the best-known individuals to be executed by burning were Jacques de MolayJan HusSt. If the fire was large for instance, when a large number of prisoners were executed at the same timedeath often came from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning before flames actually caused harm to medieval body.

If the fire was small, however, the convict would burn for medieval time until death from heatstroke, shock, loss of blood or the thermal decomposition of vital body parts. Several records report that victims took over 2 hours to die.

In many burnings a rope was attached to the convict's neck passing through a ring on the stake and they were simultaneously how to find porn actress and burnt.

When this method of execution was applied with skill, the condemned's body would burn progressively in sequence: When the Catholic Inquisitions burned people they generally ensured a good distance between the flames and the victim, so that he or she was actually roasted to death rather than burned to death. In later years in England some burnings only took medieval after the convict had already hanged for half an hour.

In many areas in England condemned woman men were hanged, drawn, and quartered was seated astride my first sexy teacher com small seat called the saddle which was fixed half way up a permanently positioned iron stake.

A similar "seat" resembling a peg flogging be seen between the legs of the male victims in the painting of St Dominic presiding over flogging Auto-da-fe, jaden roxx on the right.

In Britain the stake was about 4 metres high and had flogging hanging from it to hold the condemned woman still medieval her punishment. Having been taken to the place of execution in a cart with her hands firmly tied in front of her she was lifted over the executioner's shoulder and carried up a ladder against the stake to be sat astride the saddle.

The chains were then fastened and sometimes she was painted with pitch which was supposed to help the fire to burn her quicker. Edward Wightman, a Baptist from Burton on Trent, was the last person to be burnt at the stake for heresy in England in the market square of Lichfield, Staffordshire on 11 April Jacques de Molay and another Templar sentenced to the stake infrom the Chronicle of France or of St Denis fourteenth century.

The cat o' nine tails, commonly shortened to the cat, is a type of multi-tailed whipping device that originated as an implement for severe physical punishment, notably in the Royal Navy and Army of the United Kingdom, and also as a judicial punishment in Britain and some other countries.

It traditionally has nine thongs as a result of the manner in which rope is plaited. Thinner rope is made from three strands of yarn plaited together, and thicker rope from three strands of thinner rope plaited together. To make a cat o' nine tails, a rope is unravelled into three small ropes, each of which is unravelled again. There are many variants of the chair, though they all have spikes covering the back, arm-rests, seat, leg-rests, and foot-rests. The number of spikes ranges from to 1, The victim's wrists were tied to the chair or bars pushed the arms against arm-rests for the spikes to penetrate the flesh even further.

In some versions of iron chair, there jemini porn star holes under the chair's bottom where the torturer placed red hot coal to cause severe burns. In other versions weights flogging be placed on the victim's thighs or feet.

In some there were spikes on the head rest. It was a common practice to extract a confession by forcing one victim to watch another being tortured with this instrument. No spikes penetrated a vital organ and wounds were closed by the spikes themselves, this delayed blood loss and ensured a medieval death. Simply restricting movement is a form of torture - the more restrictive the constraint, the more severe the torture.

As with the pillory or the stocks, victim cannot turn to look in certain directions, they cannot open or close windows, Medieval cannot make themselves comfortable by moving or dressing or undressing, or scratching an itch, or moving inside or outside. They cannot make adjustments for heat or cold, or light or dark.

They cannot visit a lavatory. They cannot defend themselves against physical or sexual abuse. They cannot shoo away insects or rats. They cannot eat or drink easily, and in some cases cannot eat or drink at all - leading to death within flogging. In prisons run by Churches, the victims were generally restricted to a diet of stale bread and foul water - in line with a biblical text - and so were effectively condemned to death, since even a diet of good bread and water will sustain human life for only around three months.

How much did medieval teachers beat their students? -

See also Coffin Torture. A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing historically designed for women, to prevent sexual intercourse. Their purpose was to ensure chastity, in order to protect women from rape or japanese massage porm dissuade women and their potential sexual partners from sexual temptation; to this extent. According to modern myths, the chastity belt was used as an anti-temptation device during the Crusades.

Flogging a knight left for the Holy Lands on the Crusades, his Lady would wear a chastity belt to preserve medieval faithfulness to him. There is no credible evidence that chastity belts existed before the 15th century, more than a century after the last Crusade, and their main period of use falls medieval the Renaissance rather than the Middle Ages. Research into the history of the chastity belt suggests that they were not used rarely before the 16th century. Renaissance chastity belts were said to have had padded linings to prevent large areas of metal from coming into direct prolonged contact with the skinand these had to be changed fairly frequently, so that such belts were not practical for uninterrupted long-term flogging. It is debatable whether chastity belts should be counted as torture devices, though continuous long-term wear could certainly have caused genitourinary infection, abrasive wounds, sepsis and eventual death.

Female chastity belt.

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The business end of a chastity belt on display in the Doge's palace, Venice. Here the victim was placed in a cage just big enough to accommodate the body, but not large enough to allow movement. It could also be used flogging a method of execution, the live victim left to starve, or die of thirst, or exposure - generally being hoisted high up to prevent help or rescue.

See also Gibbeting and Iron Maiden. Devices existed for crushing many parts of the body, flogging the most common screw equipment, vices, for crushing limbs. Sometimes the crushing was achieved by hammering wedges into constrained spaces flogging the limbs were confined - see Flogging. Tools resembling nut crackers could also inflict significant pain when applied to various parts of the body.

Denailing-the forcible extraction of the fingernails or toenails, or both, was a favourite method of medieval torture, the quicks under the nails being particularly sensitive. In its simplest form, the torture is conducted by medieval the prisoner on a tabletop and using a metal forceps or pliers often heated red-hot to grasp each nail in turn and tear it from the finger or toe.

A crueller variant used in medieval Spain introduced a sharp wedge of wood or metal between the flesh and each nail. The wedge was slowly hammered ever further under the medieval until it was torn free. Medieval German witch-hunters conducted this torture with rough wooden skewers dipped in boiling sulphur. A number of skewers were slowly driven into the flesh under the prisoner's toenails. Alternately, the skewer could be dipped in boiling oil, which served a dual purpose of burning the incredibly sensitive flesh and lubricating the skewer so that the torturer could more easily explore the surface area beneath medieval nail.

When enough skewers had been driven home to pry each nail loose from its bed, the nail was torn out at the root with a pair of pliers. Although poorly documented, it is clear that some torturers were familiar with a range of drugs that could elicit confessions even when physical torture failed. Medieval monasteries were expert in all kinds of herb, including toxins and hallucinogens. The following is from H. Sidky's Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, Drugs and Disease pp. Drugs administered by torturers and exorcists to produce desired states of mind among their victims and patients, respectively, may prove to be more significant than any opiate of narcotic used by alleged witches.

In his Cautio CriminalisSpee wrote that torture technicians who were unable to extract a confession from their victims forced them to drink a potion which mapouka dance disorders of the brain, thus leading to bizarre confessions.

Similarly, Weyer, in his treatise De Lamiispointed out that confessions to impossible crimes were "elicited by administering potions causing drunkenness or mental disturbance. A similar concoction was employed for the same purpose in the German flogging of Esslingen in Likewise, an accused werewolf from Westphalia, who resisted twenty applications of torture, finally confessed after being forced to imbibe an intoxicating draught.

A comparable incident occurred in Denham, Englandwhen an intoxicating potion was used medieval exorcists to induce their patient into believing that flogging really was possessed.

European torture technicians, we have already seen, had a wide assortment of tools and techniques at their disposal for extracting confessions, ranging from medieval devices designed to inflict gross tissue damage, to psychological flogging physiological techniques, such as solitary confinement and sleep deprivation.

Hallucinogenic or psychotomimetic drugs appear to have been part of this arsenal of weapons at the disposal flogging the interrogators. Although drugs have not proven to be effective tools for "brainwashing," i. Atropine medieval scopolamine, for instance, often produce frightening and disagreeable symptoms, and subjects who have experienced such effects rarely use these drugs a second time.

This may explain why the witches' ointments were applied topically: A person under julia ann hooked on bras influence of Atropine, according to Schenk, "may easily be subordinated to another's will, for he is completely open to influence and will do whatever he is told.

If he has swallowed a great deal of the poison, this state of confusion and sensory derangement leads to a temporary, but acute, mental disorder exactly resembling a symptomatic psychosis. Sudden outbursts of delirium and increasingly intense periods of mania create a terrifying and uncanny clinical picture, which finally ends in convulsions similar to those of epilepsy. Mixtures containing both these drugs, as medieval as those containing extracts of mandrake and datura, which would have had similar effects, were administered to suspected witches prior to torture.

Such drugs, used to induce debility, would, by disrupting the perceptual and conceptual processes, confuse and weaken the victim. The result of such psychochemical torture would be a mixture of fantasy, delusional and hallucinatory memories, interspersed with random real ones, precisely the kinds of confession magistrates and queen of blowjobs technicians sought and obtained.

Again, according to Lewin: Garbed in the flogging, the judge's robe, and the physician's gown, superstitious marie luv pornstar instituted diabolical proceedings in a trial her first bj the devil and hurled its victims into the flames or drowned them in blood. Ducking was a form of punishment that was mainly reserved for supposed witches.

The victim was tied to a chair and elevated by ropes above a pond or river. She was lowered into the water until completely submerged. The chair could be raised if the victim was about to pass out, or to give the victim a chance flogging confess. If the flogging confessed they would be executed. This method was widely used during the Spanish Inquisition and in England and France. It was also used at the Salem Witch Trials in New England, where victims were subjected to varying lengths of time and levels medieval submersion.

The victim was intermittently submerged for hours until he or she confessed, revealed information or drowned. While supposed witches were commonly tortured using this method, thieves and murderers flogging be subjected to it in order to extract a confession. This was more common when other more medieval torture devices were not available. Medieval could be exposed to the elements by restraining them. In winter exposure could cause death, even for example in the stocks or pillory, or tied to a whipping post. In winter a torturer could poured horse cock dildo over a victim's head which eventually became frozen causing flogging victim to die slowly and painfully.

Sometimes the body was left for the winter medieval dissuade any further crimes. Alternatively, The raunchy dirty porn could be buried up to his neck letting any animals, insects or other people kill him slowly. In addition to regular restraint, the gibbet, a medieval basket made of iron or other metal, with holes large enough for arms and legs, but not for an entire body to fit through, would be hung from a pole with a flogging inside it.

During hot days, the metal would heat, causing pain. During cold days and nights, medieval chill, as well as lack medieval protection from the wind, could easily sap a victim's body heat.

Holes in the grating were also big enough to allow carrion birds to enter and pluck at a victim's skin and eyes. Due to its cost efficiency and cruelty, the exposure torture was very widespread in medieval Europe.

The victim's remains often served as a warning gay porn star brad patton the population. In many cases, the victim was sentenced to a short period of exposure, depending on the crime. However, death was frequent since flogging were completely defenceless.

See also Gibbeting and Coffin Torture. Flaying alive, ie removing the skin, has been widely but infrequently employed in Christendom. Rat Torture To force confessions out of a victim a rat would be placed on their stomachs, covered by a pot. Iron Chair A popular torture device, the iron chair was a chair containing hundreds of sharp spikes. The Judas Cradle Perhaps the goriest and mckanzie pierce unpleasant of them all, the Judas cradle forced the victims anus or vagina onto medieval sharp spike, and increased pressure was added sometimes with weights to gradually tear the insides of the victim apart.

Thumbscrew Much as it sounds, this small yet agonising torture device involved placing a screw through the victims thumb and turning. Flogging Flogging was also commonplace.