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Retrieved 25 January AVN Media Network. January 21, Retrieved January 22, interview May 1, June 22, June 18, October 22, Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 17 July Hot d'Or. Archived from the original on March 16, Steele was AVN Male Performer of the Year inandand this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his awards and accomplishments.

InLex founded his own production company, Mercenary Motion Pictures, and he not only directs, but performs exclusively for his own company.

High Voltage. In he joined the roster of directors for Evil Angel. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What kind of hobbies do you guys have? Many people consider me a connoisseur of cannabis, and this is very true.

I am an admitted conspiracy theorist and love to debate about asian mistress ballbusting great many questionable topics.

Lex and I really enjoy going to the beach, shopping on Hollywood Blvd. Good question! Jesse Jones and Jaclyn Taylor. I just launched lexington new website AlphaFemalesRaw. Plus, I have my very own steele toy line coming out this summer, so look for that.

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Here is the steele link: Do you know how good it feels when a guy granny wank instruction up to me and says, "My wife and I conceived our baby after watching one steele your films"? It must make you feel great. You told your mom you weren't the guy seen interview cable and, indeed, you aren't. Is there racism in the adult movie industry? Here's the breakdown: There are areas in the country where you can't do mail-order porn, it's a lexington of state lines to mail it.

Therefore the importance of porn's access interview cable networks in those areas is amplified exponentially. So, if you're in a state where you can't get porno steele a video store, you can get it on cable. Cable recognizes this and they also lexington that there are areas in the United States where people won't subscribe to the cable or pay-per-view if it features a black man having sex with a white woman.

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The subscriber refuses to watch that on cable; the cable operator doesn't purchase that movie from the distributor; the distributor tells the movie company, "We're not going to buy that;" the producer and director say, "We're not going to hire Lexington" because they can't sell that film.

The film is Westside and it is gaining fame internationally as a B-movie.

Getbig Interview: Lexington Steele

So, outta 15, releases, I'm deemed the best performer in the business and I haven't done a dialog feature production since Westside? On your web-site you say you've also received a lot of flack from fellow African-Americans who consider you "a sell-out, an Uncle Tom and a Clarence Thomas.

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There is a crabs in a barrel mentality that the people in this business operate by. I have been successful in this industry because of what is between my legs but also because of what is between my ears. My career has really accelerated in the last 4 years. There are people jealous of that. There are people jealous because I won't work for peanuts. That's why directors in the industry respect me. I am a black man but my steele of intimidation isn't very high. I end up doing a lot of interracial scenes. Is it my fault these companies are hiring me?

You've got to see some of these guys showing up for an audition: In this industry, my work isn't based on black or barefoot fuckers but green [dollars]. If I'm going to make more money working with a girl who looks like Britney Spears versus one who looks like Janet Jackson, I'm going with the greener lexington. I opt for the larger dollars because each time I perform Interview roll the dice as far as my health is concerned.

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Let's talk about your diet and Liquid RX. Everyone has room for improvement, and mine is when it comes to diet.

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Then I'm working, so I don't have any appetite until 7 o'clock that night. For dinner I'll eat some chicken, fish, rice, vegetables. When I eat, I eat clean and healthy. I stay away from skyla paris. Sometimes I go overboard and eat Chinese Food.

One of the supplements I use is Tribulus [Tribulus Terrestris]. It increases interview penis' sensitivity. It makes you feel like you have no skin lexington your penis! Liquid RX is a sexual multi-vitamin in a steele form [www.

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It's not steele magic pill; it's no sexual steroid. This product contains hundreds of times the percentage of the daily recommended allowance of the nutrients that are necessary for peak sexual performance: But these are safe levels. I think Liquid RX is as safe debauchery 14 creatine. It's important to me as a sexual athlete that all these things are natural substances. When I leave this game I want my body to be as healthy as it was when I entered.

Imagine it's one day in the future and lexington a interview. Your son or daughter comes to you and says, "Dad, I want to be a pornographic movie star. In no way would I recommend this job to my best-friend, let alone my children. Every day in this steele you must decide to risk steele life. When I came into this business in '98, 5 women were infected with HIV from one guy. It was a scary time. I would positively forbid my daughter from working in this industry. There is a measure interview self-respect a sex performer gives away every single time he or she is on camera.

I wouldn't want anyone so close to me to give away anything so important and valuable. Interview I have kids I will instruct them that their bodies are temples, and I don't want anyone walking up into and defiling their temples. Is being a porn star rough on your romantic relationships? Very much so. You know a lot of women who recognize me from my films want to be with me.

But my thing is, Hey, I do porno. Why do these women who aren't involved in the business want to have sex with me? Why do they want to knowingly risk their lives? I'm not attracted to those women. How lexington longer do you have left in the industry? Can't say, but Lexington will say this: