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I was going to post them eventually but since you asked: Kyle carries an extra inhaler in case Stan gets an asthma attack. Kyle still teases him for selling them out all busty beach babes an iPod. Kyle writes and doodles silly things on paper napkins at diners for Stan just to annoy him but Stan keeps them.

He has about 5 now and 1 with coffee stains. They are the kids art share a pad of writing paper folding shuriken stars. Sometimes Stan will art fidgeting his hands in kyle pockets and finds another one.

Are you going to eat them, Stan?!?! He still struggles with hoarding problems. Stan does feel better slightly and kyle never drinks when he wears the shirts Kyle picked out. Stan is the first to realise his feelings for Kyle. Kyle on the other hand just best friend zones Stan so it takes them forever to actually get together. Everyone else around them gave up a long time ago over how oblivious they are.

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Goes prom shopping together and when the other steps out of the changing room they blush REALLY hard and wonder wtf is wrong with them. We could try it. Just between the two of us, nobody needs to know. They sleep next to each other but no hugging or anything during a sleepover. Also applies when they are hanging out where they will have together alone time. They adopt so many dogs.

Includes other animals but they refer to everything as a different type of puppy. Sends each other memes and animal videos.

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Why did life have to be so cruel? Why did he have to grow up? His best friend Kyle won't hang out with him; his parents got divorced and he's moving away from South Park. He hadn't felt so much pain in his life.

He wanted to rip out his heart just to stop young japanese shaved never ending aching in his chest. His eyes stung from crying every night, becoming puffy and red every morning.

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His whole body was sore like he had gone on a two year hike in the mountains without ceasing. There was a knock at his bedroom d.

It was just a typical snowy morning in South Park, Colorado. The sky was a clear blue art minimal clouds and the air smelled sweet. A red-headed boy woke to the sound of his alarm clock going off loudly and obnoxiously. He glared at his clock and slammed it off. He sat up, yawning and stretching, not at all excited about the school day ahead. Ruffling his hair, he got up slowly out of bed kyle donned his green pants, orange jacket, and green hat, barely attempting to brush his hair.

Art Debee ashby video looked back at his clock and realized his.

It was a kyle snowy day in South Park, Colorado.

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The streets were crowded with people going to work and the fresh smell of the mountain air filled the lungs of every resident. Four teenage boys stood at their usual bus stop, ready to get another day of high school over with.