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Bezzerides, who a couple years earlier had written the seminal noir mystery On Dangerous Ground. Watch Kiss Me Deadly on Amazon. But then Bezzerides starts to stray, and stray wildly.

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Movies the novel, Hammer finds himself running up against your standard issue thick necked mobsters. Apart from the dirty commie thugs with their pliers and assorted other hand tools, Hammer himself spends much of the film wandering around LA beating the crap out of everyone from knife-wielding hoods to meek city coroners half his size.

For a good guy, he sure does his share of threatening, intimidating and blackmailing to get what he wants. Also shocking for the times, we learn in no uncertain terms exactly how he goes about handling those sleazy divorce cases. Drama Romance. The Hairdresser's Husband Comedy Drama Romance. Proof Lone Wolf McQuade Killer Kiss Crime Thriller. Whore Eating Raoul Comedy Crime. Booty talk 14 Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Night of the Comet Comedy Horror Girl.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Julie Carmen Teresa Robert Beltran Tony Montero Guy Boyd Ramon Charles Boswell Dennehy Sam Vlahos Father Dominguez Brad Blaisdell Tom A.

Kiss Me Deadly remains the greatest hardboiled apocalyptic sci-fi noir ever.

Pedro Ray Victor Carlos Tony Rael Ruben Addison Cook Painter Pancho Sanchez Pancho Sanchez Marita De Leon Girl entering club Monica Sanchez Girl entering club Armando Morales Circle Club Nude hot mom Rudolph is revealed to be Casanova's partner.

Casanova escapes, while Rudolph is shot by Cross. Cross rescues the kidnapped women, including Naomi. Later, Kate invites Cross to dinner at her house. Ruskin drops by Kate's house and sends home the two officers guarding her. While Cross is at home preparing to meet Kate for dinner, he discovers that Ruskin's signature on the arrest warrants matches Casanova's handwriting.

Cross tries calling Kate to inform her, but Ruskin has already disconnected her phone line. Kate becomes suspicious of Ruskin while conversing with him. He then drops his accent, revealing he is Casanova.

After a fight and attempted rape, Kate manages to handcuff him to the oven. Ruskin slashes Kate's arm girl a kiss knife. In attempting to free himself, Ruskin pulls the oven away from the wall, rupturing the gas pipe. Ruskin takes out a lighter, threatening to cause an explosion due to the leaking gas. Cross shows up and tries to discourage Ruskin.

When this fails, Cross shoots Ruskin, firing through a milk carton to avoid igniting the gas. Cross comforts Kate as the police arrive. Principal photography began on April 16, The film shot two weeks on location in North Carolina on the streets of Durhamin nearby county parks, and outside a Chapel Hill, North Carolina residence. The police station was constructed in a downtown Durham warehouse. Designed by American production designer Nelson Coates, the majority of the sets, including the tunnels and underground chambers, were constructed in sound stages on the Paramount Studios lot.

Movies was completed on July 10, The film premiered at the Deauville Film Festival in September before opening on 2, screens in the US the following month. An intriguing, wonderfully subversive blend of art and commerce, Kiss Me Deadly is an influential noir classic. Rate this movie.

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Regal Coming Soon. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. The actors' idiosyncratic voices, wrapped around such chrome-plated poetry as "the great whatsit" and girl are as hauntingly musical as Aldrich's images. Richard Brody. This independently produced movies film was a shining example for the New Wave directors -- Truffaut, Godard, et al -- who found it proof positive that commercial films could accommodate the quirkiest and most personal of visions.

Dave Kehr. The trail leads to a series of amorous dames, murder-minded plug-uglies and dangerous adventures that offer excitement but have little clarity to let the viewer know what's going on. Variety Staff. A crucial influence barefoot sluts what would kiss the French new wave, an irresistibly seedy trip through the Los Angeles underworld, and a valuable artifact of Cold War anxiety.

Jessica Winter. It's not the greatest thriller ever, but Kiss Me Deadly is classic film noir. Roger Moore. It's not a horror movie by any means, but like a good horror movie it has images and tiny loose ends that make sense on a subconscious level. Mick LaSalle. The kind of films which takes your breath away and makes you grateful for independent booty juice 8. Rob Aldam.

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer represents the deformed endproduct of a thousand s tough-guy movies, transformed by now into a leisure-oriented s man more interested in his hi-fi and his sports car than in heroics. Geoffrey O'Brien. Aldrich's annihilating masterpiece, one of the decade's key works.

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Fernando F. In the years since its release, Kiss Me Deadly has been copied so many times that many of its boldest elements are familiar, but they've done little to dull its overall impact. Sean Gandert. The plot of the book is jettisoned for something altogether more terrifying and mysterious: Possession of a box that glows from within every time it is opened, however briefly. If that sounds like Pulp Fiction, well, it is, only 40 years earlier.

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Eric Melin. Kiss Me Deadly was so far out there that it is usually viewed as an end point to the classic film noir cycle. Christopher Long. Top Box Office.

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