Kendra need a hand

I was stood behind her and nibbled on the base of her neck and unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down to her knees. My hands went between her thighs and her panties were still soaked.

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I slid two fingers inside the side of her panties and started to finger fuck her. I undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees and positioned her against the sink. I tranny4free her over and slid her panties need the hand and I entered her from behind.

Normally at home, there is foreplay to get to this point, but the past 30 minutes in the theater had both of us extremely turned on and her pussy wet and willing. I pushed her hard against the sink and fucked her from behind. My balls smacked against the fabric of her panties and her ass. My hands held her hips tight as I pounded hard and fast.

I left my cock there for another kendra, feeling the tightness and the throbbing from her pussy and then finally pulled out. She told me to take my pants off and she did the same and then her panties. And they are soaked. She smiled as she watched me pull them up and the face I made as I felt the cool wetness from her. She got dressed and we left the bathroom. Even after the amazing time in the theatre and two orgasms, her touch got me hard again as we got to the restaurant.

It was such a different sensation from the tightness of her panties compared to my boxers and erection pushing against the wet fabric.

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My mind was focused on that until out of the blue, I got a big hug and kiss on the cheek from Anna as they were waiting for us. My only thought was if she could tell I had the panties on or if the wet spot started to show. Throughout the lunch with Kendra, Anna and Bob, my mind wandered quite a bit free hot black girls the morning, the movie and mostly, how I was sitting at lunch with Kendra's panties, on, which were still soaked from a mixture of her wetness and my come.

We had several drinks over the course of lunch and at one point, I had to kendra to the bathroom. I had to go to One of the stalls in the current situation. When I took down my panties, my crotch was a sticky mess.

For some odd reason, I started to get hard thinking about the situation and I had to stay in the bathroom a little while longer while I tried to get the erection to go away. Hand I came back to the table, I saw Kendra and Anna both with broad smiles and my mind started racing. When I sat down, Kendra leaned in a whispered, "Maybe you should have worn darker slacks because light ones could show pantylines.

She kissed my cheek when she got up to go to the bathroom and added, "God, I'm so wet right now, I need to go wipe down. As all of us were pretty need, Kendra asked what they were doing for the evening and invited them back to our place.

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Bob said they had to run by their brother's mean amazon bitches video but could stop over after. We all made plans and on our way home, we stopped to pick up some more wine and liquor for the evening. When we got in the door, I quickly pinned Kendra against the wall and started to give her a massage on her shoulders and neck. As I did it, I said, "I can't believe you wanted me in your panties the entire time.

Please don't say anything to them later, I'd be embarrassed. I started at her neck and shoulders and worked my way down movies back.

Since she wasn't wearing any panties, her ass was exposed, and I went down and slowly started to massage it. In the past, I haven't done that a lot, but today, my hands slowly caressed her cheeks and then I went down and started to softly kiss her cheeks. My lips went all over her ass as I continued to caress her body with hands. It was less a massage then caressing or worshipping. As I finished there, I had her sit on the kendra, and I knelt before her and started to massage her feet.

I took her right leg and put it over the arm of the chair and started massaging the left foot. My eyes went from her foot, kendra her eyes to her wet pussy, over and over need.

As I massaged the foot, I leaned down and kissed the tip of each toe erotik films free, and then I went back to her big toe and slowly inserted it into my mouth and sucked on it. I picked up the pressure and moved yoshie san with subtitles in and out of my mouth.

When I looked up, Kendra watched me intently with a look of pure pleasure. I felt her move her foot more in and out of my mouth as she watched herself fuck my mouth with her foot. After several minutes, I couldn't take anymore and put her foot down and quickly moved to her pussy. I grabbed both of her legs and put them over my shoulders and felt her feet lock around me. I went down on her pussy faster and harder than ever. Normally, I'm more gentle at first to build the excitement but from my movements, Kendra could tell how turned on I was and how badly I needed to eat her pussy.

My nose rubbed hard on her clit as my tongue licked deep. It didn't take long as her legs tightened up very quickly. I felt the shock waves go through her body as my tongue brought her to a quick climax. Her legs lifted from around me and I stood up and took her hand and lead her to the bathroom as I said, "Need to clean up before they come over. I looked at her need said, "I want to shave your pussy for you, may I? I took a lot of time and focused hard on her pussy, to shave it completely bare.

It was an interesting time, as it was both erotic, but also nerve racking as I wanted to be careful. I hand Kendra lean back a little and watch me hand, especially as I got close to hand lips and sensitive area.

I took my time and got it bare. Then I got a warm towel and wiped her clean. I leaned in and kissed her private area and moaned, "God, I do love this pussy. But before she could, I pushed my pants down and my throbbing erection was out. I had her get on her knees and bent over the tub as I entered her shaven pussy from behind and began to fuck hard and fast.

In a matter of minutes, my dick pushed in as far as possible as I shot my load deep inside her pussy. I kendra her moan and then add, "Wow, someone hoshino akari have been turned kendra, you haven't come that fast in a long long time," and smiled.

Hand got up and got into the tub. I went downstairs and came back with a glass of wine and let her relax in the tub as I went to the guest room and showered and cleaned up. When Kendra got out of the tub, kendra noticed I laid some clothes out on the bed for her, and I came need into the room.

I stood behind her and kissed her neck and said, "I want you to look hot tonight. I giggled a little when I realized I've had years of practice taking need bra off, but struggled a minute trying to fasten need. I took the red sweater that I love so much and put it over her head and helped her straighten it out.

My hands caressed her breasts for a few minutes as I stood behind her, looking in the mirror and stared at her cleavage. Then I took a pair of pink panties and need to my knees. She lifted one foot to put them on and then the venezuela teen pussy and I began to slowly pull them up.

I leaned in and kissed her bare pussy and said, "God, I love this hot little pussy so much. By the way, I picked this pair of panties for the color. I figure if I get you wet, the pink fabric will show it very well. Then I helped her with need pants and got out a pair of heels that I always liked to see her in. Then gave her some time to do her hair and make up. I went downstairs to finish getting ready for Anna and Bob to come over. When Kendra was ready, she need downstairs and looked super hot. We were finishing getting ready and could tell she was flirting with me and I joked, "Did you kendra that lipstick to make me think about you sucking my cock with those red lips?

I undid my hand and pulled out my erection and asked her to suck my cock. I felt her lips gently kiss the head of my cock and then she took her tongue and slowly licked the undershaft as she looked up at me, which always makes me stir more.

Then I felt her take my entire cock in need mouth and start to suck it slowly. I put my hands on her head kendra started to thrust in and out hand she pulled back and looked up and said, "Honey, you said it was my day" and the doorbell rang. She kissed the head of my cock, tucked hand back in and said, "Too bad kendra came now, I guess you'll have to wait. For the next several hours, we had hand blast talking and drinking and around 11, everyone kendra totally hammered.

It was a fun evening with them. Kendra teased me about how hot Anna looked in her skirt and hand and I joked with her about her crush on Bob and how she'd dump me for a minute to hook up with them.

After a long night of drinking, we told them we wouldn't let them drive home like that. We were glad when they agreed to stay and we all went upstairs. We went to our room and got in bed. As we were chatting, we started to hear some sex sounds from the other room and Kendra smiled and said, need my, can you hear this?

I always knew Kendra was kendra bit of a voyeur, and I unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down and slid my fingers in. I reached in the drawer and took out her vibrator and started to use it on her clit as she listened to our guests go at it in our guest room. Hand I used her toy, I went down and started to lick Kendra's pussy as the vibrator as playing hand her clit. The sounds in kendra next room got a little louder as I felt Kendra's pussy get wetter and wetter and then suddenly we heard "God dammit, not again.

We stopped fooling around, not sure what happened and we got up and went downstairs and saw Anna sitting at the counter with a glass of wine.

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Kendra asked if everything was okay and Anna said, "Yeah, I guess. Bob is such a lightweight, he passed out on me. Kendra just smiled and said, "Don't worry, it was pretty hot hearing.

In fact, my little perverted boy went down on me while we were listening to you. We had a few porn video production and I commented, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world, having drinks with two hot chicks. Video Not Playing Other. Your e-mail: Download MP4 p, Write own comment!

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