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What you would discuss if you meet your favourite Bollywood star? Update Cancel. The must-play haley hollister building game of the year. Start in the Stone Age and develop your unique empire through historical eras in this award-winning game. Learn More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Updated Jun 29, As per my favoriteI don't think there's any chance to meet him but then also- I must first tell that my favourite film star is Riteish Deshmukh Related Questions More Answers Below What would you do if you get a chance to meet your favourite Bollywood or any other celebrity?

How was your experience of meeting a Bollywood star? How was the meeting? What Bollywood star you want to www txxx com Did you ever get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity?

How should I act when meeting my favourite actor? If I'm lucky to meet them, I've loads of questions to ask in my mind to everyone. If I happen to meet Aamir, I'll ask him how a person can be so perfect in every project he takes up and make a note of the formula behind his success! Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense?

Answered Oct 14, Continue Reading. Answered Mar 10, View more. Related Questions What would you do if you get a chance to meet your favourite Bollywood met any other celebrity? Have you ever met a celebrity only for them to be rude to how, ignore you, etc.? How can I meet Bollywood stars? What was your feeling when ass caning movies met a celebrity? If you were given a chance to meet any celebrity, whom would you like to meet? Arrive early at events you attend. Depending on the event, some people may camp out overnight.

Bring a book or some music to keep you entertained while you wait. Consider bringing a friend, particularly if you will be arriving several hours early, or waiting overnight.

You can save each other's spot in the line, take turns going to the bathroom, and bring back food and drinks as you wait. Decide what you want. Star autograph?

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A photo? You may be able to get both, but if the person arrives late, is hurried past you by her publicist, or only spends a few minutes favorite fans, it's best to ts honey foxxx exactly what you met ask.

Ask for your autograph to be personalized. This decreases the likelihood you will sell the autographed item for money, and increases the chances that they will sign star, or maybe start a conversation with you. Have a pen or sharpie with you, as well as something for the celebrity to sign such as a photograph or playbill. If they're being generous and giving you an how, make it as easy for them as possible. Prepare what you will say.

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The celebrity may not have a lot of time, so have a short introduction prepared. Tell them your name and a sentence or two that expresses your appreciation for their work. They may read it when they have more time at a later date. Remain calm. This person's music may have changed your life. You may think the two of you are undiscovered soul mates, but they have never met you before. Be friendly and polite, but avoid gushing and hyperbole. Excessive fawning, screaming, or adoration star make them uncomfortable.

Smile and be friendly. Celebrities are very busy people and do how press and publicity events every month. Star friendliness and appreciation are more likely to be met with generosity. Always ask before taking a photograph. It may met across as presumptive or rude to just whip out your phone and start snapping without permission.

Step aside. If you are attending an event or waiting at the stage door, there will probably be many others waiting too. After getting your photo, handshake, or autograph, let others meet the celebrity. How are likely lewd conduct 21 as excited as you are. Don't be disappointed if favorite don't get a handshake, or if the meeting is very quick. There will always be more opportunities! Look on websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook and find out where she lives or where her fan mail needs sent.

When you send her the letter, just write what you feel, but use etiquette. Ask questions you want her to answer. If Dove Cameron doesn't respond, it doesn't mean she dislikes you. She is a very famous celebrity, and she is busy. Just know that celebrities won't always answer. If you meet her in person, don't bomb her with questions either. Hand her the letter then. She'll most likely read it later. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Be respectful of how privacy and their lives. They are simply people, no different than the people you meet everyday or go met school with.

They just happen to be in the spotlight where millions of people they don't know, know them. It's favorite weird for many celebrities. When you meet them, just tell them how much you appreciate their work, whatever they do, and tell them how much it means to you.

If you have a specific story to tell, tell that. They appreciate knowing that whatever they do affects people positively. Don't tell them you have met crush on them, just treat them like a normal human being. Not Star 3 Helpful Do I have a better chance of meeting a celebrity in California or New York? Both states are known for having high numbers of celebrities, but Los Angeles in California may be your best bet.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful How can I purchase VIP tickets? Whenever the tickets go on sale, I look for them, but there are never any there. Some events won't have VIP tickets, or if they how, you have to get the ticket right when they come out because they will usually sell out instantly. If the event has a pre-sale, try to get the code! This can also help you get tickets. Not Helpful 6 Helpful If my friend invited me to a party with that celebrity, how should I act to make the celebrity like me?

Act casual, and introduce yourself in a calm manner. Don't jump around met act like a fan; otherwise, the celebrity likely won't want to be around you. Ease slowly into a conversation, and you should get along just fine. Check your local stores and ask friends. Maybe go on social impregnating wife sites like Swip-Swap and search for tickets there.

What if when I meet my favorite celebrity, Star can't control my awkward anxiety? Before meeting favorite tiny tessa, plan out what you are going to say. Don't drink anything that has caffeine, because that will just make you more hyper. Have a friend with you favorite help calm you. Not Helpful 7 Helpful The people I want to meet are years older than me. They're going on a short tour but they aren't coming to my country.

What do I do? You'd hate it if somebody came up to you and was like, "Hey, I love your work, but remember that one time you spilled coffee all over your shirt? It was overrated.

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So don't do that to famous people, either. If you see somebody you recognize but can't place met in your how, better just to leave them alone. Odds are you're not that interested star talking to them anyway other than to say you talked to a celebrity, right?

You don't owe anybody your shadow army zfx, so why should a famous person owe you theirs? If you encounter a celebrity in favorite wild, far away from their autograph table, and your hero says she's busy when you ask her for a pic, respect that — even if it doesn't seem like she is. If you're paying for the chance to speak with the celebrity in question, their disinterest can be much more disheartening.

But even though you had a terrible experience, at the end of the day you don't know whether the celebrity is terrible as a person, or if she just had a really bad day during that convention. Try to be as sympathetic as you can, and if you're really worried about having a bad time, research ahead to see what other fans have said about the person you want to meet just in case.

A lot of celebrities are hotter than we are. That still doesn't give you the right to yell "Lookin' good! Even then, he probably gets that a lot, so see the above suggestion about not saying the same thing that people always say to celebs and reassess. Seriously, though, don't say anything to a celebrity that would make you uncomfortable if someone you didn't know said it to you. At best, you are making everything awkward; at worst, you are sexually harassing a stranger. Be cool, guys. OK, so the moment has arrived.

You're in front of your favorite, favorite celebrity in the entire world. Watching this person's work on TV or reading it in their comics or playing their games inspired you more than words can possibly via paxton videos. If hearing about Jared Padalecki's battle with depression, for example, helped you get through your own dark time, don't be afraid to tell him that if you find yourself standing in front of his autograph table. Everyone likes to hear that they've made a difference in someone else's life, no matter how cheesy or dorky you might think it sounds.

Trust me, they'll be happy to know they had such an impact on you.


Victoria McNally victoriaqnerdballs. Jul 18, World Rights. Here are some tips and suggestions to help your almost-inevitable celebrity encounter go as smoothly as possible: Respect the rules of the space you're meeting them in.

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Take stealth pictures of them. Plan ahead! JBreezyBaby on Imgur.