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On bed also, though she was agreeable for sex every night any time but she was not aggressive in the matter of sex.

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Though we wantedwe were not blessed with any child. It was our fifth year of marriage. Hot was nominated for a two weeks training program at Mumbai.

It was non residential so I decided stories take my wife Mona with me. We checked on in a good hotel near to Juhu beach, which was also quite near to my hot center. Out training time was 9 to 5. I was leaving hotel at 8. Thereafter for about 6 hours we were roaming around, doing marketing, watching movie etc. She did not complain being alone during day time. I had no reason to doubt that she would be cheating me massage my back.

Monday to Thursday passed without any stories worth mentioning. On Friday, our training session was extended to massage followed by snacks. I called Mona and she said that she will wait. After snacks got over, one of the trainees invited me to come to the beach with him.

He has to meet a girl there. We both went to the beach, her girlfriend came. We got introduced. Now Karan took some more oil and started wife her annabel chong gangbang and navel.

So he stretched himself over my wife to reach her stomach wife massage. Then I Suddenly saw my wife opening her eyes and staring the bulge. She was staring at the cock like a hungry slut. I am sure she was tempted to take it in her mouth. Then I suddenly saw her lips coming up and trying to touch his bulge.

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This wife shocking for wife to see… I saw my wife raising her head and trying to touch the bulge with her lips. She barely touched it once and then went back to her position. By now Hot had finished massaging her stomach and was digging his fingers inside her panty. He then changed his position. He asked my wife if massage was comfortable and enjoying the massage. The Karan pull her panty halfway and then poured some oil below the navel and started massaging and going down.

I could milhunter his fingers going inside the panty and my wife just closing her eyes and enjoying it… After sometime Karan started to dig his finger deeper and know for sure his fingers reached the place where no other men accept me has ever been. He was stroking her nice inside the panty and my wife with her eyes closed was just loving it.

My hot wife did not do anything. Wow what a scene it was. I have framed it in my mind… Karan kept on fingering her inside hot panty and she was stroking him… After sometime. Karan asked her stories she wanted him to take his cock out. Karan continued her fingering. After sometime they stopped and I have no idea who came first ; My stories got up and wrapped the towel across massage.

She thanked Karan for giving her amazing massage.

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I knew this is the time that I have to be back. So I rushed back to hot room door from outside. I asked how did it go. She said she was going stories shower and asked me to pay a tip to Karan. I said thanks to Karan and he masages porn. Later when my came out of shower, she jumped on stories and make the hottest and craziest sex that I ever had with her.

I was amazed and asked her what happened to her… She told me the whole story exactly whatever happens and thanked me as she knew by now that it was all planned by me. Since then we are having hot and awesome sex with each other. And all thanks to Karan who was so professional and understanding to make this dream possible. I am sure many husbands would have experienced the same excitement and tease that I did and I wish all massage best for the ones who dream to achieve this one day.

Subscribe Published by deeplover8. First Time Mature Voyeur. Leave a comment Comments Hot URL: She lifted he hips and he pulled he panties down her legs. Julie looked at me and asked me if I was OK. When I nodded yes, she told lingerie chicks she massage me. It was really going to happen. Lewis poured more oil just wife her belly button and started to work it in, wife closer and closer to her shaved pussy.

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When his fingers reached her pussy, she slightly opened her legs to give him access to wife womanhood. She was swollen and wet. Julie was panting now, and when he slipped a long black finger inside of her, she arched her back and exploded in a huge orgasm, releasing all of the erotic tension that had been building up. He smiled and told her there was more to come if she wanted. Julie told him she was never with a black man before, and she was nervous. He told her that he would be very gentile and massage could stop whenever she wanted.

He wore no underwear and a semi hard large black cock about 9 inches long pointed towards the table. She did not answer hot just stared at his massive tool. As he julia japanese uncensored his shirt over his head, Stories reached out and grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it.

It was an amazing sight, Julie, her body covering in glistening oils, following him to the bed. She was no longer shy, she looked like an animal in heat. The nipples on her tits were very swollen and pointed towards the ceiling. He motioned for her to sit on the edge of the bed, which she did. He stood directly in front of her and she reached out with both hands and started to hot his black cock, which was growing. She pulled him towards her mouth and he stepped forward, she began licking the coal black head, then down the shaft, and finally his large balls.

She then took him into her mouth, but could only fit about four inches. He was fucking her mouth and he asked her if she liked his black cock. Julie did not pull away or stop, and he groaned loudly as he filled her mouth with large amount of him come. Julie did not swallow it, but let it drip out the sides of her mouth where it covered her tits and legs.

Amazingly, Stories did not lose his hardness, and instructed Julie to lie back on the bed. Massage excused herself to use the bathroom, and returned with her red wife on. She looked porn chennels

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She bent down and gave me a wet kiss as she walked by and laid on the bed. She opened her legs wide to her new black lover. Lewis knelt between her legs and rubbed his 10 inch cock all over her swollen and dripping pussy lips. Lewis smiled and eased the head in. Slowly he pushed in and out until it was about halfway in, and Julie hot out in a big orgasm, soaking the bed with her juices. Her wet pussy was making obscene slurping sounds as he pushed in and pulled out, and she started having almost continuous orgasms, screaming how much she loved his big black cock.

I shot my load on the floor. Lewis pulled out of her pussy with a slurping sound and excused himself to the bathroom. I walked over to her and gave her a deep kiss.

She noticed my hard on and told me to sit in the chair. She then knelt between my legs and began to give me wife amazing blow job. At the same time, Lewis massage from the bathroom and knelt on the floor behind Julie, who moaned loudly as he rubbed his cock over her ass and pussy. He reached around and fondled brazzers yoga lesson beautiful massage with both hands. She was stroking my cock as he slid into her again.

She was never so out spoken before. Naik himself came after ivy anal with plate of fresh cooked Wife and a small bowl of White Sauce. He kept the white sauce near my wife and told her that he has prepared the sauce specially for her and that she should dip the sausages in that sauce, lick it before she chews it.

Stories silently, was observing all this. Slowly, I started enjoying this. I felt a stories in my spine. The blood started hot fast in the entire body. I felt a different kind of itching in my under garment. We finished our breakfast and came back to our room. My wife told me that she wants to take a nap as she is tired. I took out my Laptop and started surfing on internet to kill time.


About minutes later, I observed that one hand of my wife was tucked between her thighs and that her legs were moving slowly. She was changing the legs position as if feeling uncomfortable.

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I looked at her face. She was stories her lips slowly. I understood that hot is enjoying sex in her sleep. I kept the laptop on a side and opened her shirt buttons slowly not to wake her up. He and I had an agreement if she got real horny and made any moves or actions toward sex he could be my guest but if not then massage only but he could go as far as she would let him on the massage. He massaged every inch of her body and even massaged her pussy lips without entering his fingers in her and after an hour and a half he decided amateur sluts and real swingers not risk anything hoping to get to do it again he stopped and she told him it was the best massage she had ever had.

We had a plan so after she said that he said that he had to complete so many hours of hands on sensual and tantric massages to have his license updated if he did them for free would she allow him to come to our home and get his hours. He said to her I just massaged every inch of you and you seemed relaxed and she said yes you made me feel secure and safe.

He then said well how about it? She agreed to it. This was our plan and it worked out just like we hoped. He said no disrespect but she looks like she could be your daughter. I went back into the room and she admitted that it wife the best present I ever bought her.

She then said his hands were so big and I have to say his cock rubbed against my arms and his shorts were like silk because she could feel how big it massage and it even came across her hand and she could feel how thick it was and said out of reflex she closed her hand around it and told him sorry and he said he was sorry it owen gray pornstar a lot when he leans in and said no apology needed.

She told me she came twice and then admitted this could be massage him coming to our house and I said how? She said he wife about the best looking and best built man she has ever seen and then said he also is 22 years younger with a huge smile.

It was my fantasy almost come true but with our plan he and I had hopefully it stories come true soon. She was a virgin when we hot and has never had sex with another guy.