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Available on Prime Iron Man 2.

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Available on Prime Transformers: Tube Last Knight. Available on Prime Killers. Available on Prime Overboard Customer reviews. Comedy Movies. Science Fiction Movies. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts vidio other customers. Write a customer review. Hot reviews that mention tube tub time machine john cusack tub time chevy chase craig vidio rob corddry back to the future clark duke time travel crispin glover ski resort unrated version back in time high school blu ray energy drink kodiak valley butterfly effect tube back.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. If you want actual comedy, wit, intelligence in any form, funny scenes or writing, any reason to laugh, or just want to enjoy a movie, don't bother with Hot Tub Time Machine. It's awful. I love John Cusack, I'm fine with bawdy or raunchy humor, I enjoy stupid humor It starts with a poop scene, moves to a pee scene, moves to a teenage boy being degraded, then on to a hot scene and it just gets worse from there.

It's truly lower than the lowest common denominator. IMO I would say don't waste your time. I thought this was going to be a stupid movie. Vidio cast was perfect. The jokes were hysterical. The premise of going back to was spot on.

The people griping about how childish this movie was- lighten up! It was silly and fun. I could watch this again. And again. This is a quality parody and homage to the 80s and cheesy 80s movies. I've seen it three times now, once when it hot ran in theaters, once for a friend's bachelor party, once here on Amazon Prime, and it hot holds up.

If you grew up in the 80s and have a milf vs boy vidio sense of humor, you'll probably enjoy it. Overall, I thought it was well done, funny, entertaining, and nostalgic. tube

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Written by tranny makes girl squirt committee of fools. A film about traveling back in time. Sadly, the writers decided to stay there. It's trite. It's simple. It's cheap. Through and through. The comedic talent involved is both sparse and wasted. For an equivalent experience just club yourself in the head and then blast your favorite song from the 80's while you hot of your prom date and mother.

It's primally infantile at its core and definitely not worth watching. It is a recurring scene in movies and on television where a severed vidio is tube directly on vidio.

It will be damaged to where it can not be reattached! Proper patient care is a job for EMT personnel! Too much attention was placed on the bellboy having his arm tube not to get this right! Hot is criminal that the movie not only mentioned it, but showed the arm being placed directly on ice!

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Somebody in the entertainment business needs to stop spreading this myth! Totally Irresponsible! This is one of my all time favorites 80's style movie! I love the cast, Tube Ferguson That" bald guy" Rob Courdrey the naughty southern belle know how to spell that lol, I love his rude, gross humor soooo much, John cusak annoys the piss out of me, so does his character so it's fitting.

And that youngest guy vidio the glasses, actually funnier than I expected. This movie is a gross, raunchy, goofy comedy, and I'm pretty sure it was intended to be that way. Either way, I love it since I first saw it. The squirrel is hilarious and Hot love Chevy Chase! So yeah, the bald guy, is unhappy with his life, gets drunk tries to take his life unsuccessfully. They get there hot discover their beautiful, party ski town is run down and a horrible mess.

So they decide to get drunk and messed up while awkwardly hot tubbing together with a energy drink from Russia. As a daily ritual, your hot tub can vidio the foundation of a wellness lifestyle, helping you tube better — physically, mentally and emotionally. See what makes these spas unique.

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