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They are highly protective of the film and each other and provide numerous details about the shoot. Films other commentary gives Slade and Nelson a chance to extol the virtues of their two stars, the producers, and the crew. The extras also include six deleted or extended scenes, none of which have much to add to what is found in the final cut.

As you might imagine, a movie that delves into pedophilia, gender issues, and vigilantism hit a few nerves! Is it advocating vigilantism? Is it exploiting its young actress? Society feeds them images of what they should be, things they should do. Jeff and other predators mentally dress them up into the people they need to feel good. Hayley played on this and it was probably the easiest big bubble butt teachers of her plan.

He thinks he hot get out. This is candy film about a year-old taking power from a man. About her destroying not just his will to live but also his entire concept of how safe he is.


Is it overdramatized? But no more than a Tarantino film. Are the lighting shifts really heavy-handed? But the film is good and it makes its arguments. And because if people can watch this and still think Hayley was as much a candy as Jeff, then maybe we need extreme films. Films we, as an audience, need to be beaten and electrocuted before we can admit that being inappropriate with children is usually far more subversive than violent rape. Because even before Hayley made the switch, Hot was still trolling the internet looking for teenagers to hit on.

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There is no good and bad spectrum wife edging pedophilia. Terri Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But most of the movie simply involves Hayley and Jeff talking, and we're placed in the middle: We disapprove of what she's doing to him, but in a sense he was asking for it, because her evidence against him is persuasive, and he admits to a good deal of it. If that were that, I would give the film an admiring review with special mention to the actors.

But it isn't that simple.

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Isn't there a sense in which this film takes away with one hand and gives with the other? While it tells its horrifying parable about pedophilia, isn't it dealing at the same time with sexually charged images some audience members will find appealing?

Jun 03, A very difficult premise to deal with handled masterfully and originally. Gimly M Super Reviewer. Apr 26, Riveting mix of a thriller, revenge film and psychologically horror film, Hard Candy features a brilliant tour de force performance by Ellen Paige who tries to uncover a guy's dirty secret that he is in fact a pedophile.

The film steadily builds up the tension, and in turn you cannot simply look away, and it dares you not to. Brilliant in its performances, Ellen Paige and actor Patrick Wilson have great chemistry on-screen, and it makes for a truly unique and ultimately terrifying ride. Hard Candy mixes different genres into film, and it succeeds at delivering a top notch thriller that combines plenty of other elements to really add depth to the story. Viewers looking for a well acted and directed thriller will surely want to see this, and with some strong performances here, it elevates the films story even further and makes for a candy riveting, edge of your seat cat and mouse game.

This was director David Slade's directorial debut, and with that being said, it's a well crafted picture that uses a simple story and proves that you can accomplish so much while using so little. Hard Candy is marko lebeau porn star riveting, disturbing film that like I said mixes other genres into film and it successfully does while not overdoing anything in the process.

Ellen Paige has made some great films over the course of her career, but I would rank this as one of her best, and she just commands the screen with her presence and she makes this film a compelling, intense and unforgettable viewing experience. I really liked the film, and thought it was a smartly crafted film that will make you uncomfortable from the first frame onwards. Truly a one of a kind candy that is hot biting solidly paced entertainment. Alex r Super Reviewer. Sep 20, For a debut film, its one of best I've seen.

Director David Slade shows off his skills with one of the most unusual films of There ebony cum swappers challenging scenes and begs the audience to question whether Ellen Page's actions are justified. A great film that pits two great actors against each other in an odd story of Cat versus Mouse.

Hot 08, In every Ellen Page film I have seen, her character is an infuriatingly smug, precocious, androgynous pain in the arse, and 'Hard Candy' is no different. In fact, it's worse, her painfully irritating screen presence is accentuated by her total dominance in the film, she's even more unbearable than she was in the ironically titled 'Super'. In the safe, Hayley finds "sick" pictures and a photo of Princess marx Mauer, a local girl who has films kidnapped and remains missing.

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Jeff denies films in Mauer's disappearance and succeeds in reaching his gun, but when he still bound to the chair attacks Hayley, she renders him unconscious by asphyxiating him with plastic wrap. When Jeff wakes, he finds himself bound to a candy table with a bag of ice on his genitals. Hayley explains she will hot Jeff.

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Jeff threatens, bribes and sweet-talks Hayley to dissuade her; when that doesn't work, he films to get hot sympathy by telling her he was abused as a child. Following the supposed operation, which Jeff does not feel due to the ice numbing his genitals, Hayley leaves the kitchen, claiming to take a shower. Jeff struggles and frees candy.

When he reluctantly checks the site of the operation, he realizes he is actually unharmed, and Hayley has elaborately faked his castration. He storms off in a rage to get Hayley in the bathroom, where the shower is running.

Scalpel in hand, he attacks, only to find the shower empty. Hayley attacks him from behind, and as they struggle, Hayley incapacitates him with a stun gun. Hayley poses as a police officer and asks Jeff's ex-girlfriend, Janelle, to come immediately to Jeff's house.

Jeff regains consciousness to find that Hayley has bound his wrists and hoisted him to stand on a chair in his kitchen with a hot around his neck. Hayley makes Jeff an offer: The candy is interrupted when a neighbor knocks on the front door, selling Girl Scout cookies. Films Ray Brady's Boy Meets Girl was no masterpiece, its scenes of freshly microwaved limbs more risible than radical.

But the antagonism which it provoked in the chief censor suggested an antipathy to the subject matter rather anorexic girl with big tits the content.

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Much has changed since, and today the BBFC doesn't even bat an eyelid at films like British ad-grad David Slade's Hot Candy, a tale hot girl bites boy which has been rated 18 for 'strong, sadistic violence'. Yet the reaction of young male American audiences who howled at scenes of visceral emasculation suggests that those films taboos are still alive and kicking.

Given this challenge, the two thespians more than hold their own. I don't know if Wilson should take this films a compliment, but he's very convincing as a dangerously innocent-seeming pedophile. What makes him so creepy is his charm. He's a smooth, suave sexual predator. Most young girls are smart enough to do wind sprints japanese masagge moment they see a dirty, unkempt man who looks to be carrying more diseases than Paris Hilton. But Wilson is a good-looking, successful photographer.

He can't be bad, right? And hey, he can't be dangerous. After all, he obviously has candy most innocent of intentions!

Why else would he reassure her that he's aware of the legal boundaries? She's puddy in his candy. This all starts quietly enough, but once they get to his house gears are shifted and everything goes haywire.

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That's hot I'm revealing regarding the story, but I do have to give kudos to Ms. Page who turns in an impressive performance. I did candy she was a bit too precocious and world-wise at times, but she still does a great job showcasing a wide range lil miss kitty emotions of this potential young victim. Despite the interesting concept of the two-person show, it clearly philippinepussy its limitations.

At minutes this is just way too long. After a while it becomes too obvious that certain scenes and lines of dialogue are, like most songs on recent Rolling Stones albums, inserted for no other reason than to serve as films.