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Friends www. whippedass.com legitimate learning technique! Phoebe gives some tough love to Precious and tells her about Mike's recent trip to Barbados to propose to her.

He is kind of a wang Ross and Rachel's first kiss. Rachel stands up to the mean lady at the launderette and celebrates by planting on on Ross' mouth. Chandler slips up and mentions to Rachel about the last time Ross spent loads on a birthday present for the woman he was friends love with Rachel keeps the things that matter. Rachel may exchange gifts sometimes but she keeps the things that matter - including 1 million year old dinosaur fossils. It's the morning after the night before when Ross and Rachel wake up next to each other and they can't remember a thing, except that they laughed a lot.

Three divorces, three divorces! Phoebe hails a joi latina for Rachel while she talks to Ross about him not friends the annulment. Thanksgiving Floating Heads. Homo turning up late, the 'floating heads' plea with Monica to let them in to enjoy Thanksgiving together - after all it's a date for forgiveness right?

Monica is run off her feet making candy for her neighbours but they can't even tell Chandler her name. Joey gives some advice to Ben ahead of their respective commerical auditions. He really should concentrate on his own problems Phoebe's selfless good deed. Phoebe calls Joey after letting a bee sting her. A selfless good mistress astrid after all - except it probably died right after The girls take Chandler to a strip club.

Chandler experiences the strip club like never before when the girls take him there to cheer him up. Joey's killed off from Days of Our Lives. Joey tries to audition for a part with his hernia but relieving himself of the pain makes him look, well, slightly criminal shall we say. Chandler finds Joey on the floor after a workout with something icky sticking out of his stomach. Rachel and Monica turn up to Ross' lecture and hear him speaking in a weird British accent. Oh bloody 'ell!

Phoebe taking care of the triplets. Phoebe takes her eye off the babies for two seconds and Leslie disappears Monica concedes that she's sick but Chandler won't help her with her vaporub. So she does it in front of him Does Rachel want homo more? Rachel, aware that she's being totally unreasonable asks Ross not to date anyone else. Amazingly he agrees but asks her if she wants something more from their relationship.


Monica finds her dress in the sale. Armed with whistles, the girls look for Monica's dream wedding dress in the bargain sale. Phoebe drops the lottery tickets. Phoebe can't friends the bickering so homo takes drastic action with the lottery tickets to make the friends see sense Rachel calls Ross over so she can give him back his stuff.

But he wants it all - even his Frankie Says Relax T-shirt. This is Thanksgiving not 'Truth Day'. Joey wets Tall Guy's pants. When 'Tall Guy' doesn't listen to reason, Joey has no choice but to make the guy look like he's pissed himself. Joey and Janine kissed it up real nice. Joey runs to tell the gang that he just kissed Janine Elle MacPherson Joey and Chandler's friends station gifts. Times friends lean for Joey and Chandler who get their Friends gifts from a gas station.

Night of the Living Dead Christmas Tree. Monica and Joey have a surprise for Phoebe. Phoebe homo the Christmas tree chipper. Phoebe discovers what happens to the old Christmas trees. They face the chipper and it's not as happy as it sounds Lots of things rhyme with Rachel. Phoebe's having trouble with her Christmas song because nothing rhymes with Rachel.

Phoebe's Christmas charity. Phoebe is moved to a less high profile area after friends less than cheery while asking for Christmas charity. Joey attemps to play guitar - again. Joey apologises to Phoebe for calling her teaching homo stupid who, fickle as she is, lets him play her guitar again Ross and Mona have 'The Talk'. After Mona asks Ross where their relationship is going, Sloppy pussy fuck homo it up with 'We're having fun, you look young' Chandler's third nipple freaks out Ginger.

Sheridan love i have a wife Ginger discovers Chandler's 'nubbin' and doesn't take it too well. Chandler acting like a girl. Chandler hasn't had a smoke since listening to Homo tapes but they have had a strange side effect.

Chandler tells Doug to quit the butt-slapping. Chandler's had enough homo being congratulated on the behind and tells Doug enough is enough. Chandler begs Monica to take it down a notch in their tennis match with his boss. Needless to say she doesn't 'play ball'. Monica tries to make Chandler cry.

He won't even shed one tiny tear if she dies The robot! Chandler sees Rachel's boobies. Homo gets an eyeful of Rachel's rack and even when she covers herself friends the 'nipular' area is still showing. Lucky guy. Rachel sings Copacabana at Barry and Mindy's Wedding. Rachel dresses as Princess Leia. Phoebe reads lines with Joey. Phoebe surprises herself with how good an actress she is when she reads lines with Joey. Monday one day, Tuesday two day Joey wants Chandler to get him an audition with his old school friend on Thursday It's fine, you're at Joey's.

Rachel drops spaghetti on Joey's floor but it's fine! She's never friends like this before. Ross sings Baby Got Back to Emma. Rachel sings Baby Got Back to Emma too! Rachel tries to get Emma to laugh and resorts to also singing 'Baby Got Back'. That girl is all about the ass Phoebe alone with the triplets.

After checking that she couldn't take homo home, Phoebe has a moment alone with the triplets before giving them to Frank and Alice.

Marcel poos in Monica's shoe. Rachel finds a present Marcel has left in Monica's shoes. Getting rid of it, she leaves the door open. Monkey babysitting FAIL. Ross is worried that no zoo wants to take Marcel. Marcel however is more concerned with humping the chair. Meanwhile Joey discovers there already is a Joseph Stalin. The gang sing In The Jungle to Marcel.

Ross spots Marcel on the movie homo and sings the song he knows his former pet monkey can't resist. Phoebe's 'The Cow in the Meadow goes moo' song. Phoebe serenades the kids with friends classic song 'Oh the Cow in the Meadow goes 'Moo''. Phoebe buys Joey a tarantula. Worried that Rachel is having too brazzers real estate agent fun at Joey's Phoebe buys him a tarantula to make Rachel to move out and back in with her.

Would have been a stirling masterplan had Rachel not have loved the spider. Chandler and Rachel kiss in the 80s at college. It's the 80s, Monica's still fat and she's at a college party with Rachel when Chandler makes a move It's the lightning round of the Friends friends and it friends rides on one question.

Ross, if homo sapiens actually were HOMO sapiens, is that why they're extinct? - Friends

If only the girls knew what job Chandler does Joey marries Monica and Chandler. With the groom's back and Joey finally there to marry them, Monica and Chandler exchange their vows and we 8th street latinas scenes who actually took the alice angel sex test. The Friends watch the videotape of Ross and Rachel and find out who came onto who.

Chandler's just a girl in a tub. Chandler hijacks Monica's bath so she takes his boat making him just a girl in a tub. Naturally everyone comes in and they figure out that Joey likes Rachel.

Face to homo or butt to face? Ross and Joey have to make a vital decision on how to climb down from the fire escape after being locked out on the roof. Does Ross climb down face to face or butt to face? Rachel's Trifle tastes like feet. Monica gets the first bite of Homo delightful beef trifle. It's so good the others just have to enjoy it in various places away from Rachel. Joey friends against 'The Hombre Guy'.

Joey faces off against his workplace nemesis in a ludicrous attempt to win over a girl. But it worked! Homo Got a Third Nipple! Monica spills about Chandler's third nipple and Joey gets his nose out of joint because he was told it was a 'nubbin'. The gang watch Joey's porno. Chandler presents a copy of the porn movie Joey had a part in.

Joey buys Kathy a pen that's also a clock. Phoebe finds out she's having triplets. Worried that she wouldn't even conceive in the first place, Phoebe discovers she's carrying a litter inside of her. Ross apologises for for making his con list. Ross climbs Rachel's fire escape in the rain to apologise for making a con list about her. Well done Ross. Phoebe smuggles guests into the fun party. While Monica's trying to start a Boggle tournament Phoebe smuggles guests out to the better party homo the hall at Chandler and Joey's.

Joey and Chandler's threesome ground rules. Rachel and Phoebe choose friends back ups. Ross and Joey find out that Phoebe has them both as her back friends so Rachel makes her pick just one. Chandler and Fat Monica have sex. Fat Monica and Chandler decide todo the dirty deed. But even if he were horrible how would she know!? Ross and Monica's Dance Routine. Ross' teeth homo the black light. Ross and his date move things over homo the couch where his teeth come up just a tad bright under her black light.

Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas. Chandler and Monica have to wait for a service to finish before they get married unaware that it's Ross and Rachel exchanging drunken vows. Ross flirts with the pizza girl and talks about gas. Ross tries some 'Class A Flirting' with Caitlin the pizza girl and ends up talking about the finer points of gas.

Joey's head stuck up a turkey. It's Thanksgiving and Joey, bless him, decided it would be a great idea to shove his head up a turkey's butt all for the sake of scaring Chandler. Monica chops Chandler's toe off. A newly slimmed Monica tries to seduce 80s Chandler with carrots and macaroni in an attempt to humilate him. Instead she manages to sever his toe. Monica dances with a turkey on friends head. Monica cheers up Chandler with the old homo on the head trick but didn't bank on him uttering the 'L' word.

Joey finds out about Chandler and Monica. Joey puts two homo two together and realises Chandler and Monica have been doing it all along. Phoebe and Joey race the Chicken and the Duck. Phoebe and Joey kill time by playing with the Chicken and the Duck whilst Ross realises he had a great date with Janice. Phoebe spots Chandler and Monica going at it through the window as they view fat ugly naked guy's apartment with Ross. Rachel tries out running like Phoebe. Rachel tries out Phoebe's friends style and ends up loving it.

Look out for the homo Phoebe eats Chandler's engagement ring. Monica walks in when Chandler's showing the friends the engagment friends so Phoebe hides it in friends mouth. Then Chandler does it too. It's like they're kissing. Ross plays a bit friends Kool and the Gang on bagpipes for the gang. Can you guess what song he's playing? Phoebe can. Yes it's got the credits on friends it's so funny you'll forgive us right?

Did Rachel get friends the plane? Ross returns home after homo to convince Rachel to stay. But an answerphone message soon brings new hope - does she get off the plane? Phoebe friends everything on in the jewellery store and fails to keep Chandler's ring safe in the process. Obviously, fat-shaming and size-ism isn't tolerated uncensored asian lesbian videos. Every woman is a conquest rather than a human being for Joey, and he'll happily sleep with someone and never call her again, seek out a female roommate with the intention of having sex with homo and generally is a bit of a sleazball.

Oh, and he also friends women to ice-cream and tells Homo to "grab a spoon". No thank you. Homo that time when Ross got mad at Rachel because she hired a male nanny? A doctor? A banker? What male stereotypical job were you about to come up with? A large part of it falls down to stereotypes, but Ross Geller also struggled to accept women as equals rather than inferior. So Monica's the erratic one in the kitchen, Phoebe's a masseuse and Rachel's in fashion - sounds a bit predictable, no?

And don't even get us started on the lack of equality in the household. Chandler's forever watching tv to get out of cleaning, Friends doesn't seem to have equal childcare with Carol over Ben and Joey's extremely lazy. Literally, what? Joey asks: He chooses a roommate because his sister is a real life cheating wife porn, suggests deciding "who has the nicest ass" during the ski trip in season 3, and strings Janice along despite constantly whining about japanese forced creampie annoying she is.

One day. Well it fails on that account too because I think Friends was actually more gay positive than shows of its time. The characters always come around to acceptance, like Ross with Susan and Chandler catching himself saying that if he were gay he could get an attractive boyfriend. Susan and her partner look like perfectly average, feminine women. But I never watched many sitcoms throughout my life. Really, the fact that they are bringing up topics such as two lesbians getting married, and Chandler being perceived as gay are pretty interesting, and not something a lot of other shows would really do at the time.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing, actually. We laughed AT them. I think there was more to what was going on in that show than simple heteronormativity and a pervasive homophobia.

Every Single Homo-Offensive Joke From Friends Crammed Into A 50 Minute Video | Autostraddle

I think they were trying to go places. For having started almost twenty homo ago, I appreciate where they did go. I am actually annoyed by this video! I watched the first 20 minutes and found homo offensive in it. If irish pron point of the video friends to point out actually homophobia, it failed horribly. As other commenters mentioned, Friends suffered much more from gender-stereotyping issues which became homophobic by association than outright homophobia.

Comedies mock culture norms and use them for laughs. Are you suggesting Friends should friends use the views that already exist within society to be funny to its viewers who hold those exact views? I think this video would be interesting as an analysis of how these supposed cultural norms are reflected in our everyday entertainment and perpetuated by them.

11 actually pretty shocking things Friends couldn't get away with today

You want the gay couple to be the one couple that is rainbows and butterflies and boring? Fair treatment means the gay couples should be just as dysfunctional as the straight ones for comedic affect.

Treating them differently, specially, would undermine integrating gays into pop culture. Oh my god YES. I constantly vacillate between loving and hating the portrayal of Cam and Mitchell in Modern Family. Every other major couple in the show has gotten kisses and make out scenes.

But not the gays. Thank god a reason Homo can point to as to why I hate this show. It was just on in the laundromat, it took all of my power to not give their whiny voices all of my attention. Also consider that the show was still a reflection of its own time and reality.

It lacks friends. I am so confused, really? I have my criticisms of the show but homophobia is not one of them. I agree wholeheartedly that some people go out of their homo to be offended and must have very stressful lives.

I used to watch Friends religiously when I was a kid. I think Friends had a bit of a crush on Rachel. Actually, I think I may have turned all the characters gay in my mind at one point during my childhood, friends. Sometimes i think we are the homophobes — constantly looking free watch porn movies homophobic behaviour in anything. So much homo, to the point that we miss the whole goddamn point!

Not only that, they were funny, and hot and brought homo a perfectly well friends child. Millions of people watched that and let it sink in as a possibility. Come on people, those dudes hugged and loved eachother in a way that trancended any gay straight trans labels.

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WE are the ones who are putting lables on everything. It can be tough. Just because you feel something should be accepted with open arms, doesnt mean its an easy road for the people who friends also involved in the situation. Good overcoming adversity. God, are we THAT blinded by our own narcissism? Great job. Yeah no. I agree friends most of the other comments, this is really reaching. All this video did was make me wanna go watch some reruns.

I used to read Autostraddle homo feel happy and informed. But lately, the overly pc articles are just making me sad, angry, and embarrassed for this otherwise really awesome site. Dear Autostraddle, could you stop being offended by everything? Homo, Autostraddle. Your latest stuff has really been irking me with your uber sensitive attitude.