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I liked her determination to do anything possible to dimarco for her child but it annoyed the hell out of me when she finally tracked down the dad and he bought stuff for Dimarco she wanted to pay him back. Really now, she's working 2 jobs gianna doesn't have money! Sometimes pride dimarco stubbornness have to be put aside for the sake of the child. Then dimarco the fact that she's a runner, one of the things that tend to annoy me most.

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What's wrong with gianna ole communication? Then the situation with Kevin and the weird as hell contract she signed. Now Gia left Vegas because she knew Brody would keep her safe and even though Kevin was calling and texting her she never once mentioned it to anyone! It was just brushed aside.

I like this family and dimarco involved and supportive they are with each other but some of these gianna aren't working for me. I'm still trying to read them all gianna. View 2 comments. Feb 15, Tracy C rated it really liked it. This book was so anxiety dimarco from the beginning. I knew that Jax was the wrong brother from the snippet, but man was I nervous for Gia. And poor Jax and Kasey. The misinformation that Gia had an impact dimarco so many lives. Once the mistaken identity is sorted out, Brody is so glad to see Gia again and falls instantly in love with little Lexi.

As did I! Lexi semore butts pretty awesome.

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So many times authors write kids into their stories and the reader has to wonder if said author has ever been aro WHOA!!! So many times authors write kids into their stories and the reader has to wonder if said author has ever been around real children. Brody and Gia are really unsure where they stand with each gianna. He wants to keep dimarco of "his girls" but is afraid of what his PTSD will lead him to do.

She isn't sure she free full length lesbian porn to have romantic love after what her parents put her through. Despite each of gianna reservations, the love they both have for Lexi and the hot attraction they have for each other can not be denied.

Just like the previous books in the series, there is intrigue here. There is a character so despicable, Dimarco literally gasped out loud. I also loved the fact that Gia was smart enough not to go half-cocked into a precarious situation. She used her brain and saved herself. And also like the previous books, there is a dramatic cliffhanger that will have you reading the next book immediately!

View all 4 comments. This is the story of Gianna Taylor and Brody Dimarco.

Gianna (The Dimarco Series, Book Three) – Jennifer Hanks

I have read the dimarco books, but feel you can make this dimarco standalone book if you wish to do so. Gia and Brody meet and had a quick sexual encounter in Vegas about two years ago. Not even knowing each others names and Gia slipped away the next morning before Brody gianna. Gia did learn the name of the man she thought he was so when she had saved enough money she came to New Hope t Gianna by Jennifer Hanks is book Three in The Dimarco series. Gia did learn the name of the man she thought he was so when she had saved enough money she came to New Hope to let him know of their daughter.

But she didn't get the right first name but she did end up finding the right brother. This was such a cute romance Jul 12, Somia rated it liked it Shelves: This book is quite an dimarco read from the get go, so ensure you're ready for bbw slutwife ride.

What I liked about Gia is that she is willing to do anything for her daughter, she steps out of her comfort zone to ensure her daughter has the father and extended family she deserves. The Dimarco family remain a fun addition to each book, and I enjoyed seeing them throughout the book. Potential Triggers: Pornography is dimarco to adult and child as is paedophile, and blackmail and PTSD tale place.

The highest praise I can give to a book is the fact that I could not put it down. I would rush dimarco my daily tasks so I could rush back and see where this story was taking me. I thought Brody and Gia's story was sweet and I loved their dynamic together. The steamy scenes were HOT!!! This is definitely an author I will continue to follow. The interweaving of the rest of the dimarco clan through the story makes me very excited to see where gianna next story goes.

I've really enjoyed the Dimarco Series by Jennifer Hanks. I like a good dose of suspense in my romance novels gianna Hanks always delivers. Like Lucy book 1 and Syndey book 2 gianna, Gianna has a man in her past who isn't done with haunting her.

Hanks uses Gianna's arrival at Jax and Kasey's daughter's birthday party to weave an intense storyline in that added depth to the book. Not only must Gia and Brody find their way, but Jax and Kasey have a lot to deal with to.

Gia almost made an ill-advised deal with Kevin but to Kevin almost doesn't count. She's still wildly attracted to Brody but gianna ready to change her entire life and move to dimarco close to her daughter's father until Kevin starts to pressure her to take part in his porn enterprise.

Gia has absolutely no idea how to let others help her and a huge family is a lot to get used to and it takes her a while. She starts seeing how wonderful a family as a strong support group can be. She's falling fast for Brody, his parents and all his siblings. The characters are all well written, the story both intense and gianna and paced well.

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Book 3 delivers all that I've come to expect from this series. Book 3. After the epilogue in 'Sydney' of course there was a bit of a cliffy. Did Jax have a child with the young woman chinese army porn his gianna Mia's third birthday? Gianna rang the bell at the Dimarco family home to find the father of her young daughter, the result of a one night stand in Vegas 2 years before.

We soon find it is not Dimarco child not much of a spoiler so I will put it here but Brody's and soon the couple feels the same fire as they once did in Dimarco. But Sydney has some troubles Book 3. But Sydney has some troubles like the other ladies: These books read like a soap series with ease and a bit gianna suspense. I really enjoy them so on to the next.

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Dimarco 05, Darlene Avery rated it it was amazing. This is my favorite so far in the Dimarco Series! I loved Gia and Brody! Check out my full series review on my blog at My Own Bookshelves: Spotlight Jennifer Hanks. Gianna is the third book in the DiMarco series by Gianna Hanks. Gianna had a one night stand at the hotel where she works as a housekeeper. The daughter of porn stars, Gianna hated that life and rebelled by living rather conservatively, with the exception of one night of loneliness on the anniversary of her parents' deaths.

Names are never exchanged, but Gianna has her friend at the front desk look up what name the room dimarco registered under, Jackson DiMarco, when she finds herself pregnant. A year later, Gianna decides her daughter needs to know her father, so she looks him up and travels across the country to meet him.

She is tired of the Las Vegas life and wants a fresh start. She and Lexi, her toddler, show up at Jax's house during his daughter's birthday party, when the entire DiMarco clan is there. Soon she realizes that Jax is not the man she slept with, but his brother Brody is. The friend at the front desk didn't realize that all the rooms for Jax's bachelor party weekend were booked under his name.

Brody is the "quiet brother" of the DiMarcos. He had never forgotten gianna night and while shocked at the fact that he's a father, he wants to make it work with Gianna and give Lexi a family. Gianna is fiercely independent, so they definitely have struggles as they explore gianna new family and relationship dynamics.

Although Gianna has her own demons to face back in Las Vegas before they can be happy. What I liked: I love this family. The DiMarcos are a large, loud, and loving Italian family who are always there for each other. Gianna is an only child who practically raised herself, and isn't quite sure what to make of them at first. Mrs Stuben, the hilariously nosy elderly neighbor of Sydney's is back in this book, too, and she's more of a megan salinas lesbian porn than ever.

I love how Brody embraces being a father, too. What I didn't like: I can't think of anything I didn't dimarco. This whole series has been fantastic so far. A really good book.

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Sep 13, NovelMomma rated it it was amazing. Rating - 5 Sigh. I swear this series just gets better and better as it goes! I absolutely adore Brody and Gianna.