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Froggy Style: New Sex Position Discovered Among Frogs and Toads - National Geographic

Without further delay, here's the rundown on this newly anointed move in the frog sex playbook.

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After selecting her mate, the female "sits in front of him and creeps backwards until her abdomen is placed over his head, making physical contact," according to the paper. Sometimes, she needs to do this more than once before the male gets the message and mounts her.

Froggy-style: There's a new sex position that's totally contactless | Metro News

Instead of grasping her body, as is the norm for most amplexus modes, the male uses his hands to hold onto whatever branch or leaf is hosting this bout of style romance, which normally hangs over a stream. On average, the male stays mounted for about 13 tory lane wrestling, during which time he releases semen onto the female's backside.

The female signals sex he should froggy with repeated dorsal arches, and soon after he dismounts, she lays her eggs in one bout, positioning them underneath her. Most frog species remain in an embrace during the fertilization, but in this case, the eggs are fertilized by the sperm running down the female's back and hind legs, reaching the eggs after the couple has separated. Animals Reproduction Biology Zoology Wildlife news. Reuse this content.

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PeerJ - Motherboard: "New ‘Froggy Style’ Sex Position Discovered in Bombay

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New sex position 'froggy style' found by studying mating habits of FROGS - Mirror Online

An Indian night frog has been caught in a new sexual position dubbed the dorsal straddle. Until now, six frog mating positions have been known, but they hhave now spotted a seventh. The new position is a variation of this.

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But when a male straddles a female, instead of clasping her with his limbs he clings to vegetation and sperm is released on her back, rather than onto the eggs.

The female then lays her eggs and the sperm trickles down to fertilise them. The amphibians would fall in the water during sex about half of the time. But unless strong currents swept them away, they would get back in the saddle.