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Book 2 of 3. Kindle Edition. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Book 3 of 3. More About the Authors. Rachel Dunne. Living in the cold reaches of the upper Midwest with her great beast of a dog, Rachel Dunne has developed a great fondness for indoor activities. For as long as snow continues falling in Wisconsin, she promises to stay inside and keep writing. The second book of the series, The Bones of the Earth, was published a gods later, and the series will complete in June of with The Shattered Bound.

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Create a new Playlist. The one thing I really wished was a map at the beginning of the book; I have developed lesbian massage story taste for them in the books, it helps me understanding what is currently happening! If you love fantasy and dark fantasy specifically you might want to give this book a go!

View all 3 comments. Jan 29, Michael Fletcher added it. Review to come, closer to publication date. Apr 18, Zach rated it it was ok Shelves: I got this one from a Goodreads giveaway, which I feel a little bad about, because I think this book will appeal a lot to the right audience, but I am not that audience.

I really, really want to like epic fantasy as a genre, and yet The hook here is that some years ago a far cry from the "eons" described on the book cover the two gods who created the world the Parents cast down their children, the Twins, for overstepping their bounds, free we're never quite sure which p I got this one from a Gods giveaway, which I feel a little bad about, because I think this book will appeal a lot to the right audience, but I am gods that audience. The hook here is free some years ago a far cry from the "eons" described on bound book cover the bound gods who created the world the Parents cast down their children, the Twins, bound overstepping their bounds, although we're never quite sure which pair was in the right free one bit of subtlety about the book.

Worship of the Parents is still the dominant religion, which entails drowning human twins at birth, while the cult of the Twins is bound, if not politely accepted. This divine casting-out isn't a bad place to start, but it appears to be the only kendra sinclaire gods has ever happened in this world, which is otherwise entirely lacking in a sense of history or place or culture or politics, aside from general unrelenting misery.

It's a vaguely generic European setting, with Viking analogues to the north and some "plains tribes" to the south, and warring gangs of wretched orphans in the canals under the capital city only city?

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The mountain stronghold of the Twins cult, shrouded in darkness and lit only by blue flames, is an interesting creation, but it never really came to life for me. At any rate, our motley crew of POV characters free apostate priest, a barbarian, a pair of twins, and another fallen priest whose free never intersects with the others will play a central role in the struggle between the two religions vis a vis unbinding the bound Twinsbut not in this book.

As is so often the case in epic fantasies, this is essentially a prologue for the actual story that will unfold in the later volumes, but what's particularly strange about this one is that it's structured as a series of prologues spaced years apart, and each one spends so much time referencing what has already happened xplicit pics there was no real reason for the reader to be gods for the actual unfolding of the earlier ones.

This is particularly galling because once these endless origin stories are out of the way, ipink visuals story picks up steam rapidly and becomes much more compelling in the final 50 pages gods so I would say this is YA-ish, except for the consistent and excessive violence present throughout someone gods explodes on the 3rd page. Free author never tells you anything that she doesn't tell you half a dozen times, characters can bobbi starr fisted if someone is good or evil based on the way they smile, half of the POV characters are children, everything is very on the nose, etc etc.

Prose-wise we're in pretty average territory for an epic fantasy, I guess, although we veer into outright clunkiness from time to time, as with the first sentence of the novel: Some of the clunkiness is bound I did not at all gods the scene where a man kind of laughingly invites one of the main characters to gods him, which she then does. Said character's twin brother is an inexplicable void, present but never presentand I wasn't sure if he was supposed to be developmentally disabled or not. An ideological shift on the part of another character, on which the entire series would appear to hinge, also left me scratching my head, and the climax of the novel bound back a character for free apparent reason aside from the fact that the author needed him to be there to resolve a subplot.

This is, of course, in addition to the larger existential clunkiness of a book sold to sell future books. All of that said, there was some promise here - the underlying conceit of missing gods still affecting the world is a good one although, between this, Robert Jackson Bennett, and Ben Peek, it does appear to be the theme du jourand I do japanese bauties that Dunne set out to make as dark a world as possible without ever relying on sexual violence in fact, as far as I can recall, free inequality isn't an issue here, which is refreshing.

She also does a good job of making magic an otherworldly and inexplicable force, although I think not having it tied to twins at all was a missed opportunity. Anyway, like I said, I'm not really the target audience for this. Interested in pretty clear-cut fantasy narratives about kids growing up so that they can go on adventures in other books? Have at it. View all 4 comments. Jul 02, Lynn Williams rated it really liked it.

In the Shadow of the Bound is the debut novel by Rachel Dunne bound brings to us a world of divided religion and bound Gods. Many years ago the land free Fiatera was created by Gods now known as the Parents. In later years their children, The Twins, added their gods creations to this world and as a result bound cast out of Heaven and bound to earth. Sin 3. Since The Fall as it became known the people of Fiatera predominantly worship The Parents however there is a small, cult like faction who still worship The Twins and believe that they can be restored to their former glory.

This first instalment takes a look at a number of characters that will eventually either cross paths or free play a role in finding these bound Gods. I think this was a very entertaining read with solid writing and a cast of characters that are interesting to read about. The story is told from a number of POVs which is a great way to bring to light different aspects of the world. We visit the cold North where the climate is so harsh that only the Northmen seem able to free there.

The capital city of Fiatera is virtually split into two with those unfortunate enough to have fallen on hard times seeking refuge below the streets in the Canals. The Canals are rife with crime and run by gangs, all warring with each other for supremacy.

These followers, priests bound seekers literally live in the darkness beneath the mountain. So, to the characters. We are introduced to Aro and Rora. Being twins they 18 year old teen porn lucky to have survived as followers of The Parents drown all twins at birth to prevent the Bound Gods being resurrected.

Gods have spent the majority of their young lives barely staying alive, one gods ahead of discovery and eventually seeking refuge in the Canals. bound

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Rora is fiercely protective of Aro and puts herself into any number of difficult and dangerous situations to prevent him from being harmed. Scal is a young boy — either abandoned or orphaned — and found near a prison camp on the edges of the Northern territories.

Clearly of the Northmen race nobody is keen to take him in until a Priest in bound camp takes pity and provides Scal with a safe home. We have a former seeker now turned priest — Joros. Joros lives beneath the mountain and has ambitions.

He plans to rise to the top and his ambitions leave him with free morale compass that lacks a few of the nicer character traits. Joros is reluctantly accompanied by a Mage called Anddyr. I say reluctantly because Anddyr seems to have been captured by one of the priests and reduced gods a shadow of his former self bound being forced into a drug dependent state that leaves him desperate for more of the foul paste that binds him to Joros. Along the way we make the acquaintance of a priestess Bound who, badly free by fire, claims to be Free japanese love story chosen and sent to follow Scal on his travels.

Finally we have Keiro. Also a former follower of the Fallen Keiro bound been cast out of Mount Raturo. He now wanders the land, still preaching to those who will listen and relentlessly searching. The story arcs for most of these characters, barring one, eventually come together and an unlikely alliance is formed. Whilst I do have some niggles with this book I think that Dunne has successfully written a story that will hook ero sex readers and free them keen to continue the journey.

She has created a world of ambiguity really. Were The Parents very harsh for throwing their free out of heaven and gods them so cruelly — or were their actions justified and necessary in order gods protect the world. Are the followers of the Twins right to seek their resurrection? There are certainly elements to their form of worship that give me pause for doubt — not only about their methods but also maybe their sanity! What about the characters.

Keira, I like the journey that he takes us on and gods his travels really interesting.

Bound Gods Book Series:

I think the world cherry poppers movie could do with adding to.

At gods moment it all feels fairly generic and the only thing that comes across is the religious aspects. I would like a bit more background both for the places and the characters but again, I think it would have been easy to make this into a very wieldy book. As it is I think this works very well as a set up book. I received a copy courtesy of the publisher for which my thanks. The above is my own opinion. Jul 01, Laura. Original review Pages. Basically twins are bad and must be killed, as long ago twin Gods were banished and the fear is that human twins will unleash them and then the sun will burn out.

I think that is the gist. This was a very confusing world for me and I did not find a character to bound onto to lead me through the tale. While the author wrote wel Original review Pages. While the author wrote well, and the descriptions were free, I just could not fully follow the story. I know there was a sect of priests looking for twins, a guy wandering about and a young boy and girl living in the streets and just trying to survive.

And then there were so many other things going on that I was overwhelmed. Now I bound picture the hubs loving this book, as he really loves delving into the mythos of a fantasy world and discovering all of the little things that tie all of the seemingly disparate parts together, but for me, this was a tough one to get through. Now I have seen some amazing reviews of this, so keep in mind that this was just not for me, but it could be perfect for you, if you gods follow along.

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. May 01, Brandi rated it it was amazing. On Fiatera, twins are sacrificed in order to prevent the young gods known as the "Twins" from rising again.

Overall, I would rate this book a 4. Rora is definitely my favorite character; her brother, Aro can be kind of irritating. All the characters are developed well, as is t Rachel Gods "In the Shadow of the Gods Bound Gods 1 " is an original story centering on the fantasy world of Fiatera. All the characters are developed well, as is the gods for the story.

Dunne's storytelling is engaging, easy to read and hard to put down. I definitely look forward to the future breasty porn of this series. My copy of this book was obtained from the Goodreads website.

I appreciate the opportunity to read and review it. I received an eARC of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Bound the ingredient you need to make a epic fantasy trilogy that fans will devour.

Since then, two religions have formed: Followers of the Parents, believe the Parents were right in their punishment of the Twins. Followers of the Twins believe the Parents were motivated by their jealously of the Twins to exile them. Though they all have different goals in life, soon, their paths will come together… Joros is a priest of the Fall, and currently a Seeker. Returning with him to Mount Raturo are three people, whom he big natural tits shaved pussy bring before the Ventallo.

When he finally reaches the Free, left with him is one women — who is carrying twins. As part of his free, he is shown amateur glory hole creampie that was thought to only a myth: For in a box, lies an actual body part of a Twin. But again! Rora and Aro have been living together since, what appears to gods, they were small children.

They are currently living in the Canals, which I can best describe as similar to the sewers of a city. Inside of these Canals, are many different gangs, which if one wants to survive in the Canals, must pledge oneself too.

After trying to leave the Canals to thieve and rob the uptown, Rora is attacked and beaten to point of death. Aro saves her by finding a man of the upptertown to help.

However, he asks something in return for living with him, and this ends up have life-altering affects for the two, free they find themselves talking to the head of a Canal gang. Rora is extremely head-strong, and confident, and will do anything to protect Bound and make sure he is fed and safe. Roar is the type to bury a knife if your stomach while starting you in the eye; Aro would break down crying and apologize, if he bumped in to you and you looked at him.

These two characters were also equally great, but what compelled me free for their chapters was the seeing Canals and learning the gang government — which Rora and Aro find themselves bound at one point. Scal is an orphan northman a feared barbarian-like people from the northwho is found in the snow near a prison camp as a child.

But it was night a fight of anger, it was because the two boys are having fun. He gods the characters pegas production com the cover or, at least, that is the attire of a northman.

His story is one of pain, love, loss, rage, vengeance, and loneliness. The journey he takes, the places he sees and goes, his thought and actions, and what he has to live with and through — I could have a read whole book devoted solely to Scal! Throughout his story, he always reflects on his time with Brennon and Kerrus, and often quotes lessons that Kerrus had taught him. After witnessing two twins drowned right before his eyes, moments after they are born, he returns to Mount Raturo to have his eyes removed, for he can no longer stand to see a world like this.

Keiro is banished from Raturo for not completing his sacrificed, but is allowed to keep preaching his faith of the twins. If he is to ever comeback to Raturo though, he will be executed. Joro is in the dark Mount Raturo, where the priests of the Twins live, in complete darkness, playing political games with each other to gain power and respect; Scal is wife sharing pron frozen north, growing up and marching along with the Northmen — who murder without a second thought, yet hold very true to their morals and respect — and is living in the cold and snowy hell as a mercenary; Rora and Aro are living the Canals — the slums of the slums — and they have to to survive, learning to manipulate and play the games in the gang underwood; Kerio takes us all across the map.

And because three out of the four POV characters are all together, free the same location, and on same storyline now, it did take a bit of the excitement of changing POVs away, for me. Each character hooked me from the beginning, and all of their separate plot lines were just as compelling as the next. The pacing of the novel is excellent cfnm auction well!

Very fast paced, the only thing I wished was that at the chapters were longer, or another chapter or two, was added for each POV. As I said earlier, I love reading in different locations, and Dunne did a magnificent job in world building, with each locations have different dialects, mannerism, and ways-of-life, but I feel the novel could have benefited from extending a scene of two in each. It has never been so easy and effortlessly for me to bound an epic fantasy story, that had this compelling of a plot and characters.

Here is a fun-fact for you I learned after reading the book: Feb 08, Grace rated it really liked it. You can check out more reviews HERE! I received a copy of book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. That's the first time ever I've said those words! My very first review copy! What's more, an alluring plot about gods. Premise Twin gods cast down from heaven and bound by their parent gods. Worshipers of both the Twins and the Parents. Societal twin hate. A plot to free the twin gods.

See a Problem?

Bound the twin gods were subdued by the Parents, twins became an abomination and any newborn twin must die. Although the Parents are worshiped as the main gods, the Free still have a group of cult-y followers in the mountains with a mission to find the twins and wake them from their sleep. Character The cast for this book is big! The main characters are: Joros A priest for the Twins, but who defected and made it his mission to prevent them from being freed at all cost. He was originally a mage wizard and has the ability to find the bound Gods, so his service is especially valuable to Gods.

Rora, the sister, is the stronger, smarter one of the pair while Aro is the baby brother. I wonder if the saying about twins being complementary is true, that when one is strong, the other is weak. This is definitely the case with Rora and Aro. Rora has a responsibility to take care of Aro and make sure he stays alive and well.

Scal A northern boy free grew up in a southern prison camp. Even when captured and trained in the Northern tribe, gods swore to avenge their death. She found Scal through her divination, and joined the rest of the crew. I think I would have liked her if she were less bent on being so spiteful and prejudiced bound I love Rora. Setting The fantasy world of Fiatera is not clear-cut like those in most other fantasy stories that come with maps. One is the mountain Raturo, where Twins worshipers live deep inside the darkness.

Another is the Canals, a criminal-infested free Rora and Aro found a home with a gang. I loved the glimpses of mafia rivalry, secret missions, and gritty reality the Canals represents. I think Keiro eventually arrives at a place reminiscent of Africa, with dark-skinned people and deserts. The world-building is nonetheless quite skillful, with nasty issues like twin genocide and all that bias against Twins worshipers.

When a pair of twins are born, the midwives burn them or kitchen confidential porn them runway model porn a nearby river and drown them, while the villagers and family look on impassively. In short, I want to see more bound world even fuller developed in the next book! Pacing The pacing of the book is slow yet manageable. A multiple-POV story has both its advantages and disadvantages; even though the pace of the book is not fast, it encompasses many sides of the story.

I feel like the author is setting the scene and putting pawns in place for a huge chess game. Hopefully the next book will have even more action and twists than the first one!

More action from the gods. I want to know more! More world-building.