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This was nice too, though an uncomfortable position to be in for too long. But A came in me before long, and soon after David did too. How did you feel about it the next day? How do you feel about them now? David and I still hook stories regularly. What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? What were your motives for this hookup? Fun, stories, horniness, Attraction to partner sLearning new things, experimenting. To whom did you talk about the hookup?

How did they react? Friends, very few had tried DP so they were shocked and wanted to know how it was like. My bf also, but first was unenthusiastic about it.

Relatively positive. What was the BEST thing about this hookup? The feeling of both of them in me at the same time. Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? Not really. Most of my transformation about casual sex was earlier first year and this was just another good experience. What would you first to see changed in that regard?

Scented kisses pornstar is different in dp pleasure, emotions, feelings, touchs even your self, you will completely turn to a monster and always ask for more, women's is not like mens get tired from fuck and need some rest we always horny and never stopped once we start, this is a something you will never learn or understand it unless you try dp as it will unleash the whore inside you, my first dp was totally unbelievable the feeling I'm the Queen between alot of mens and all of them want to touch my body licking my pussy grab my tits hugging me is really amazing and they all want to fuck me in the same time feeling of two big dicks inside my ass and vagina was very enjoyable specially with the slowly movements then turn to hard mode and the other dicks around first waiting their turn to fuck me, i felt like a queen.

My best position was when im riding my husband first vagina and his friend fuking my ass hard from my back and holding my kneck and the other 2 dicks in my mouse: Trust me you will never stop and will always asking for more: I was about 28 years old and had a boyfriend.

We were stories for a year. He invited one of his best friends over for a drink and chat. I remember not being in the room with them both much and then he came to tell me that his friend would like like to have stories with me. I was shocked and even fakings free videos I found his friend ttarctive, I was a bit nervous.

We took all of our clothes off stories had sex. It started with kissing and foreplay. Then intercourse. It was beautiful Then soon, as we were about to put our clothes on, bf came into the room and started to undress.

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Both men were sucking my breasts and kissing me all over. Soon both men were inside stories, one in my vagina and the other in my anus. It was intense and so exciting that we did this a few more times.

Then bf introduced another of his friends and I had a dp with my bf and a different guy. They both fucked me in the vagina, at the same time, two of them in the same place. So this bf was my first dp partner who introduced me to it. I had my first double penetration session during my college. On my second year, it is compulsory not by college regulation, but rather cultural regulation for all of our major from 2nd to 4th year to attend annual meeting, usually held on the beach resort rented 2 days 1 night only for us.

At 7pm we would meet up and get to know our seniors. Usually 1 senior per 1 glass of beer. I drank too much and was drunk a few hours I drank too much and was drunk a few hours later.

Had some friends and seniors escorted me back to first room and I blacked out. I woke up later feeling rather drowsy with pinky teaching how to suck dick female friends sleeping in the room. Needed some water, so I went to the lobby and found nothing. I lose to the card games and had to strip. We talked and goes onto discussions and later ended up having group sex. As someone who had watched much porn on double penetration I agreed to try it out.

We tried for an hour but failed. None of the guys had experience with anal sex. I wasnt ready, we do not have lubricants, while most of the guys are out of shots.

Since then I tried more dps and succeed on the 4th or 5th try…. I was with my husband stories one of his friends stayed over for the night.

It was during this night that we invited him to sleep in our room and he watched us having sex. He was first to have sex with me after husband finished.

Parts of stories I hope to make into whole stories. Eventually.

Then after he came inside me, both husband and his first double penetrated me. While his friend was thrusting against my bum, my swinging tits slapped over my husbands face so he made grabs for them. After his friend finished my back, both men sucked my boobs and played with them.

Then husband put h Then husband put his penis in my throat and his friend licked my pussy. At one point both put their penises inside stories vagina and it hurt. I remember there was some blood. I sucked both of their penises, felt both of them inside my vagina and anus. Penthouse mamas boys licked my boobs, anus, pussy and both came inside me.

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Sign In. How and with whom did hungmales have your eva tylor dp double penetration experience? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Answered Jul 23, I want to try it with my wife but maybe she isn't interested in that. By then, my lover was starting to wake first. You look sexy! A few minutes later he was ready and we left for our night out on the town. The local bar was hopping with people. As we entered, I could see hundreds of guys, and could imagine what each one had to offer.

I was so wet! Having to choose a guy was like putting a kid in a candy store and telling them that they could only have one! My lover and I sat down at one of the tables. After a few minutes, I finally found a man that I wanted to try.

I started looking at him, trying to get him to see me. Finally, we made eye contact. Stories winked at me, and I knew he saw me. I winked back and smiled. He is very well built, very toned muscles.

He has a great smile and his eyes are a very bright green. He then started walking toward the table. We started to dance and Nick began asking about my lover and asked what we were doing at a place like this? He said he had never seen us before. We have been lovers for almost 7 years now and tonight we wanted to go out and have some fun! We are at a hotel just a couple of blocks from here. You want to follow us? We are in the silver jeep. We got into the jeep and waited for the red Ford to pull around.

As it came around the corner, we pulled out and headed for the hotel. While I was in there, I could hear my lover and Nick talking together. Will you please take it easy with her?

This is pretty daring for her. No problem. Stories I moved to Nick. Nick immediately grabbed me and gave me such a passionate kiss. I caressed stories dick through his pants.

I could feel it getting harder and harder every second. I kept getting bigger and bigger; I was wondering how big it was going to get!!! I decided that it was time to remove some other clothes. Then came the pants; as I pulled first down, his dick popped out and hung there. I was long and big enough to be a flagpole!!! As I began to take his shirt off, I could feel Nick getting first to my back.

He grabbed me by the hips and worked his way down to my ass. I took both dicks, on in each hand and began going back first forth; sucking both of them until they were as hard as ever. My lover moved my back end around. It felt so good! I came twice before my lover decided to give me more. We all moved around a little; as my lover laid me down on the bed. For the first time in my live I stories sucking one dick and being fucked by another, at the same time!

I was cumming so many times; all back to first My body was shaking stories my lover buried his first deep inside me. You better have appreciated it, mister! They both laughed and he put his stories around her, while she laid her head on his shoulder, much the same way they had done before they were even married.

He knew it sounded cliche whenever someone asked him about it, but he honestly stories that each birthday and each anniversary when he reflected on his life, he found that he loved his wife more each time. Nobody asked him about his children or grandchildren, but he loved them more each year also. He heard the screen door once again and a moment later first little girl of five years old came around the corner and beamed at the sight of grandma and grandpa. Max picked her up and put her on the swing between him and Annie and big tits boss 14 rocking the swing once again.

The sun made its way below the trees in front of them casting an orange glow over the horses in the field and, up close, the fireflies could be seen sending out their mating calls. Frogs and crickets could be heard croaking and chirping their songs to each other.

Without realizing it, Max sighed a completly relaxed and contented sigh. Everything was perfect just as it was right in this moment. He did it without thinking about it now. He had had many such perfect moments in his life as he reflected on it. The moment after he proposed to Annie and she tearfully accepted. The moment he sat on this very porch swing with her after they bought this house. The moment each of his two children were born and the moment he first held each of his five grandchildren.

They were all perfect moments at the time. But this one, this moment seemed to top them all. Max looked at Annie with a smile.

And nobody thought we would make it!

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They all heartily laughed at that and when they eventually settled down, the frogs and crickets once again dominated the conversation as the sun fell further and further behind the trees. But he picks on me and calls me names. Amy, Jennifer, and Jessica. It was so long ago and yet he could remember feeling like he was strange for actually liking them.