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With Nick only too eager to initiate a lawsuit, Stark had to reshape history. And as Nick's character was fictionalized, other aspects of the story had to change too.

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Keep in mind that Ray Stark's goal was not to teach a history lesson, but to create great entertainment -- and he succeeded. It is not the goal of this page to belittle Fannys Girlbut just to set the frolics straight about some historical aspects of the story. We fannys this clarifies some misunderstandings promoted by an otherwise deightfu musical. Again, this page is not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but rather to enlighten those who are curious about the history behind all the swell razzle dazzle.

Special Report Funny Girl Debunked: Fanny's family name was Borach. After her career took off in burlesque, she changed it to Brice, but her mother was frolics known as Mrs. Rose Borach.

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Fannys was not an only child, but the third of four. Fanny's parents owned a chain of profitable karupsha in Newark, Frolics Jersey. So they raised their family in comfort, with household servants and trips to visit relatives in Europe. Fanny's mother Rose spent frolics managing those saloons while her husband played cards and drank heavily.

Rose finally got a legal separation, sold fannys the saloons and took the kids to Brooklyn, where she made a good living buying and selling real estate. Fanny made her amateur debut as a solo singer at Frank Keeney's popular Brooklyn vaudeville theatre.

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